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Featuring Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), The Garden Slug, Sky on 57, Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre), Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh), Gochi-So Shokudo, Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Ommelette (Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre), Muthu's Curry (Race Course Road)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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But today I could relax and enjoy the fragrance from the crispiness of the prata with the thin layer of molten cheese within. Complemented by the light curry and sugar, these cheese pratas were simple and delicious.
Rahmath Cheese Prata at TPY Vista Lor 4 Blk 74.

The result was an enhanced version of the Shibuya toast-alike, but with that crispy croissant finishing.
Beside the perfect matcha and azuki match, they had cleverly paired this with a shot of espresso. Having the CroToast dipped in warm espresso then eaten with azuki and cold matcha ice cream, this dessert was such a beautiful marriage of hot and cold, sweet and bitter. I fell in love with it already.

Similarly, their grilled eels were above the notch compared to many other places in SG. They had the same char and crispy edges; although Man Man’s stood out more in their charcoal smokiness. The latter’s also seemed to thicker in the meat.
Nevertheless, the plus point about Uya had to be its central location. Would we come back? Yes since it’s so convenient for some good Unagi.

Felt that most of their food were either very rich or strong in flavours, which would of cos appeal to the masses.
This Sumo Ramen had many beef toppings stuffed into the bowl, including a huge section of an oxtail. Its Tonkotsu broth was very thick and rich, and inevitably salty. Pleasure from its richness soon drained away as it became too jelak.
We also tried their Lobster Taiyaki sliders which didn’t impress, other than chunks of lobster meat sandwiched in lumpy pancakes.
Comparatively, we were only happy with the yuzu pepper crispy chicken skin and Sake Sour (grapefruit) and Kyoho Sour cocktails. But when the bill came, the short-lived happiness faded again.

As its name suggested, the beef patty was smokey good and juicy. With cheese and truffled mushrooms, the flavours were so intense and satisfying.
Seated at the al fresco bar table, an iced cold beer with the burger was the perfect combination to enjoy and people watch.

Or even for a lunar new year dinner? This Teochew fish head steamboat might be a good option.
They cooked their fish head broth fresh every day, natural and fresh it could be tasted with every sip of the soup. Even the quality of every soup refill was not compromised so one could simply enjoy to his heart’s content. The big and chunky cuts of the grouper fish were just a pleasure to bathe in that broth till perfection.
For a Teochew meal, their braised duck was also recommended. With a bright modern decor, this Teochew restaurant at Lor 8 of TPY neighbourhood might be one good place for the festive celebration.

Maybe as a dessert treat not a savoury meal.
The guys here did it again with another trick-eye dessert. Previously with BCM and SG egg-and-toast, they created Nasi Lemak with some really familiar tastes. Look out for that “chilli” and try figure out what it really was cos it was intriguing.

With no table available, we settled down for counter seats for curry Katsu and Oyako Don.
Using Hokkaido rice, it was perhaps their main draw for the prices since the tastes weren’t any standout.
In retrospect, it felt like dining at a Japanese foodcourt. Decent and quality food for a quick meal at lower prices.
Nonetheless, the deep fried chicken skins at the Yakitori stall remained an irresistible draw for us.

We always have a soft spot for fresh made tagliatelle. Overall, this was tasty without being jelak. Some Italian Parma ham rock melon and spicy pork patté toasts were good starters for the meal.

This place’s been around for over 40 years and their Bak Pau’s still been good.
It got better actually, when they introduced their Iberico pork Kong Bak Pau. Think dark intense flavours on succulent Iberico pork, wrapped in light fluffy steamed bun.
This CNY period would probably be a good reason to check it out with some other tasty traditional dishes.

Besides from the much hyped Matcha softserve and tea, this box of limited truffle was one to rave over too. $45 for 6 pieces but it was definitely all worthwhile. The box included awarded Okoicha chocolate truffle with gold leaf, Ousucha chocolate truffle, Uji Gyokoru Houjicha chocolate truffle and Matcha chocolate truffle with Yuzu-pepper. Sounded good? They tasted good too.