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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

Featuring Swatow (Toa Payoh), Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, Ishinomaki Grill & Sake, Westlake (Farrer Road), Ho Rang I, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee, Muthu's Curry (Race Course Road), Seoul Yummy (Jem)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Will it feel authentic only at a hawker centre or a necessary part of modernisation? Nonetheless, a pretty good job in popularising the traditional.

Their menu was quite substantial, whether for lunch or dinner, offering a range of western dishes.
The seafood bisque we tried wasn’t the usual thick creamy type, although it still delivered in the rich flavours. Scoop into the soup and there was also a generous amount of seafood items to discover.
The grilled half chicken was pretty good, although we’d tasted even better ones with nicer caramelisation finishing.
Wouldn’t say much about the Wagyu burger as it was rather flat in taste. Somewhat it tasted rather “healthy” with lack of salt and seasoning. Even the pickles tasted like it was blanched in water and lost its punchy sourness.
Nonetheless, their latte actually surprised us with its smooth creaminess. Hence, we concluded this a nice place to relax over a coffee and some afternoon snack perhaps.

Comparatively, we liked that their pancakes were very light and fluffy. This mango flavour, which was their best seller, wasn’t really a hit with us. Felt that it overpowered the pancakes which should be the star. The buttery cream (reminded us of the sweet corn butter from McD) was nice but overwhelming with the mango purée.
Overall, maybe the proportion of the toppings to pancake could be reduce to better enjoy the latter. Otherwise, a good filler snack especially with the small portion.

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Pleasantly surprised. The chocolate was not sweet (which we loved) and it was just filled with so much banana to truly call it a banana cake. The sweetness was nicely balanced with the brûlée crust that added a nice crunch too. The best of it all, this was a crepe cake with layers sandwiching the chocolate and banana.
Their Thai red ruby dessert was as much a star. The big crunchy rubies were a standout and fresh coconut meat distinctively Thai.
Whether for a full meal or just some desserts, we would be sure to find ourselves back here again.

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@waacowsg gotta be 1 good place at MBFC district, centralised yet serene.
With #burpplebeyond app, we looked forward to our set meal that started with these yummy oysters.
The rest of the set never fail to satisfy, with mentaiko raw scallops before the Wagyu sukiyaki don. It’s not all just about Cow here and they have good chicken karaage don too.
It’s a great way to chill after a day’s work, especially over a beer or wine that comes with the set dinner.

Even with a standard single patty burger, it was enough for a hearty meal for me. Imagine those who double, triple or decked the burger up to 4 patties! I topped up my burger with cheese and egg which I felt would be necessary to pump up the flavours.
Their “fat” meal came with choices of fries or sides and free-flow soft drinks. Now that’s how it should be right to enjoy a burger meal?
With competitive price, this was quite a good fast food kinda meal although I wouldn’t say the burger was mind-blowing. Convenient and tasty,

Their cuisines were a mix of SE Asian and Middle Eastern flavours, inspired for plant-based sharing dishes which were ideal for our occasion. Besides the in meat in the mains, the menu also offered vegetarian and vegan dishes that were no lacking in flavours.
Gotta mention their Harissa spiced Spatchcock that impressed us all with its amazing smokey flavour. The Caramelised organic bungalow Pork Belly was nothing that we’d expected. Its intense flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture blew us away right away.
Its starters were as good. We had the Kale salad with seeds and grains, Red curry and the Free range Scotch egg that was perfectly executed.
Do save space for desserts b’cos there are some really interesting ones to discover. The Chendol Pavlova attracted us with the local twist in its name as much as its taste. We were as intrigued by the Baklava that was definitely nothing like the usual dessert but in the good ways.
We’ll be sure to return for many reasons. The uniqueness in their cuisines, on-point cooking and of cos, the comfy environment and friendly services.


Identifiably an acquired taste but to those who do, the 糖心 century egg is the epitome of it. We were happy that we could enjoy it without flying to HK.
Raw fish (carpaccio) is also another classic side to traditional porridge, and they have raw Hokkaido scallops here which are deliciously seasoned they’re definitely good on their own.
To complement the congee or noodles, the claypot beef brisket was one of our favourite with its strong flavour.
But these are not all that we like on their menu. Fried daced fish cake, fried fritters and drunken chicken are some of our recommended sides to go with their congee (go for parrot fish belly one) which is also tasty on its own.


We loved that their 叉燒燒肉 from @roastparadise gave us what one would be looking for.
Char Siew was succulent and finished with a nice charred sweet glaze. Roasted meat had the desirable crispy crunchy skin.
We loved them all, except the fatty proportion in the roasted meat was a little too high. Nonetheless, still one place we’d return to and recommend friends to try.
Some trivia: fragrant rice refers to “chicken rice” while steamed rice is the usual “white rice” on their menu. Apart from Mee Kia, “noodles” on the menu is actually Mee Pok (revelation). Result of updates they decided not to change in their menu out of some fun.

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Their BKK restaurant left us with memorable impressions and this SG outlet certainly didn’t disappoint as well.
Places that take on fusion food don’t usually do well but we were delighted with their Tom Yum pasta that turned out to be updated, though not authentic, with pasta done beautifully. It didn’t carry the extreme spicy and sour taste of traditional Tom Yum but the taste was strong and flavourful in its own way.
We enjoyed how they paired the Thai green curry with the toast fingers, while retaining the distinctive basil leaf flavour in the creamy curry.
Their signature chicken winglets were finger-licking good as well. But do save space for desserts b’cos the range of thai desserts and cakes was definitely worth checking out.
Dining experience was a fashionable one too with its modern decor and location amongst the boutiques in Paragon mall.

Dining at their small congested kiosk didn’t feel as good, but their spicy chilli still delivered the kick.
They also had the self-serve fried pork lard but they weren’t that crispy and fragrant here.
Overall, still that familiar taste although the noodles here was done more al dente. Would be ok to trade-off the convenience in the heartland.

Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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