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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

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I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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For brunch, we had their Signature Scramble but served on delicious thick brioche toast as they ran out of croissant. Nevertheless, it was pleasantly delicious if not better.
We also tried their Miso-glazed Norwegian trout which was beautifully served medium-done and on an appetising zucchini noodles with pesto mayo.
Topped up with tasty tapas scallops and Sakura ebi capellini and our meal was just utterly satisfying.
Even more surprises? Dining at Rookery can be enjoyed at good deals, through discount sites or dining apps.

With most of them offering drinks that are after all pretty much similar, this place does have a few unique points about itself.
It has a small proper sit-down space like a cafe for one to chill out at. No cafe food but good enough for a short rest while enjoying their drinks.
Perhaps its competitive edge lies in its prices which are lower than most others. So maybe no hype to draw a long queue in the neighbourhood central; but this may be a good spot to stop by amidst the choices in the vicinity.

The colourful Aglio Sichuan garlic oil was served with their curly pasta. A tasty hint of Mala spiciness without being overly numbing.
Their vegetarian pasta was a big surprise to us. Never expected a vegetarian dish to be packed with so much flavours.
Beside the meatball on their Smokey porky marinara pasta which was served with their long fettuccine, the star on the plate was the crispy pork lard (yes they added pork lard!).
So evidently, the pastas at @pastasupremosg were not and never meant to be traditional. With an open mind, their flavours would be a fun treat with their tasty homemade pasta.

Love their variety and quality of food, especially their signature Teochew 水晶包 Soon Kueh. With Father’s Day this weekend, it’s just a splendid place visit.

True to its reputation, the curry chicken we tried was spicy as its bright red colour suggested. It delivered a good kick for those who like it hot and would go really well with bread or rice.
However, we wished that the chicken meat would be better. We also had their curry vegetables which tasted pretty much similar except being less thick from the vegetables. That’s b’cos the curry base was the same for their different dishes, be it chicken, mutton, etc. That was a pity as having different items from the stall would still taste quite the same, since they only offered curry dishes.
Probably a good fix for a spicy hot curry to go along with other food on a rainy day; but we preferred other curry places that would offer more varied dishes and different types of curries.

Such a pity b’cos it was our only go-to outlet where the standards were good and consistent. Also enjoyed the laid-back surrounding with the greens beside the carpark building.
Gonna be looking forward to where this shifts to for our favourite Hokkien prawn mee.

This was the highlight of our 7-course (that totalled up to countless items) dinner at @cornerhousesg that wow-ed us item after item.
The complete 4-part to “The Onion Revealed” comprised the baked onion cup, onion tart, onion chip and an onion tea.
This onion cup in its most natural form, was baked and filled with onion purée and confit, with a sous-vide egg and shaved black truffles. The result was a comforting taste of satisfaction to the senses.
The tart and chips topped up the experience with different tastes and textures; before a cup of onion tea. Simple as it looked, but the small tea-cup held an emulsion of onion and cream, made from 3kg of onions and 2days’ work to produce a mere 200ml.
We felt delighted and proud as we savoured this exquisite creation and many of Chef Jason’s other amazing dishes during our memorable dinner in the most beautiful restaurant with the best services.

Not their first in SG, but the dishes at Jewel outlet were not all the same as other outlets.
We had their Ayam Buak Keluak and pork Satay, both a must-have for us and they didn’t disappoint the slightest.
Under their grill menu the grilled broccolini was something different for Peranakan cuisine. Charred outside without being overcooked, this was good to enjoy the vegetable in its most natural form.
Their crispy marmite baby squid salad was a nice spin to introduce some western salad to their menu. Certainly a refreshing dish from the other heavier flavours.
We were recommended their Gula Melaka ice cream which was good for ending. In fact, most of the dishes we had were recommended by their friendly staff who made our meal as pleasant as it could be. A lovely experience with the food, service and decor.

When we visited over the weekend, there wasn’t any queue although it was pretty packed. And yes, thumbs up for their condensed milk bun and pork chop bun that were delicious. Especially the former that simply popped in its harmonious mix of sweet and savoury tastes.
We will totally return just for these buns and a cup of milk tea for an afternoon treat.

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With only 38 servings of their “farm to table” chicken, their chicken rice and noodles were priced higher than usual. However, we’d agree that their special dark Nanyang sauce was really good and had a strong flavour unlike most others.
Besides the sauce, we liked their different in-house chilli, namely chicken rice chilli, sambal chilli and the Nonya chilli. Can’t get enough of those chilli and you can get them home from their shelves.
A @burpplebeyond set includes drink and their special chicken stock and plum soup that is also pretty nice. Their Kopi stands out with a smokey charcoal scent which is worth checking out.
Overall a little pricey but with all those pluses and the offer, it is definitively worth it.

Not being a fan of mala, we opted for less spicy to try their Unique sauce grilled fish. As anticipated, the fish came covered with heaps of chilli and a mala-oil looking sauce.
Frankly, the sea bass we picked was tasty, flavoured with the sauce that had a mix of spicy, sweet, sour and fragrance from some of the little spices in it. Particularly, the fresh, big cut onions were delicious with the sauce. So just a little touch from that was good, while we couldn’t take in too much of it thinking of the mala and the oil.
There was option to add ingredients and we were happy with the fried luncheon meat we added that went well with the dish. We also had their 拉麵 in 酸辣湯that tasted so mild compared to the grilled fish sauce.
This was a good adventure, though their food obviously would appeal much more to those who enjoy mala kinda spicy food.

But seriously, their pastas were delicious.
So @pastasupremosg never wants to make authentic Italian, b’cos “they’re already so many around if you want those”. Instead, they innovate and bring creative twists with theirs. We’re always sceptical about fusion but this time, they’ve done a really good job with it.
Opened only in Feb this year, they’d updated their menu to bring new flavours while retaining the popular ones. We were treated to 5 of their Haus pastas, of which the 2 new entries really surprised us.
The Chicken Rice pasta was right on point. With tender chicken on pasta, the familiar chicken rice chilli and ginger, this was without a doubt chicken rice showcased in pasta way.
The 2nd new entry was their Som Tum pasta, as its called, the Thai pasta. A significant contrast from the other flavours, this was served chilled and absolutely refreshing in taste. A play with the elements of Thai salad, the pasta was very appetising and appealing.
Briefly, their other flavours also included a Smokey porky marinara pasta (with yummy crispy pork lard!), Prawn Olio pasta in Sichuan garlic oil that would appeal to Mala fans, and a vegetarian pasta that blew our minds b’cos it was packed with so much flavours.
A thing we love about them is that all their pastas are fresh made, and cooked perfectly to an al dente bite. Which is the reason why they do not serve pasta during afternoon time as they’ll be making those pasta for the night. During which they’ll be offering the unique toasts, which by the way, are as yummy.


Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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