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Featuring Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), The Assembly Ground, Wheeler's Estate, The Garden Slug, Sky on 57, Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre), Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh), Gochi-So Shokudo, Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Ommelette (Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre), Muthu's Curry (Race Course Road)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Barley risotto in lobster broth, rich seafood flavour with a healthy barley bite. Of course the tiger prawns and lobster on top were just as good.

The crispy roast pork belly definitely stood out amongst the 3. Char Siew was pretty good but not as succulent as we would love it to be. The roast duck was just decent. We have had tastier Char Siew elsewhere.
Had to say that their roast pork had the crispiest crackling skin which was yummy. However, the pork belly on the whole lost out in terms of its skin-to-fats-meat ratio. There was too much fats for our liking.
If we were to look at the trio platter on the whole, there are also nicer ones around. Nonetheless, their crispy roast pork was still worth recommending simply for that crackling skin.

We never expected a Mango Sticky Rice dessert to turn out like an art piece, same for their Charcoal dome coconut mousse. Best of all, they tasted as good it they looked. No Michelin Star, but to us, their creations surpassed that of some with the Star.

Some of the dishes we tried surprised us in both their tastes and flavours.
A medium-rare steak paired with smooth Thai curry was a divine combination. So good we could just enjoy it without rice. The skewer platter, fried crab cakes and salmon spring rolls were also deliciously good. Had their watermelon margarita which was a refreshing and great drink to go along with.

Enjoyed the fish cake, meatballs and crispy Wanton skin. And the way they cooked their egg was as good as an Onsen egg. No expensive stuff but it was a bowl of happiness.

We tried and felt that though it was tasty down-to-earth flavours, there’s no need to make a special trip to Chinatown just for it.
The crispy pork in roll noodles soup was simple and delicious. But we have actually had similar dish in SG, at Wang Thai in TPY Lor 4 (which we preferred). Their crispy pork belly and ribs were recommended if you were going.
Observed quite a lot of tourists eating here besides the locals. There was quite a bit of a queue, although we also saw at other similar shops along the stretch. Was this the best? We weren’t sure, but it was good enough as part of a visit to Yaowarat.

A new frozen durian ice cream available at both their durian or usual outlets. A pretty pleasant treat.

Tried the Ferraro Toast and we were impressed. The buttery toast was well complemented by the ice cream and whipped cream. Liked that it same in baby size which was a better toast-to-ice cream ratio. Many outlets around here so it really was quite easy to try this out.

We didn’t hunt around for any highly blogged one but this at the Food Hall was good enough. Loved the generous amount of crab meat in the dry version. Add more fish sauce for that authentic Thai taste, and maybe some chilli flakes for those who enjoy a little spiciness.

We tried, compared and clearly its queue was justified for. Its coconut ice cream tasted more original and less milk-based. Though only a scoop it was better than having 2 scoops of not-so-good ice cream at similar prices elsewhere.
The coconut flesh and other ingredients also tasted better. How to distinguish? Look out for the little flag other than the queue which should identify it.

The fragrance of Hokkaido milk and stretchy cheese was a joy. Good that it came in a small half size which would otherwise become jelak for one to finish.

Simple local dishes already familiar to Singaporeans, with braised pork knuckles, prawn Tang Hoon, grilled pork neck and Thai fried egg.
Prices were kinda tourist-type but these hawkers were also trying to making a living, so nothing to complain about. These dishes were authentic and how street food ought to taste like.