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Eat Sleep Live Repeat

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Calvin Tan
Calvin Tan

Presenting.. Their signature samurai sliced manga crab! Shhhhing!

The waiter brought us this dish and he explained that the soft shell crab was sliced by a ‘samurai’. Thus, we can see the oozing guts which is essentially coriander vinaigrette and turmeric mayo. The ‘slicing’ action can also be seen on the plate where they have printed it with edible charcoal mayo ink. The ink can be wiped off the plate so we had lots of fun playing around with this dish.

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Beautiful slices of striped jack with seaweed and sesame powder.

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Smoked oysters topped with yuzu, sour cream and onion. The combination of flavors were simply clean and beautiful. Very refreshing!

A spring roll stuffed with salmon, tuna and yellowtail.

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Placed on a bed of spices are two mini ‘buns’ which are actually made of meringues. The buns are filled with panko, Japanese style breadcrumbs that are normally used as a coating for tonkatsu.

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Chazuke, or ochazuke is a traditional Japanese dish made by pouring green tea or dashi over cooked rice, usually with savoury toppings. Chef Jeff Ramsey tore apart the original dish and re-created so that it can be enjoyed in one single bite.

The result is a combination of ingredients that is so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It includes a slice of delicate seabream, rice puffs and a spherical ball encapsulating shiso tea.

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They tore apart all elements of a Caesar salad, changed the medium for some of the elements and put them back together to form a single bite. The star ingredient was the romaine lettuce where it was changed into the form of a frozen capsule. Alongside, you get all the typical ingredients of a salad such as croutons and Parmesan cheese.

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To start off the meal, the waiter brought us their Japanese version of a Clam Chowder. It was topped with coconut slices smoked with bacon and right at the bottom of the glass, there’s a thin layer of delicious onion marmalade.

This is definitely not your ordinary clam chowder. It’s texture was like a crossover between creamy and foamy which was very refreshing. Hidden within this glass was also a huge spherical ball! When exploded, I could immediately feel rush of fresh clams onto my taste buds.

Their petit fours consisted of a strawberry ‘blanket’, a milk-scented paper, popping candy chocolate bars and a miso butterscotch candy with edible wrappers. Fun and creative :)

The waiter brought this in a dim sum box with the lid on. He then unleashed that incredible cypress aroma upon placing it on the table. The aroma was really strong but pleasant at the same time. The waiter then advised us to eat the nigiri upside down and place it onto our tongue in order to get the optimum flavour of that amazing smoked yellowtail!

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