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Featuring Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), FORT by Maison Ikkoku, Angelina, Chabuton (313@Somerset), Hokkaido Izakaya (Tanjong Pagar), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre), Hualong Fishhead Steamboat, Ocean Curry Fish Head (Toa Payoh)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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Grilled king prawns at North Bondi Fish and our definition of freshness had found a new meaning.

These king prawns were so fresh, sweet and good we had to finish every bit of them. Digging into their heads for that awesome juicy butter that tasted so heavenly. It was great that they cooked the prawns on point the meat was still tender despite their large sizes.
Also enjoyed their fresh Sydney rock oysters and baked John Dory that was just as delicious. Definitely a good place for a sumptuous seafood with a beautiful view of the beach.

Been craving for a good cheesy toastie, and this yummy toastie with melted 4-cheese at the Manly weekend event was just awesome.

Paired with a glass of wine at the Taste of Manly event, it was satisfying enjoyed in the chilly weather by the Manly Beach.
The weekend event also featured lots of pop-up stalls with yummy food, Australian wine and beer. The atmosphere was just fantastic with the music and crowd.

Anyone who's been to Sydney would probably have been recommended to try their pancakes, claimed to spot long queues most of the time.

Well, that wasn't what we experienced today. And the pancakes kinda fell short of expectations. They were thick and quite fluffy but lacked enough ingredients to complement the pancakes. They had quite a range of sweet and savoury pancakes but, realistically, how many can 1 eat? Overall, not bad but not something we would queue for if we had to.

From a stall in the market to now 3 aircon outlets, their Michelin Star has clearly boost what was once just a humble hawker stall.

So much they even have an outlet in Taiwan too.
After trying at Tai Seng and TPY outlets, we shared similar mixed reviews about the quality of their food now. Perhaps an inevitable result of expansion? The soy chicken was still good and tasty, though we won't say the same for their char siew and roast meat. And we would recommend noodles over rice to go with it.
Overall, their expansion has no doubt offered better accessibility and comfort to a brand we can proudly call our own. Regardless, hope the many other hawkers that are just as good will also get their much deserved recognition.

Dinner at another Soi tonight in the neighbourhood.

With a modern setting, they've joined the many Thai food outlets in TPY. Tried their Tom Yum soup, pork basil, fried pork collar and fried olive rice and we gotta say they were quite good.
What delighted us most was this off-the-menu special steamed otah with seafood. Fresh with flavours from prawns, mussels, fish and sotong, it was juicy and tasty. You'd be happy too that their items are reasonably priced.

There's Soi 19 for Wanton Mee and this's 55 also in AMK, just beside the Mac next to AMK Hub.

Probably not so visible as it's away from the main human traffic flow, facing the road. They're the same chaps you'd probably met during the recent Artbox so you can also find their Thai milk tea drink or softserve here. Like the bottled one since there's no ice and you can enjoy the drink in its original state.

Thai Wanton Mee!

Our pick for guaranteed satisfaction. Go for their combo with all-in, char siew, lup cheong, crispy fried Wanton and soup Wanton. Add noodles if you want a bigger fill b'cos the the standard portion may not be enough for some. Do add the chilli flakes and fish sauce, as well as those crispy pork lard. This was already our first return, b'cos it was just Aroi Mak Mak.

A mix of local heritages.

Starting with our favourite Fuzhou fried oyster cake, stuffed with chives, meat and oysters. The goreng pisang gotta be one of our best sweet creations, simple yet good. Lastly, for either sweet or savoury, the iconic Hum Jin Peng stall at Maxwell would be no stranger to many for those freshly fried fritters. Put together, these local fried snacks were economical yet enjoyable.

TGIF situation last night with our Bespoke cocktails after a satisfying dinner at Kuvo.

State your choice of alcohol base, preferred taste and texture of your drink and let the bartender do the magic. We had a total of 8 cocktails that were distinctively pleasant on their own.
The drinks took us past midnight unknowingly as we chatted in the cosy setting.

The lobster seafood trend also spread to Bishan neighbourhood at this coffeeshop stall.

And we wouldn't hold back when it comes to food. So we ordered their all-in combo with lobster, crayfish, prawns and lala. Their Penang prawn mee soup base was supposed to distinct them from others'. Taste was decent but it lacked depth to the richness of seafood. Lobster was overcooked compared to the crayfish, which seemed to be a common problem with many hawkers we'd tried. What disappointed were the miserably small prawns which we'd expected more for such a dish.
Again, we would compare this against Sumo's, which was better in taste. With little satisfaction, this would perhaps mark our last in exploring hawker lobster seafood soup.

How many of you also enjoy the fried Hokkien mee from Hainan's at Beach Road HC?

The drier type that still had that prawn stock umami, this tasted good especially with those chill.
Without a queue but you'd find there's always a stack of plates or packet wrappers on their counter to realise the wait expected to get one. Of cos the trick would be to order first and go enjoy other food nearby before coming back for your share, b'cos it's worth the effort.