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Karata-men $7.50
Add egg $1.00
Top up for 3pc gyoza + hot mugi tea $3.50
Jjajangmen $5.50
Sparkling melon $1.00
(No GST and service charge)

WAITING TIME: Slightly more than 5 minutes

- Can opt for free extra noodles
- Noodles were really, really incredibly thin. Unlike any ramen we have eaten before. Unlike what we first had at their first ever stall in a Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop. It's more like wanton mee than Japanese ramen.
- Soup in the karata-men is nice
- Will not order jjajangmen again. Too bland. Lacking a strong sauce.
- Tea is not refillable

PRICE: $12.80++ each for the signature Taiwanese style dry mazesoba

BILL: $15.07 after Burpple Beyond 1-FOR-1

FOC Water: Yes! Refillable and free!

- Loved it enough to comment "we definitely need to eat this again" while we were digging in
- Can add chilli oil and vinegar (surprisingly not sour) to your own liking
- Can add noodles at no charge (but only when you place the order, not after)
- Can request for a bowl of rice after you are done with the noodles, to enjoy with the remaining ingredients [but it was closing time and they have already finished all the rice]

WILL WE RETURN? Absolutely.

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$14.80++ Mixed Bowl Tendon, top up $1++ for Udon
$14.80++ Gyu Don
$2.00++ Hot green tea, refillable

WAITING TIME: No queue to enter. Food took 8 minutes to arrive on a Friday night near closing time.

- Better not top up for Udon cos portion tiny and soup is salty
- Generous amount of mixed tempura
- Can't go wrong with Gyu don

PRICE: Hitsumabushi Medium $26.80++

QUEUE TIME: 7 minutes on a weekday at 6.20pm

- So incredibly good
- Enjoyed all the 4 recommended ways of eating the Hitsumabushi set
- Food was served really fast
- Tables are very close to each other; you can listen to your neighbouring diners' conversations
- Cold barley tea is served FOC
- Not recommended to sit at the counter where the action is unless you don't mind looking at half dead eels wriggling around on skewers and struggling for life on the grill WHILE you eat their friends

WILL WE RETURN? Yes cos best grilled eel we ever had in SG. Will order the same set too cos it's fun eating it in various ways

PRICE: Salmon Don $20
(Thank goodness for 1-for-1)

WAITING TIME: 5 minutes max on a Friday mid-afternoon (we were the only two customers in the restaurant)

- I sincerely hope no one pays the full price of $20 here for 6 slices of salmon, two tablespoons of ikura, and half a bowl of rice. Really. Not. Worth. It.
- Salmon didn't taste exactly fresh
- Not sure why a proper full-fledged Japanese restaurant that charges GST and service charge provides its customers disposable wooden chopsticks instead of proper chopsticks

WILL WE RETURN? Highly unlikely

Miso Kakuni $7.80 NETT
Seven Wonders $7.80 NETT
Hot green tea (refillable) $1.20 NETT

- No queue to enter at 9.30pm on a Tuesday (Last order at 10pm, shop closes shortly after last order)
- Both bowls of ramen arrived 4 minutes after placing order! Faster than fast food restaurants!


- It's not the kind of ramen texture i like (this is the slightly chewy, curly type)
- Half a seasoned egg is included
- Big prawn in the Seven Wonders
- I find the Thai green chilli seasoning sauce in the Seven Wonders kinda off though, will try other options next time


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PRICE: $5.80++ for Set A: Zara Udon, Fried Kisu, Chawanmushi, Ocha

WAITING TIME: No queue to enter. Slightly more than 5 minutes for food to be sent over (by train).

- Pretty filling and really affordable deal!
- Nice tempura batter for the fried kisu (white fish)
- I don't usually enjoy udon, but this was ok
- Free flow hot ocha, yasssss

WILL WE RETURN? For this lunchtime deal, yes.

PRICE: $15.90++


- Choice of mashed potato and rice (the japanese rice had a nice char and goes so well with the sauce)
- Thick slices of beef cubes
- Generous portion
- Looks small but can be quite filling
- Cannot taste the truffle though


PRICE: $8.80 nett

WAITING TIME: About 5 min (We were the only customers at 4pm on a Saturday)

*Value for money
*Broth was pretty good
*Yoshinoya-like beef. Like, a lot of them!
*Comes with one whole soft boiled egg, not just half!

PRICE: $7.80 nett
August Promo comes with one free drink

WAITING TIME: 5 min on a Saturday late afternoon

*Really good for its price
*Comes with 8 pieces of 'liao'
*Nice batter. Crispy. Not oily.

PRICE: $14.90++

WAITING TIME: 5 min for food to be served


- request for a small bowl of clear soup when ordering the rich broth, so that you can mix it in when it gets too thick and rich

PRICE: $10.80++

WAITING TIME: Almost 30 minutes on a Monday night past 10pm :(

Good to try once. But am gonna stick to ordering the lobster broth ramen from now on.


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