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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

Featuring Portico Host (Alexandra), burger joint, Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), Westlake (Farrer Road), Ho Rang I, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee, Seoul Yummy (Jem)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Milk. Made with cold-pressed macadamia, almond and date, it’s an awesome dairy-free milk that’s non-fattening and tasty with a nutty flavour.
People-watch as we slowly enjoyed our breakfast and burrito. It was a relaxing time in the cool morning before the afternoon sun set in.

The stall’s popular for their chicken rice and curry mee, so it was no surprise that their curry chicken mee was their best seller.
We loved that though their curry wasn’t the thick lemak type, it was more drinkable and satisfying b’cos its spiciness just delivered the kick in the tummy. The chicken meat was so smooth, tender and good it was a star on its own.
With generous portion of beancurd, fish cake and huge potato, this bowl was a good value for money only from our very own hawker stall.

We liked that the place was just a small 6-seater little corner set by an authentic japanese counter top. Staffed with 2 Japanese chefs, they served up some quality hot pots, sushi and Kushiage.
For dinner, we went for their hot pot Omakase set that included Wagyu beef hot pot, some carefully prepared sushi and delicious Kushiage sticks.
The meal also came with a tasty unagi starter. Pair it with a fragrant sake and the meal would be a complete and delectable Japanese experience. A recommended getaway from the city to enjoy a quiet and good meal.

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Yes, and that’s b’cos Yan Ji from Woodlands has opened a branch at Far East Plaza, closer to the heart of SG.
With just a humble outlet, it offered its good old seafood soup with a range of ingredients at varying prices. I went for the bowl with large Grouper fish slices at $14. Ex at initial thought, but this was actually quite worth it for those fresh sliced fish together with more fresh and big prawns in that delicious soup.
The colour of the soup suggested it all. Flavourful and sweet from the seafood richness. Their huge Bak Chor made the soup so satisfying and complete. Comparing it to a bowl of Japanese ramen at similar or higher price, I’d pick this for our very own local hawker pride while in Orchard Road.

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In a small but cool corner of Kam Leng Hotel, @enjoyeatinghouse has a funky touch both in its local dishes and retro interior.
Skilled in Thai and Chinese cuisines, Chef J aimed elevate and modernise Asian food. We tried a number of his dishes that did not disappoint.
On top of our picks was the SG style chilli prawns that delivered the goodness of chilli crab sauce but served with big fresh prawns for a more convenient alternative. The sauce was flavourful and packed a little spicy kick for the authenticity.
We also enjoyed their Thai BBQ sliced pork jowl and Cantonese Ko Lo Yoke done with chicken cubes instead.
We ordered their signature brandy white fish soup and Peranakan Bakwan Kepiting soup which were both delicious. Wanted to try Chef J’s much raved about Te Kar Beehoon but it was sold out by dinner hour last night.
It was great that their menu offered a wide variety of popular Asian dishes. Even their desserts ranged from Mango sticky rice, to Teochew Orh Ni and Chendol Panna Cotta.
We were pretty impressed with the dishes we had and would return for their Beehoon and others the next time.


With long queue during peak hours, we avoided the crowd in between the meal times. With much anticipation, we ordered 2 sets with some top-ups to maiximise our experience.
Beneath the luscious looking omelette were flavours that fell short of expectations. The omelette didn’t stand out at all. Its problem probably started from the reddish pan-fried rice with bits of chicken that drowned the omelette of any taste.
The Demi-glacé sauce would complement the rice better than the cream sauce. Our top-up of 3-Cheese sauce (prepared in front of us) also didn’t do much to excite our palate.
We added chicken wing, fried prawn and Hamburg patty of which the last was probably the only part that stood out for us. Then again, why not just visit their Hamburg Keisuke to enjoy that?
Not sure about others but we were glad we didn’t queue for this today. For Keisuke, we would stick to some of their ramens that still remained on our list for return visits.


Popular for their Lala Beehoon and Prawn paste chicken, we were quite happy with some of the dishes we tried.
The most memorable was their grilled sotong that well executed, tender with a beautiful char finishing. Their Har Jeong Gai was undoubtedly well flavoured without being overly salty. The fish soup would be highly recommended as it was light and flavourful with fresh sliced fish.
Back to their Lala Beehoon, frankly not the best but it was quite tasty. Horfun was nicely done with some Wok Hei fragrance.
Despite their location, it was evident from their crowd that they were a popular stop for a good Tze Char meal for the family.

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We had no regret going for their Ohmi Wagyu set for those unforgettable juicy marbled beef steaks. Our set with seafood also included perfectly cooked scallop and large prawn at the beginning of the course. Do top up for their oyster b’cos it was just so good. Towards the end, their carefully prepared Osaka Okonomiyaki completed our meal with a hearty end before dessert.
There were options in their set and all those that we picked, including grilled avocado with melted cheese and omelette with pork belly were great. Look out for their seared specialty sesame tofu as it was just fabulous.
After so long, it was nice that our visits to Japan Food Town have been good as we checked out their tenants.

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We were drawn here to its fried Horfun but it was sold out around 7pm last night, perhaps due to them keeping lower stock on Sundays we heard from a regular customer of theirs.
We tried their fried Beehoon which was another of their popular dishes. It had a nostalgic taste, though we won’t the Beehoon was outstandingly good. The fragrant crispy pork lard compensated well for its lack of Wok Hei though.
Their prawn paste chicken was good, crispy and juicy without being oily. And it was flavoured well without being overly salty too.
It was comfort food overall, for those familiar with their flavours or those who’d want a simple Tze Char meal, nothing to shout out loud about, but just in a quiet corner of TPY.

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To satisfy our crave, we ordered both their Chicken-Waffles-Watermelon as well as their Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken. Those fried chickens were juicy and tender yes; but there wasn’t much to shout out loud about them other than the honey hot sauce that added a tangy spicy touch.
Conversely, their Smoked Porks Ribs were the star of the night. With intense smokiness, we enjoyed those succulent ribs that readily fell of the bones.
Their Sweet Corn “Hush Puppies” were delightful appetisers too, especially with the honey butter that was sweet-savourily yummy.
Notwithstanding its premium location at MBS, we still find the prices of their items on the high side.

Priced higher than that in a food centre; it seemed expensive initially but was actually worthwhile after having tried it.
The bowl of fishball noodles offered more than just bouncy delicious fishballs. There were generous amount of meatballs, fish cakes, dumplings, pork meat and liver, prawns and even 2 alluring abalones.
The ingredient-noodles proportion was such that you’d not have to eat any mouth of noodles without an ingredient. And it was just great that everything tasted good, including the noodles and soup.
For a set, it came with nicely done juicy chicken wings or fried fish balls or fish cakes. And there was alcoholic option over the usual beverages for drinks too.
Overall, the set was a really hearty and tasty meal. With the @burpplebeyond app, the set was just a great steal.
Apt to its location, its setting was updated making this attractive also to our foreign visitors. A good pick to introduce our local eats to friends from overseas.

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Here, their special Tontoro ramen was a big treat with generous serving of their juicy meat. The Tonkotsu broth was flavourful and good as usual. Upsize the ramen and add on Onsen egg for an even heartier meal.
Of cos, check out other Japanese offers when at the DDD food section. Back to Santouka, check them out at Central this Sunday for selected ramen at only $3.10 as they celebrate their 31st Santouka day.

Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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