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Burgs 'n' Rolls

Burgs 'n' Rolls

Lobster Rolls, Hotdog buns, Burgers of all sorts. You name it, I have it!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Have been following The Social Outcast ever since their beginnings in a small Coffeeshop located at Blk 280 Tampines Street 22 — was stoked to find news of them moving to a new location at The Bedok Marketplace which had opened its doors pretty recently, serving a wider variety of burgers and even mains now.

Had my fair share of beef burgers recently and tried one here as well — the wood-fired meats are absolutely to die-for. That being said, the Teriyaki Unagi Outcast Burger is also a pretty wise option for those who have had enough of beef burgers recently (me; ahem) — a simple burger that comprises of Charcoal Grilled Unagi, Teriyaki, Alfalfa in between soft and fluffy, toasted Brioche Buns, I would have never expected how Unagi works so well in a burger. The Unagi comes plump; not too scaly, but it’s the sweet-savoury glazing that takes the cake which provides much of the burger’s flavour profile while the alfalfa provides some texture — the alfalfa also being rather surprising considering how the sauce helped to take away that unpleasant earthiness that alfalfa sprouts carry usually.

All orders come with a standard side of Tempura Fries; think fries with a thicker batter almost akin to that of Long John Silver’s but fried fresh upon order and not too greasy — a welcomed change from the uninspiring fries I had when they first opened their doors at Tampines.

Simple as it sounds, but oh-so-satisfying — grab a friend, and get this alongside another burger that features the wood-fired smoked meats that’s all the rage here; so stoked that their menu has expanded, and would definitely not mind having their burgers again!

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Seems like there are quite a number of burger places which had opened their doors during the Circuit Breaker period — have came across the ones from Dirty Buns on social media multiple times, and being in Phase 2 now means I can finally try them out at Sprout Hub at City Sprouts.

Sharing the same kiosk as Okome, Dirty Buns’ menu is relatively lean with only a beef patty option or a fried chicken option available. The DB Classic (Single) is essentially the single patty variant of a classic cheeseburger; there is also a double patty variant available for those who intend to go big.

Featuring elements such as juicy ground beef, cheddar cheese and their secret Dirty Sauce in between “fresh buns”, these burgers are well sought after especially during the Circuit Breaker phase due to its limited production daily. This offers no surprises — the sort of cheeseburger one would go for if they are looking for a simple, no-frills affair considering it’s simple set-up; I how soft and fluffy the burger buns were, and barely felt overwhelming, while the beef patty is simple yet refined — a handmade patty that provides enough bite, yet with a slightly crushed exterior from the grilling without being too veiny not fatty. The beef patty was also barely gamey — sprinkled with pepper that helps to further elevate the flavours of the patty, whilst being juicy with every single bite and partially drenched in melted cheddar cheese for a slight savouriness. Could not really make up what goes into the Dirty Sauce; though I am guessing it’s probably a mix that involves Dill(?) and Mustard(?); all that with leafy greens for a refreshing crunch.

Whilst available as a set with drinks (choice of Coca-Cola or 100 Plus), ordering the fries and burger ala-carte shaves $1 off the bill (and also provides for stomach space to go for the specialty coffee from PyRoast just beside). Fast-food lovers may lament on how the fries here lack the seasoning of salt, but the skin-on fries kind of reminds me of the Fairy Fries served at now-defunct Hambaobao — simple, and full of potato and pretty clean-tasting overall — quite enjoyable as a healthier, and more artisan type of fry.

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Wagyu Patty, Tomatoes, Caramalised Onions, House Pickles, Aioli & Relish, Cheese, Buttered Brioche, Secret Fries.

Pretty stoked when I came across the social media pages of Operation Burger during the Circuit Breaker; a stall within Jia Yuen Eating House at Crane Road (yes, the one where that famous Salted Egg Chicken Rice is located) which is also run by the same folks behind now-defunct Corner Burger previously at Brunner’s Coffeeshop and also subsequently at Shaw Towers when they moved there.

