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Decided to drop by Nunsaram to escape the heat! Haven't had bingsu in a while, and I was actually craving for it hehe 😁 I tried the Sweet Potato Bingsu ($14.90), which sounded very unique.
The colour of the sweet potato and the purple powder made the bingsu look so pretty! Other than the sweet potato cubes, there wasn't any sweet potato taste throughout the ice. Ice was shaven well, which made it so refreshing, and it was a reasonable portion for its price! There was also free refills of condensed milk! πŸ™†πŸ»


tried the Green Tea Bingsu ($12.50), and i must say i've tried better ones. the Green Tea flavour wasn't thorough in the shaved ice, and we ended up eating just plain ice with condensed milk at the bottom. would have been better if it was green tea flavoured ice instead of just green tea powder on the top!


i've always wanted to try caramel macchiato bingsu ($17.80) topped with caramel mochi, popcorn, crispy croutons, and a scoop of caramel ice cream with nuts in it, and it definitely didn't disappoint. where would you ever find a bingsu like that! the crispiness of the croutons balanced out the chewiness of the mochi evenly. i loved the caramel mochi a lot. overall it was pretty sweet and the coffee flavour wasn't that strong, so sweet toothed people like me, or people who don't really fancy the taste of coffee should try this! a decadent dessert indeed 😍


had the Oreo Bingsu ($12.90). didn't taste like actual Oreo, they probably used another brand but it's all good. ice cream tasted a little bland though! i can't believe i just found out there is another Nunsongyee outlet that's nearer to my house!!

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had bingsu as supper last night at Bingki! another bingsu place which is open 24/7! we tried the Oreo Bingsu ($14) and the Green Tea Bingsu ($14). first thing that would catch anyone's eye would be the cute presentation of the bingsus! these were not so heavy as compared to other bingsus, and it was great way to finish off a meal. there wasn't any condensed milk too, which made me feel better because it seemed more healthy hehe πŸ˜‰ a little expensive for its small portion though.

Nunsongyee's recommended Cheesecake Bingsu ($15.90) is the bomb 😍 with a generous amount of vanilla ice cream and graham crackers, there would never be a moment where you'll eat only the snow ice! the best part is, this place is open 24/7! why must bingsu be so expensive though 😭


so my mum wanted to try bingsu and asked me to eat with her and we decided to get the Mango Cheesecake Bingsu [$18.90]. i am very confused whether bingsu contains shaven ice or shaven ice cream because shaven ice can't look so white and snowy! anyway, i think O'ma spoon is better than Nunsaram's (the one i tried last time), though it's more expensive. the ice/ice cream was finer and softer, a nicer feel compared to Nunsaram's. if it was actually shaven ice cream, that would be a whole lot of calories and carbs oh my 😱


lost my bingsu virginity today thanks to my teammates πŸ˜› we tried the Green Tea [$13.90], Cheese [$15.90], & Sweet Potato [$14.90]. i must say i wasn't disappointed! even though the flavours sound weird, it was pretty good. also, condensed milk makes everything nicer 😍 i can't compare this to any other bingsu place because this was my first time. looking forward to visiting more bingsu places in the future!


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