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Featuring Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Angelina, Chabuton ([email protected]), Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), Hokkaido Izakaya (Tanjong Pagar), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre), Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Their green curry was nothing like that you would be familiar with from the usual Thai kitchens.

This tasted of complex spices and carried the heat of an intense curry. The Wagyu beef cubes were tender and thoroughly soaked in the flavours of the green curry. Instead of white rice, this was accompanied with crispy fried roti. Another Thai dish elevated to another level here at Long Chim.

Where else will you find Chendol with such Power?

With Gula Melaka "as thick as hot fudge" as described by @ieatishootipost .
They have been around so long but yet they still commanded a consistent queue even on a weekday night. We went earlier at 8ish and were lucky to get hold of them before they ran out right after us. Absolutely befitting as the Power Chendol.

No ⭐️ like Chef Chan, not as established as Lee Fan Nam Kee; but this stall in the market of Blk 93 shined just as brightly with its Soy chicken and genuine heartland hospitality.

Its chicken was juicy, tender and nicely flavoured from the Soy sauce. The stall auntie was such a joy to order from, with her sincere service towards every of her customers. The wonderful part of hawker food was after combining roast meat and braised egg into my noodles, its price was still so economical. Such a blessing to have the true blue local hawker food.

If you too like that black Hokkien mee with that intense dark sauce and thick noodles, you should try this.

It was the must-order dish at every table.
We totally enjoyed the noodles that was free from that ghee taste and thoroughly soaked in the generous serving of the sauce. There was also generous portion of ingredients in the plate that would put a smile to anyone.
This place also offered some good old traditional Hokkien dishes such as Fish maw thick soup and Prawn roll Ngor Hiang.

Caramelised mango and textures of coconut.

When eaten, it immediately reminded us of Thai mango sticky rice, but yet it was not. That was the beauty of their food here, inspired by Asian cuisines but with their twists.
The textures of coconut were a mix of creamy smooth coconut ice cream, shredded coconut and thick coconut sago beneath which created the resemblance to the former. The airy meringue-like wafers enhanced the joy of eating the dessert with its crunchy touch. Overall, this was an enjoyable dessert with a familiar taste but different experience.

The "typical shot" with my Death by Chocolate.

"What doesn't kill makes one stronger", and this sure was a good boost towards the weekend. TGIF.

One of those places that make heroes out of natural elements from the farm and garden.

They take on some Asian cuisines with modern touches.
This was a duo of braised lamb shank and beautifully cooked lamb loins, complemented with familiar Indian flavours. The lamb was not the least gamey and tasted like a good beef.
In the background was crispy Jurong frog legs in lemak curry, very bold in taste.
Surrounded by garden, dining here was a relaxing getaway from our concrete city.

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