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Featuring Toby's Estate, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Chabuton ([email protected]), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, Little Bastard, Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh), Ho Rang I, Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Ommelette (Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Had their pork chop and Wagyu Horfun this round. The thick cut of pork chop was done on point with a perfect pink inside, moist and tender. Deep fried Horfun was a different texture from the usual, with a sour sauce to cut the oiliness. The beef, however, was a little overcooked though.
Besides food, they also proudly their drinks and desserts with local touches. Nostalgia or fusion, it’s local cuisine flavours we can call our own.

First thing we must mention was that their staff was really friendly.
Food-wise, the congee and 炸兩 were reasonably good although we had better tasting ones. The congee turned watery pretty fast and was rather bland. However, they were really generous with the ingredients in the congee. Perhaps, they were better with their steamed rice rolls.

The fish maw was very soft and tasty, especially after it soaked up all those flavours from the soup. The cloudy soup was the essence of everything in the bowl. The big piece of crispy sole fish topped it with the umami even in a soup noodles.

Paired with a delicious salsa verde vinaigrette sauce for that Mediterranean touch.
The guys here were sharp with their flavourful touches to their seafood without compromising on their original tastes. Even with our familiar grilled stingray, their touch of lemongrass and lime was simple but on point.
Perhaps that’s the key they learnt being inspired by Claypots from Melbourne Australia. And again, they don’t do claypot here.

Though the fish batter was very thin and crispy, those razor thin chips stood out more. We liked that they offered tasty free-flow dips including salted egg, curry mayo and XO mayo that were great to snack with.
The recent warm weather may not make this location the most comfortable but there’s another outlet at Northpoint City to find them.

Picked their braised Iberico pork belly Don and was utterly satisfied.
Very tender pork belly that was so flavourful and tasty. Combined with their vegetables, torched corns and Onsen egg, it was a bowl of happiness for us. It reminded us of Taiwanese 滷肉飯 but was distinct on its own. Also liked that they used brown rice which gave it the pleasant bite and healthy touch.
Gonna return for this and the next time, we’d top up more ingredients for even more happiness.

During this period, they were offering the special with yuzu foie gras, just perfect since we loved both of that.

Located along Haji Lane, it’s the first Japanese Kushikatsu Restaurant & Bar in SG.
Its menu features a range of skewered meat, seafood and vegetables originating from Osaka. We enjoyed their light and crisp Kusikatsu fried skewers as well as juicy grills.
Panko also offers sashimi, ramen and Don for those who want more Japanese varieties. But for us, the skewers were just perfect with an ice cold beer or sake.

They pride their flour mix free of emulsifier, artificial fragrant and additives or processed starch; safe for all to enjoy.
This was their Matcha Tiramisu pancakes, topped with brown sugar mascarpone cheese and vanilla ice cream. Unlike other pancakes, theirs were denser while retaining the softness. It wasn’t too sweet although we would like a little more matcha powder perhaps. Overall, a pleasant dessert to end our weekend.

The brioche dessert was beautifully decorated with petals and fruits. Colourful, but its taste could be more balanced. Already with the fruits that were mostly on the sour side, the sour cream took it over the line for us. We felt that a vanilla gelato in place or some maple syrup would do the job to tip the scale back. There were some almond flakes but more crunch would enhance it with more texture too.
Nevertheless, their coffee was quite enjoyable. The Matcha Shot into white coffee would appeal to those who like their matcha bitter.
Read that their savoury items were quite good and we would probably return to try next round.

Their signature curry was thick and tasty with spices and definitely hot in both ways. Unlikely many others that were probably moderated to be easier on the palate; Samy’s kept their authenticity to deliver the real punch.
Fish head itself was fresh, together with the black sauce squid and Masala chicken that were flavourful.
We just loved eating from the banana leaves with all sides and Papadums filling up the table. Briyani or white rice, top-up was free-flow to go with that delicious curry.

Being a big fan of prawn mee, Prawnaholic immediately drew my attention.
Our verdict was that this was a winner. With big fresh prawns, tender torched pork belly and pork ball; top up an Onsen egg and lala clams to the bowl of yummy prawn mee. Liked that they added Sakura shrimps for extra flavours. The prawn soup was dark with an intense prawn taste.
They also offered some delicious sides with salted egg mayo, crispy fish skins or fried prawn balls for a choice. Gotta return to check out the other stalls soon.