While I am a bit bummed that the Nan Ru Grilled Pork Burger from Corner Burger isn’t available at Operation Burger now (and understandably so considering it’s new branding), the Dependable Wagyu Burger is certainly as dependable as what it’s namesake describes it to be. No doubt this is quite a standard cheeseburger, but this is one rendition that the execution is on point — the beef patty is well-crusted on the outside while tender and also being easy to chew; carried a slight saltish note amidst the meatiness without being gamey whilst being drenched with melted cheese on the exterior, the caramelised onions helped to provide a dimension of sweetness while the tomatoes gave a refreshing burst of zinginess. The house pickles provided a crunch whilst giving the burger a good tang that balances out the savoury notes, while the aioli and relish spread across the fluffy, buttered buns also comes with a slight hint of mustard to further help enhance the flavours and gel the pickles with the entire burger together. While the burger was the limelight here; the Secret Fries are also equally stellar — a mix of both crisp fries and soft fries where one can feel the potatoes within the fries, it’s the mix of seasonings that is a true stunner for them here. Not sure what exactly goes in there, but think shreds of seaweed(?) and plum salt(?) that is well-tossed with the fries so that each fry comes with a consistent burst of flavours that is saltish and umami — so addictive and I certainly would not mind going for more.

Glad that they are back dishing out pretty dope burgers that is worth a trip down, or via GrabFood if you still intend to stay home!

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Caught wind of Wildfire Chicken & Burger’s return to the F&B scene after ceasing operations a number of years ago at both Evans Lodge and [email protected] under a different management, and a new location taking over the former premises of now-defunct Cluck Cluck at NAFA.

While I recall that I wasn’t quite that impressed with their burgers back then, I am pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer this time.
The Shabu Burger features USDA Black Angus Karubi Short Rib, Yakiniku Sauce, Bunashimeiji Mushroom, Spanish Onion and Goma Sauce all in between Brioche Buns. Thoroughly enjoyed how this burger was put together — the thinly sliced short rib replicates that of shabu shabu beef (hence the namesake of the burger); tender and all savoury from the Yakiniku sauce that it was marinated in, without a hint of undesirable gaminess. Giving the burger a soft, earthy and bouncy texture, the Bunashimeiji Mushroom keeps things interesting here, providing a good break and a textural contrast in between bites of the slices of meat, the soft and fluffy Brioche Buns that were buttered and grilled, while the Spanish onions gave the burger a refreshing zing and a crunch — a very well thought burger that was immensely satisfying as an entire package that was well-rounded in terms of texture and flavour which I very much enjoyed and a steal at $13.

Must say that I am pretty excited to return for a dine-in visit when dine-in is allowed; but I am definitely would not mind doing a pick-up either for now considering it’s proximity for me — a place to keep a look out for!

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Hadn't mentioned much about this place, but this had been one of my hideouts for a while within the Katong neighbourhood.

Having started to serve up more substantial food apart from open-faced sandwiches for a while, the Bratwurst dog is something I absolutely dig if I were to crave for something simple, but not quite so. The bread roll is nothing fancy; buttered and toasted, but it is the toppings here that matter — served with sauerkraut for a refreshingly light and sour-ish note and a crunch along with caramelised onions, the bouncy Bratwurst (choice of chicken or beef) comes doused with BBQ sauce for savoury tang, as well as mustard for a slight zing, further elevated by the jalapeño that provides a spicy kick in between morsels of the hotdog roll. Sounds like something one could easily whip up at home, but I must say that it's a well put-together combo; something that I probably would not be able to achieve by myself — probably something that would be inspiring myself to look for great, artisan hotdog buns elsewhere too!

PS: The Espresso Tonic in the background is pretty dope too!


Opened fairly recently at CompassOne, Zoey's Diner is a new casual fast diner concept that serves up their signature Baobae (essentially their fusion of bao and burger), salads and bubble tea (a collaboration with Winnie's; the same bubble tea shop that has outlets at one-north and in the Central Business District).

