Foodie in Hong Kong

Foodie in Hong Kong

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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

If you pop by Elephant Grounds, be sure to check out their ice cream sandwiches; they feature a different flavour every week.

When I was there back in April, this one of dulce de leche (caramelised milk) ice cream wedged between chewy cocoa Rice Krispies "cookies" was really something special. Wish I had this to savour in Singapore!


Last stop at the airport for rose latte and teddy bear cake before heading home. 4 months ago.

Now counting down to my first trip to Taipei. Any recommendations for under-the-radar local delicacies I should try? 😋 .


Find different variations of the ubiquitous baked cheese tart at Candy Shake, which include chocolate, potato, coffee, and this pretty taro number with a lavender-hued filling. It's by no means the best cheese tart around, but the particular richness of this sweet cream cheese is an interesting twist.


The thick, gooey quality of the molten cheese thwarts a speedy escape from its flaky fortress of puff pastry – all the better, because it allowed us plenty of time to take photos before lapping it all up.


Thick Cantonese congee > watery Teochew mui (porridge) any day.

This shop, just a stone's throw from where I stayed in Yau Mei Ta, Hong Kong, serves very good congee, and the place seems perpetually packed with locals.


Satisfying late-night sweet tooth cravings with mango ice cream, mango cubes, and bouncy mochi.


The look of horror I was rewarded with as I ripped into its face. Very titillating, indeed.


Feeling like death now because the damn virus that has been making just about everyone fall sick recently just absolutely refuses to leave me alone. It's been two weeks! 😪 .

I'm not even hungry, which is definitely abnormal, and I have absolutely no appetite for anything except... INSTANT NOODLES. My comfort food just about anywhere.

Somehow, instant noodles just taste better in Hong Kong?


Without question, my favourite baked cheese tart ever.

Compared to Bake's (the benchmark since it seems to be the most ubiquitous), Hanjuku Kobo's has an equally soft and fluffy cloud of airy cream cheese mousse filling that is just a touch oozy in the centre. But what edges out the competition is the tart shell – just look at all those layers! The pastry is looser and flakier, giving the overall confection a light yet satisfying bite that is right on the money.

Someone, please bring this to Singapore!


After a day of eating our way through Macau, we returned to Kowloon and.....continued eating, of course!

I'm battling a sore throat right now, but would give anything to be able to dig into this plate of instant noodles and succulent pork chop ensconced in a mildly spicy curry and blanketed in melted cheese!


Known in Cantonese as Kam Chin Beng, this moreish snack is sold at a little makeshift stall near the big fountain in the middle of Macau's Senado Square. It's a one-man show, whereby the hawker deftly rolls and flattens little balls of dough on a hot griddle and cooks them till they're golden-brown. The crisp of these delectable babies endures through the day and even until the next morning!


Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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