Top 12 Spots for Egg-licious Eats

Top 12 Spots for Egg-licious Eats

Soft-boiled and crumbed, poached and wobbly, scrambled and creamy... nothing quite hits the spot like perfectly prepared eggs. This was a tough guide to curate, but somebody had to do it! Here are our top 12 spots to enjoy the humble egg in all its glory.
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A long time favourite on Artichoke's weekend brunch menu, the Lamb Shakshouka ($26) is the perfect union of tender lamb shoulder and spot-on runny eggs. Served in a skillet, this Middle Eastern inspired dish is enlivened by a well-balanced spiced tomato sauce and a stunning green chilli harissa. Tear off pieces of the accompanying pita bread and use that to mop up that delicious mess. Don't worry — the guys at Artichoke are too laidback to judge. Pro tip: The dish is super filling, so you might also want to order a lighter main (try the Haloumi & Mushrooms, $22) and share both with a friend.


This Bukit Pasoh restaurant may specialise in seafood and cocktails but boy do they know their way around eggs too! The Fried Egg (from $14), served with octopus, orzo and tete de moine (a type of Swiss cheese), is a stunner on their Sunday brunch menu. Crusted and golden outside, while remaining perfectly soft boiled and runny within, the egg adds great texture to the creamy pasta base.


By the folks behind The Plain and PUNCH, this bustling, dimly-lit cafe is THE place to go for Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($9). Thoughtfully served with two different types of toast and perfectly executed every single time, the scrambled eggs are luscious, creamy and velvety, and sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt flakes. Choose to add the avocado, bacon, or portobello mushroom should you need a big breakfast! Finish with the Iced Wicked Mocha ($7.50) — pure chocolatey goodness with a minty finish.


When the orh luak craving hits, head straight to Lim's Fried Oyster in Jalan Berseh Food Centre. The eggy Fried Oyster Omelette ($5) hits the spot, every single time! The orh luak is cooked perfectly — crisp around the edges and moist in the centre, so it gives just the right amount of crispy and gooey in every mouthful. Don't forget to dip the plump oysters (they're imported from Korea) into Lim's fiery chili sauce! P.s. They're closed till 18 March, so plan this for the weekend!


Your experience at this light-filled, friendly spot is made even more egg-cellent with their Oven Baked Molten Eggs on Tortilla and Melted Cheese ($12.90). Cheese is melted atop two ready-to-burst slow cooked eggs promising a river of liquid gold. Beautifully sliced avocados, bright spinach, cherry tomatoes and a tortilla make wonderful accompaniments. If you need more, add Smoked Salmon ($3) or Bacon ($3, only available on weekends), and finish off with a lovely coffee.

Topped with oodles of fried dried shrimp, crispy onions and laced in housemade sambal, the Shambal Fries ($12) at this burger joint are greasy, spicy, super tasty and just the thing to soak up the beer (from $14) you're probably having with it. It is the simple fried egg that elevates this bar snack from good to amazing. Break up the runny yolk, stir it through the fries and there — you're in heaven.


This smart grill house in the Keong Siak enclave is the place to go for all things smoked. We are putting our money on the egg-cellent appetiser, Smoked Quail Egg and Caviar ($15). Although pricey, the dish is worth every cent. Expect a perfectly smoked, chilled quail egg, with a molten liquid centre, and topped with a dollop of caviar. It's the perfect mix of savoury and sweet, and just the thing to get the party started.


Come early in the day to snag a seat at this award-winning coffee house before digging into the crowd favourite Organic Eggs Benedict ($24). Sink your teeth into tender braised ox cheeks set on artisanal sourdough toast with two perfectly poached eggs. The organic eggs produce super orangey yolks — quite a stunning sight! Instead of the acidic house blend, have the baristas recommend what other coffee beans are available for your caffeine boost.


If wobbly eggs make you weak at the knees, visit Saveur Art for their decadent Egg Confit ($10), a 63 degree sous vide egg resting on a bed of truffled potato mousseline, drizzled with warm brown butter sauce. Every spoonful brings you luxuriously creamy potato coated in ribbons of truffle-infused egg. The crunch of roasted macadamia nuts brings this dish to textural perfection, leaving you on a high. Pro tip: Opt for this as an appetizer in the Lunch Set ($39) instead of ordering it a la carte.


Grab your friends for a hearty American breakfast at this NYC-born restaurant. The Huevos Rancheros ($20) is a true flavour bomb, where cheery sunny side-ups smother a tortilla loaded with generous scoops of sour cream, tangy salsa, and creamy guacamole. Tip this over the edge with the addition of savoury Chorizo ($4)! A meal here demands that you order the unbelievably fluffy Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter ($18), with Wild Blueberries as your choice of topping. These big portions scream to be shared, so order two dishes to share between three!


Who knew Eu Yang Sang, better known for its traditional Chinese medicine concoctions, would produce such a nostalgic treat? You'll know you're near the humble Chinese Tea Leaf Egg ($1) — a childhood pasar malam favourite! — when you're drawn in by the herbal aroma. Most Eu Yang Sang outlets sell this, but we much prefer how the Ang Mo Kio outlet cracks the egg shell during preparation, allowing more marinade to seep in. Left to brew in a pool of simmering soy-braised broth all day, it's the most flavourful and comforting snack to have on the go!


The stunning Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé with Porcino Risotto ($16.80) features a fluffy egg souffle dome, cleverly prepared so it is golden on the outside and wobbly inside. Dig through the eggs to find a bed of mushroom risotto, creamy with cheese and peppered with savoury pieces of bacon. It is as comforting as it is pretty, but as it tends to get a bit rich, you might want to share this with a friend. Pro tip: The soufflé goes from risen to deflated in a matter of minutes, so snap pictures quickly!


The top picks, popular finds and newly opened places in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, curated by Burpple editors!

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