Featuring Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery), Lady M (Orchard Central), Pantler, Atmastel, Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate (East Coast), Tai Cheong Bakery (Takashimaya), Twenty Grammes (Ang Mo Kio), Chong Wen Ge Cafe, LUNA, aRoma (Plaza Singapura)
Tiara Lim
Tiara Lim

Finally got hands on these cakes on the 4th try, almost as elusive as the LUNAr eclipse. 🌚 The best part about these are that they ain’t cloying sweet. This Yam Orh Nee ($8) slice has yam gingko paste interspersed between the vanilla chiffon layers, which are light and fluffy. So is the accompanying coconut Chantily cream, which is texturally light as well. It has a good whiff of the yam and coconut with every fork.

A good cake indeed. Well executed.

Full review on IG: tiara_star

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Red Velvet Waffle with a scoop of chocolate hazelnut gelato and caramel sea salt gelato. $6.90 for a stack of waffle with a single scoop, + $3 for an additional scoop. Looked stunning, and the chocolate hazelnut gelato was so, with the rich chocolatey tones plus a tinge of bitter, which can only be achieved with quality chocolate. Quite simply superb. The waffle is yields with a sturdy crisp outside. A chance discovery that turned out to be a spark.
Only note, a stack of waffle literally means just that - one square.


Didn't know that the dessert chain has a cafe spot, and one that serves up some very decent grub. Particularly the Steak and Eggs. Slightly over-salted, but still, every cut is juicy tender done to a medium, and full of flavour.
We also had toast with prawns in laksa ($15). Don't ask why we picked it. Luckily, also very decent. Egg white scramble ($14) on the other hand could use a bit more salt. With potatoes and generous Parmesan. Warm ambience, and it was crowded when we visited yesterday (Sat). To be safe, best to take a leaf from the book and reserve.

Raspberry panna cotta. A new creation on the menu, and one with quite a bit of finesse given that the base remained creamy smooth while being absolutely wobbly (all glory on IG story). The specks of lemon zest within and tartness of the raspberry really lifted up the piece. Really properly got to try the desserts this time, and the tiramisu was the unanimous fav, with this and the egg tarts each finding their own different supporters among us 7.

Pretty gold hues reflected off the browned-white meringue elegant surface. The old-fashioned Baked Alaska dessert. Some really velvety, vanilli-cious ice cream and white cake encased by browned meringue. Surprisingly, not too sweet and we liked it so much more than we thought we'd.

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May everyone have all the different hues of life's sweets this year, just like this cake. This Fickle Feline cheesecake(s) - $48 - is a problem-solver for the fickle-minded or those who usually have a dilemma over what to pick. Best of 10 worlds - Yuzu/Devils' Chocolate/Salted Caramel/Yuan yang/Red Velvet/NY style/Sweety Strawberry/Blueberry/Oreo. My fav was the refreshing yuzu flavour and the classic NY cheesecake. Cheesey, creamy textures that aren't too sweet, though those with a sponge cake layer were a little dry.

Super love 'Superlova'. A light sponge laced with raspberry jelly and lychee, covered outside by a layer of rose petal mousse, and a final glazed exterior of raspberry, rose and yuzu tones. Not too sweet nor heavy. The sour tinge from the yuzu lifted up the entire log to round off. ($10 for the small one | $45 for medium (this) | $90 for large

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Buttery fragrant, supple, wobbly soft egg custard encased in a pastry shell. Just the right sweetness. At $1.80 each (min purchase 4) and served piping hot, no wonder the popularity because it really is one great tart. 💫
It is great, no wrong. No wonder the snaking queues. Even the dad who doesn't eat egg tarts took 1 whole piece by himself. Glad I decided to buy on a whim while passing by on a weekday at 3pm. Waiting was 15 mins and checked off the list. Would I queue again? Maybe 15, but not more.


Enjoying a Teh C special in quaint surroundings within a temple decked in Peranakan tiles. 💫
The concoction is delicious but be careful not to stir too much of the gula melaka syrup in if you don't want it overly sweet - as mine was even if I stirred in only 80%.

Passed by the Chateraise shop, saw the Uji Matcha Roll and felt like I had to get one to try. Went home and discovered we had this nice tea set, so voila; a setting with (TWG) tea for the fam.
Not too sweet with enough matcha-ness to it, plus the light green tea-azuki cream which completed the roll and was a good complement to the moist-enough sponge base. Great quality-value at $1.90. The no. 1 bestseller is the cream puff but if you are a matcha fan, this is the one. They even take care to pack a mini ice-pack to keep your cake cold on the way home 👏

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Pristine layers of dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline and crunchy base for this Dark Chocolate Delice. Great contrast in textures with the smooth ganache and mousse against the base, though a tad sweet for the mousse which was a pity. ($8.50) 💫
Desserts here costed as much as our lunch, so mind that pocket hole.

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Finally tried the cakes here, and I get what the lasting hype is about. All 3 are great choices to go with. Be prepped to queue! Ig: tiara_star

Relentless foodie leaving food steps on IG: tiara_star

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