Offering a number of Baobae with different condiments, the Crispy Ebi Cake caught my attention as with anything else that features a prawn cake patty; the Ebi Cake also comes infused with Garlic & Coriander, whilst also coming with lettuce, tomato and Wasabi Mayonnaise. Thought the Baobae was pretty decent for its price; coming ala-carte at $9.90, patrons can opt for a set for a side of fries and milk tea/bubble tea/soft drinks at a small cost. While the Ebi Cake does come with a bit of fillers, one can still find bits of shrimp for a bite; the toasted Bao buns were pretty fluffy yet providing a firm bite, though more bread-like than the Chinese Bao (or Mantou) we are more familiar with. While the other condiments were rather standard, the Wasabi Mayonnaise provides the tingling, numbing kick that one would associate with Wasabi, tickling the tastebuds and enhancing the overall flavours of the entire Baobae. A decent eat within Sengkang, Zoey's Diner is a good spot to consider to dine at especially when at the mall.

One of my favourite spots to hit for local tzechar-inspired burgers, Wok In Burger had since opened a second outlet in JCube as a more accessible and comfy location as opposed to their very first outlet situated at Alexandra within Keng Eng Kee Seafood — essentially the same guys whom brought to us the Wok In Burger brand.

Offering some exclusive items at this outlet, the Green Apple Curry Pork Burger is one of them — coming with green apple slices, curry sauce, a choice of pork or chicken patty (we opted for the former) and greens in between the charcoal buns, the burger is pretty substantial portion-wise; pretty filling. The buns were light and fluffy, while the pork patty comes with a crisp exterior whilst being tender and juicy within; slathered with a house-made curry, the curry sauce is pretty reminiscent to that served at the Golden Arches — carrying a hint of the flavour of the spices, it also carries a familiar hint of sweetness and creaminess as well, while the green apple slices help to add a juicy crunch and a slight zing to cut through the flavours of the sauce. Beneath the patty, an assortment of greens and a slice of tomato helps to keep things refreshing for wholesome experience. Available in ala-carte (which already come with Keropok) or set options, the set enables one to add coleslaw and iced lemon tea for an extra $2.80; would definitely be back for my favourite Coffee Pork Ribs Burger some other time.


From RAF, a new cafe that is located within the grounds of Grafunkt; a furniture store which had moved from Millenia Walk into the grounds of Funan Mall near where Tiong Bahru Bakery and Godmama are located.

Nestled within the furniture shop, RAF is pretty easily located considering its situated to the right of the main entrance of the store. For those who had been following me for quite a while, one would have noticed my love for the Pork Burger which used to be served at Necessary Provisions. Almost essentially the same as that burger spiritually, the Chorizo Burger comes with a burger patty that is made from Chorizo sausages; comes with Arugula and melted cheese over the top. Going straight for it, the burger buns are pretty generic; light and fluffy, it comes with various seeds over the top, but our favourite was the so-ever-savoury and mildly spicy Chorizo patty that tingles the taste buds — so sinful with those cured flavours but oh-so-good being thick and chunky with a good bite. Coming with fries on the side, the fried came thick and crisp; well-seasoned without being overly salty. Given how RAF's Chorizo Burger carries over the concept of Necessary Provisions' Pork Burger, the Chorizo Burger is something which we would most certainly crave for — an item that would see us coming back again for.


"Chunks of fresh, chilled lobster meat tossed in a Japanese Mayo and topped with chives in a signature toasted Brioche roll".

