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When I Eat Out

When I Eat Out

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Dai Jiawen
Dai Jiawen
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El Salvador Picacho beans. Too acidic for my liking. Served with sparkling water! Interesting. Works as a palate cleanser.

#coffee #burpple

Must try Yan ji seafood soup and Lian Xiang Shou Shi.

Contrary to older reviews saying the pork was dry. Now it's not! It's tender and can be cut by spoon! Rice can be more flavourful though, but after drizzling the curry gravy over it's really tasty. The papadam is not crispy enough too, slightly chewy.

If I recall correctly this is only $9. Pretty cheap for a cafe / restaurant, even some hawker western have higher prices. Portion is good. Not bad, pork is not dry.

I only tried the century egg congee, siew mai, pork ribs and char siew bao. The char siew bao is memorable.

#dimsum #chinese #chinesefood #traditional #hawker #burpple