The reason that you travel, is to basically pig out.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

Thick udon, in creamy broth with a good kick of sake. The broth is so amazing that you just can’t stop slurping like the locals. No words needed, just the quick movement of the hand, bringing udon into the mouth and down into the throat.

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Disclaimer: have to private location cause app is kinda down.

Address: 〒059-0551 Hokkaidō, Noboribetsu-shi, Noboribetsuonsenchō, 30 そば処 福庵

Hello for Noboribetsu, Hokkaido. Having a ball of a time making snowman, and soaking in onsen and having my powder white Christmas.
Tempura prawn don and small hot soba is thing to have, when you are done with the -8 degrees hike around the valley and more.
The portion is big, the don is with made with love, and patience with each tempura fried individually. So crisp but yet nice and moist on the inside, these huge babies are laid on top of white fluffy rice, dousing with their sweet, savoury sauce. That hot soba, practically just so yummy to slurp and basically doing the Japanese mannerism proud. Swimming in hot soba soup, you have to top it with their spring onions and yuzu slices, to bring the soup out and make it a partner rather than a sideline.
For what it is worth, at 980¥ ($11.60), definitely there is a reason why it is so popular with the locals.


One of my favourite breakfast. Generous avocado spread, topped with roasted sesame seeds, quinoa and roasted tomatoes. And with a side of baked eggs with bacon and additional side of cooked smoked salmon, you can say that it’s a full meal! Every bite is delicious, hearty and very wholesomeness. Perfect to fuel my day trip into Haarlem.

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So walking along the streets of Ghent, I chanced upon a rather crowded cafe during lunch time. Walked in, and definitely got stared at (because usually tourist do not walk at this part of town).

Got myself settled in, and alas no English menu. So the wait staff recommend me their Christmas menu (a steal at €13), that comes with a soup, and the main. That particular day special was this thick cut pork loin, served in brown sauce, with sides of alfalfa greens, broiled fennel and mashed potato croquettes/sticks.

The meat, while it’s well-cooked is actually very tender, given the fact that there was a single trace of fats. The fennel was my favourite, sweet, and helps to balance the heavy brown sauce.


Bloody good burger, period!

Apparently Europe is trending on the burger craze, and Amsterdam is no better. Popping out at every corner and street, burger joints and Coffeeshops are basically side-by-side. Situated on one of the smaller alley in Amsterdam, lies a small attractive store (right next to a takeaway Chinese noodles store).

Take this naked burger, “The Classic” (€4.95). 200g of Irish beef, compacted and stacked between toasty bun with their signature sauce, pickle, lettuce and tomatoes. So huge-ass that I couldn’t order a side (because by now, we have established that they eat for 2pax). The burger, as naked as it is, the flavour certainly wasn’t naked. Juicy, and well seasoned with just salt and pepper, the bad-ass is cooked to perfection, and slowly too I must add. The Chef (a young chap) takes his time is grilling the patty, making its drool-worthy when it sizzle before your eyes!

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Greetings from Brussels. Sitting in the middle of Grand Place, have my meal; Belgium trip.

A Belgian sampler platter of a typical Belgium staple; of meatball, beef stew and chicken stew, together with their famous beer.

The meatball is densely packed with meat and fats, making it flavourful in its own jus m. And yet “airy” to be broken apart. The tomato sauce isn’t anything special to scream about, light and just plain old tomato sauce.

The beef stew somehow reminds me of Mother, and how she always make her stew (could it be that she is Belgian? LOL). Red wine reduction, and with the beef simmered in hours, that the meat just breaks apart so easily! Comfy and delicious.

But my personal favourite is that creamy chicken stew, thick in consistency and bursting with mushroom and cream, this is definitely a winter comfort food. The chicken is simmered down that it’s so soft, that a lazy person (aka me) don’t have to chew much. Hidden in the sauce lies baby chicken balls, compact and feels like out Asian meatball you buy off the frozen shelves.

Overall, it’s certainly a delight.


Hello from Belgium, particularly Ghent. The weather is wet, the snow is melting but I’m still in love with the ancient city. After all that castle, Churches and watchtower visiting, you’ll definitely need a piping hot leige waffle (one of the several type of Belgian waffle). Doughy, and dense, this type of waffle had sugar added into the mix, unlike the Brussels waffles (where it’s crisp on the outside, and ultra light and fluffy on the inside). And topped off with a generous amount of Nutella (everybody scream please!), and you know you’re in chocolate heaven.


Finally arrived in Antwerp; and it’s heavily pouring out.
So what better way to wait out the weather before continuing, is this lovely pot (huge pot, I might add) of Ertensoep (7.50€), while hiding under the thermal lamps.
Typically a winter soup, it’s made out of green beans and bacon. A little tad salty, but perfectly fine to me. The ba browned before adding the green bean soup! Who knew that beans can be used in a savoury dish. Definitely one of the more delicious meal I had for this trip.
The staff thinks that I’m mad to be full on their starters, but really… it’s not your typical 1pax pot.

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Apparently they are supposedly to be number one.

Other than this piping hot cone of thick cut fries, gave me the much needed warmth, I can’t say why it’s that good as so all Europeans claimed.

Yes, it’s crisp on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside, but isn’t all the special. And yes, they have a lot of sauces to choose from, but none screamed “SPECIAL”. (Guys, they charged 0.75€ for ketchup).

It’s just fries guys!


If you're ever in melbourne, please head down to Degrave Street and buy yourself a huge-ass, fluffy, intensely filled donut. This give Krispy Kreme a run for its money. Downright fluffy, and huge, it's impossible to eat pretty.

The donuts are creatively named, such as this, "It's always Gay Time".
It is coated with Milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelised crepes and filled with honeycomb custard!

The custard is intense, sweet, but not overly tooth-decaying sweet. And the ratio of donut and filling is simply too perfect. That heavenly crunch from the crushed biscuits add texture and balance to the otherwise soft treat.

I wished I have more stomach space to try everything in the store.


If you ever been to Centre Place, Melbourne. This is the place to be to sit, people watch and idle your time away with great food and obviously better drinks.
Take this luscious Seafood paella, that is filled to the brim of freshest ingredients. Served pipping hot, and a little wetter that how a paella should be, but fret not, it goes down as the time wears off. The Seafood so fresh, firm and fantastic, makes the paella naturally sweet. And those hidden olives are and bacon bits give the paella a great dose of salty and savoury. I suspect that is some saffron used, to give the dish a nice fragrant.
For that cold winter in Melbourne, I'm definitely sold.


The best breakfast I have ever eaten. Poached egg that ooze out like volcano lava, in brilliant hue of orange, that all eggs in Singapore into a sad shame. That hollandaise sauce, homemade with fresh cracked pepper and herbs. It's thick in consistency, and melt like a little upon touching those eggs. Those wilted spinach , so fresh, and delightfully amazing as it is, unseasoned. Don't get me started on those salmon, the portion is so huge, that it could be a side order in its own. Finally, who can get enough of melbourne's bread. Fluffy and crisp, that toasted bread is all ready to soak up that egg yolk after it makes it pleasant mess.

Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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