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SG Eats

SG Eats

Featuring Artichoke, 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Mad About Sucre, Open Farm Community, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Maggie Joan's, PasarBella (Suntec City), Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee, Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant, Alex's Eating House
Samantha Kwan
Samantha Kwan

This delightful dish was not a letdown with the smokey succulence of the king prawn which well complimented the lightness of aglio olio. The King prawn is first grilled, then thrown in the oven to give its char grilled flavour an added dimension. We were told that Spanish garlic was incorporated into the pasta to give it an extra kick as it is said to be heavier in flavour than the usual garlic. Would have loved more pasta or an additional King prawn for it's price ($29)! #igsg #sgeats #sgfood #burpple #tslmakan #madaboutsucre #igeats #igfood #vsco #vscocam #pasta #aglioolio #seafood


Little joint specialising in Mediterranean food - for starters, this smoked cauliflower with iberico ham, almond gazpacho and mint ($20) had a nice balance of smokiness and crunch. Nothing is worse than a soggy cauliflower, but this simple and staple veggie was enhanced with unique flavours like the iberico and mint👌🏻 #igsg #sgeats #igeats #sgfood #igfood #tslmakan #burpplesg #vsco #vscocam #food #mediterranean


Unleashing the hunger beast in us, one southern fried chicken at a time 😱 The poutine fries were a nice change from the usual Chilli cheese fries as well, doused in sinful mozzarella and savoury gravy. Only drawback was that they don't accept Entertainer deals cos it was a public holiday...? 😞 This wasn't stated in their T&Cs in the app so please check before ordering! Another interesting feature is their Beast Burger challenge, a pre-order dish where they prepare a 1.6 pounds beef patty burger for those with a ravenous appetite! Get this $125 baby for free if you manage to finish it, else the full price is charged. Those up for the challenge, get your name on the record board! #igsg #sgeats #igeats #sgfood #burpplesg #tslmakan #8dayseat #thebeast #friedchicken #vsco #vscocam #food


Second time back at Open Farm Community - and I am always wowed by their out of the norm brunch/lunch dishes that are always executed with such finesse! This carnaroli risotto with chorizo, cuttlefish, ebi, green peas, saffron threads and crispy serrano is certainly a cut above the rest. The bold use of flavours like chorizo and cuttlefish was an interesting take on the usual seafood risotto. Topped off with crispy thin wafers of serrano ham, it was abit too robust in flavour to finish without getting jelat. Nevertheless, a must-try as it's a colourful sight to behold with an equally rewarding treat on the palette! Open Farm is easily one of my favourite go-to for brunch/ lunch 😍 #igsg #sgeats #igeats #igfood #sgfood #8dayseat #tslmakan #food #vsco #vscocam #burpplesg

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Be it Italian pasta (which the Arrabbiata at Al Tranvai, Florence still takes the cake as best pasta ever) or ban mian, I've always been a sucker for handmade noodles. Kin Kin, like Noodle Story, boasts with Malaysian pride of the same authentic handmade noodles; but what won me over to KK was its generous serving of onion flakes, meatballs and wow-kapow soup. The dry version can be a tad dry, but the runny egg that comes with it sure makes up for it. #igsg #sghawkerfood #igeats #sgeats #tslmakan #burrplesg #vsco #vscocam #food #8dayseat

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The star of this dish was in actual fact, not the char grilled octopus legs (which was a tad too charred at the ends, but thankfully generally moist and tender), but the creamy, savoury goodness of its sidekick hummus. Who knew chickpeas could be done to such a rich, decadent texture?! Brb, slipping into a food coma as I reminisce the flavour in my mouth once more......... #igsg #sgeats #food #foodporn #8dayseat #vscocam #vsco #burrplesg #tslmakan #artichoke


Mezze dishes at Artichoke 👍🏻 Try the dinner menu at Artichoke - I love how unique each mezze and sharing plate is! The pita bread is absolutely doughy heaven, as if chewing into a tuft of soft fluffy cloud. It also well compliments the sour and salty mezze dishes which exploded with flavour once in your mouth. A definite to-try mezze dish would be the aubergine (because 'eggplant' is just too mainstream...) spread with pomegranate seeds. #igsg #sgeats #food #igfood #tslmakan #burrplesg #vsco #vscocam #artichoke #8dayseats #onthetable


I've never been a fan of black carrot cake as the black sauce often overpowers the other flavours, which is why Hai Sheng is a godsend, and well worth the calories. Specialising in only white carrot cakes, their radish cakes are noticeably in smaller chunks, yet retaining the moisture inside while enveloped in crispy eggy goodness. The radish to egg ratio is perfectly balanced, topped off with delectable bites of chai po.

#igsg #sgeats #sghawkerfood #igeats #food #tslmakan #burrplesg #vsco #vscocam #eat #8dayseat


Finally know what the whole 麻辣香锅 craze is all about! This stall at Chinatown already had a line well before dinner time on a Monday. As you can see, excitement got the better of me and I over ordered with tons of luncheon meat, meatballs and pork strips. I had this in 中辣, well within my spice tolerance without overpowering the flavour of the ingredients. You can also request for more sauce if you love your ingredients drowning in sinful mala oil 😱 Theres no minimum order for this, but be careful not to over order as they are extremely generous with each ingredient picked! I only paid $10.50 for this and couldn't finish everything. #igsg #sgeats #food #sghawker #burrplesg #igeats #tslmakan #localfood #malaxiangguo


Unlike most wanton mees I've had that have dark sauce as their sauce base, Kai Kee uses the traditional Chinese wine to compliment the wantons. What I like most is their generous portion, alongside with their handmade noodles which is softer than usual but still done al dente. The char siew was a little dry, but Kai Kee is definitely a bang for one's buck. #tslmakan #sghawker #igfood #sgfood #burrplesg #burrplesghawkerfare #sgeats #igeats #vsco #vscocam

Braved the sweltering heat yesterday for this plate of BBQ and roast pork rice ($5) 😋 Do not be fooled by its less than appetising appearance - what they lack in in plating, they make up for in flavour. My personal favourite is their roast pork, which is almost always done to a crisp while leaving the layer of fatty goodness underneath the skin melting in my mouth. To top it all off, the meat and rice are bathed in sweet sauce that brings this whole dish to a whole nother level. Good news to fans of soups - diners can order a bowl of soup for just $1.50 with every order of rice. I highly recommend the salted veg and duck soup! #igsg #sgeats #sgfood #igeats #igfood #burrplesg #burpplesghawkerfare #vsco #vscoeats #tslmakan


Wagyu beef don ($24.80) - Hidden within Jubilee Square in AMK, Haru Haru serves affordable Japanese cuisine without the premium price like most places in town do. For my main, I decided on the Wagyu beef don (they also serve regular beef don for $15.80). The dish could definitely do with a bigger portion of wagyu, but it was cooked fairly decently and retained the wagyu melt-in-your-mouth-ness. The onsen egg came separate in another bowl, but I prefer my rice to be drenched in glorious runny yolk and so topped it off onto my rice. The overall combination of yolk, sauce, garlic chips and Wagyu was delectable and I wolfed this down in <10min! #igsg #sgeats #igeats #sgfood #sgfoodies #igfood #vsco #vscocam #wagyu #japanese


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