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We devoured this in a jiffy and ordered another 😎

#FTtravelsSEOUL #FTrecommends

We had both the hot plate Honey Butter and Spicy versions and figured Koreans do generally love their food slightly sweeter. The spicy version was actually sweet chilli spiced with cinnamon..
Anyhoo, 🍗🍻Chi-Mek for the win!

17,000won for half & half
4,000won for beer

Modern western cafe situated in the heart of Itaewon. Not as if we don't already have enough cafes in our homeland; we just couldn't resist experiencing it first hand here.
Order the Before Sunrise Crepe made of buckwheat flour, ham, bacon, eggs and arugula. Rich, creamy, their kind of big breakfast if you will.
Oh, I could also eat these strawberries by the cartons 🍓💕
44,000won for all

Especially when it involves all things piggy (belly, cheek and jowl) sizzling away on the flat top.
Best part was when we used the pork fat collected from the first round of searing to stir fry garlic cloves and kimchi leaves DAAYUMMM


Fish bone remnants then made into a refreshing spicy red pepper broth to be enjoyed with ramyeon or rice 🍜
Enjoying life one mouthful at a time 🖖🏻 ~26,000won/pax

Starts off as a strong cappuccino then gradually melts down into a flat white. Now ready to take on Gangnam 😎
#FTtravelsSEOUL #FTrecommends

Combining two junk foods obviously will make a great combo. DUHH!

#FTtravelsSEOUL #FTrecommends

Texturally compelling with lotsa crunch, pleasant sweetness despite the multiple 'jangs' (loved how they incorporated their local flavours, yet were able to complement the richness of creams and whiskey). Don't talk about seconds, I'd volunteer for thirds 😎

#FTtravelsSEOUL #FTrecommends

Mid course at Restaurant Mingles, great for sharing if you're taking on multiple courses, especially since there were four of us. Capellini dressed in squid ink & seaweed jang, fat chunks of lobster, uni and sweet paprika fruit. Deeply satisfyingly umami, yet flavours kept clean with the freshness of seafood.



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