Chi Food To Eat

Chi Food To Eat

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, Sum Yi Tai, Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Paragon), Ju Hao by MOF (Square 2), Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (Tanjong Katong), House of Roasted Duck 劉強烤鴨店 (Bugis Village)
Tiara Lim
Tiara Lim

Succulent duck meat with a crisp roasted skin, over springy egg noodles. Combined with Char Siew (Chinese barbecued meat).
It’s one of my family’s to-go for great roasted duck and noodles combination. Sadly, the Char Siew felt a little short with its dryness and lack of flavour. Go for the porridge, which was delectable.

Also skip the new menu item - baked Char Siew buns. Let’s just say it needs a little more refining. IG: tiara_star

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This is about as hip as Chinese food gets. 💫
Served in hipster surroundings. Think traditional Chinese courtyard kind of wood finishings against slightly dim, red-orange lights not unlike the feel of a Shanghai-80s bar. 💫🙆🏻
The lunch mains are reasonable from $6-$12, but your best bet may just only be this Maple Honey Char Siew with dry egg noodles ($8). Of the 'sum' dishes we tried - roast pork and curry pork chip rice, this fared ok - not amazing and at parts tough, but at least the maple aroma came through (though again more char would be better). Avoid the soggy, limp, overdone salted egg tentacles at all costs.


They are named for their roast duck, but I say we preferred this more out of the 3 roasts we tried here. The Char Siew here has a fairly good balance of lean meat and fat. Probably why you pay more for this Premium BBQ Pork Belly. It's a good cut and sliced to the right thickness. Succulent, bouncy, with that smoky sweet-savoury glaze. 💫

The only gripe? The exterior could be more charred with that smoky aroma that seals the deal for the best char siew. Not cheap at $15.50, but this is good for two with a staple. Extra tidbit: It's said the chef hails from running The Excelsior Hotel kitchen in Hong Kong #burpplebugisunder15 #burpplebestbugis


Signature noodles with shrimp and pork wantons at this DTF-esque eatery. DTF-esque because they serve the same kind of northern and southern china dishes: noodles, Xiao long bao, pork cutlet fried rice.
These noodles are 'inspired' by the Singapore bak chor mee 肉脞面, which got me psyched up. Alas, the sauce it was tossed in turned out a weird more sweet-than-savoury. The wanton meat filling were very flavourful though, granted. A huge plus was the above-average xiao long bao, which had a similar flavourful meat filling oozing with soup encased in a thin skin.
Best of all? The basket of 5 xiao long baos were free - as with 2 orders of the signature noodles. All-day on weekends. Now don't say I didn't share

Never been a char siew(caramelised roasted meat) fan, until I was exposed to the 'real' kind - which is 'black', not from being burnt, but the caramelisation of sugars from the long hours of roasting. It's not red-dyed like the usual we see.
Caramelised aromatic outer layer, when paired with a good cut of meat that is the right proportion of fat and lean - that is 😍. This was almost it, save for the fact that it was too lean because all the 'good' parts were sold out. There was that 1 last piece that made the magic though. Not cheap - $44 for this 3 combination platter meant for 6... but 4 can easily finish


If you're hungry and in the Duxton area, head straight for this messy, brimming plate of Big Prawn Hor Fun ($16, good for 3-4). The rich gravy is full of umami, super prawn-y, and just a tiny bit spicy. The prawns are, well, big and so very succulent — well worth the price and the wait and you'll want to bring anyone you know here.

Relentless foodie leaving food steps on IG: tiara_star

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