Finally got myself down to Burger & Lobster after these while since it had opened; a visit I was pretty excited ever since they had announced their opening at Jewel Changi Airport. Coming with a number of options, one can choose between their Lemon Garlic Butter or the usual Butter sauce; patrons can also opt for truffle fries instead of normal fries for an extra charge of $3.00++. Sinking our teeth into the Original Roll, the signature toasted Brioche roll was nicely crisp on the exterior, whilst light and fluffy within — not too dense nor filling, whilst stuffed with chunks of lobster meat over the top and shreds of the same at the bottom; the sweetness of the crustaceans being pretty evident, showcasing the freshness of the seafood. Dipping the roll into the Lemon Garlic Butter sauce that we had opted for, the Lemon Garlic Butter comes all sinful and buttery; immensely rich and flavourful that makes it a good dip even for the ordinary fries. Truffle Fries were decent; crisp on the exterior whilst perfumed of truffle aroma from the truffle paste and Parmesan cheese shaved on the top. Coming with house salad on the side, the house salad comes tossed with vinaigrette and some cheese powder for an extra flavour contrast that gives it a unique character from the usual garden salads served at other places. Overall, a pretty decent lobster roll for the price, considering how Pince & Pints is considered way pricier at past $60++ for a roll as compared to the $40++ for the Original Roll at a rather comparable quality here; an experience to have at least once this lifetime.


From The Social Outcast; a new Western stall hidden at Jin Bao Coffeeshop at Blk 280 Tampines Street 22 that focuses much on their burger offerings — all grilled in charcoal and smoked hickory wood.

Featuring a beef patty, caramelised French onions, sauteed mushrooms in between Brioche Buns, the star of the show is undoubtedly the beef patty; not only was it juicy as described in the menu, the patty came tightly packed and held up well without being crumbly; the beef also was in no way gamey, yet savoury and pretty flavourful alongside the sweet caramelised onions and earthy sauteed mushrooms — all that being undisturbed from any greens nor cheese that may attempt to steal the show, while the buns were light and fluffy. Fries come standard with every burger order; not the best given how they are a tad limp and not exactly fluffy — neither here nor there. Still, the burger is a pretty good catch; pretty affordable at $9.50 especially for something that is smoked and grilled with charcoal fire — quite something you would never expect to find at your local neighbourhood coffeeshop.


From Burger+, a new Korean-style fast food restaurant which had recently opened at Wisma Atria, taking over the former premises of the now-defunct Pablo Cheese Tart.

Pretty much an irony considering how this place used to house Omakase Burger before its move upstairs to be located within Picnic, Burger+'s Bacon Cheeseburger does resemble that of what Omakase Burger and Shake Shack serves. Featuring elements such as buttered potato buns, B+ sauce, Baby Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, and a 130gm Beef Patty, the burger is pretty well-executed and delicious; the potato buns being soft and fluffy, whille the beef patty comes slightly crusted on the exterior without crumbling into a mess and holding up quite well to bites into. The patty is also not particular gamey; the melted cheddar cheese further enhancing the flavour profile by adding a cheesy touch. The tomatoes provide a juicy bite, and alongside the crisp lettuce, helps to cut through all the heaviness of carbs and meatiness of the burger. A pretty well-designed and well-executed burger which we certainly would not mind having again!


Handcrafted Brioche Buns, Double Beef Patties, Double Red Cheddar, Pickled Cucumbers, Red Onions, Tangy Whipped Sauce. From Brawn & Brains' burger menu; the latest addition of hot food to their East Coast Road branch.

This is a well-executed cheeseburger of a substantial portion that feeds one very well — fluffy toasted buns thar are pillow soft and not too dense or heavy, whilst the handmade beef patties were juicy and moist, carrying a good bite without being particularly gamey; all drenched with gooey, melted cheddar that's bound to please the crowds. The other elements such as the pickled cucumbers and red onions also help to create a refreshing crunch, with the former adding a zinginess that cuts through the heaviness of the entire burger. There are many burgers out there that taste and feel of their own individual elements at play; the Double Cheeseburger here certainly carries itself well where all the elements do feel like harmonious combination that provides a great contrast in flavour and texture. All burgers do come with a side of chips, which I would highly recommend ordering the Boozy Cheese Sauce that provides another level of savoury from the usual cheese sauce elsewhere which is pretty addictive on its own considering how we could not stop dipping; otherwise health-conscious folks may also order a salad on the side at a top-up, which is not a bad option considering the generous portions here.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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