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Doreen's Food Adventure

Doreen's Food Adventure

Everything that goes into my bottomless pit. Once is enough.
Doreen Teo
Doreen Teo

$28.90. Overrated, disappointing, for the same pricing, get the Rosemary chicken instead. The batter is too thick compared to the ratio of meat. Honey and fried chicken is a nono. Sweet and unappetising. Not a fan of that rice cake too.


$14.90 (+$2 for salmon) coleslaw is good. That's all. My final meal at their Yishun branch before they move is memorable in a bad way. :( I had the best pan fried salmon ever the first time I dine there. Maybe it was a different Chef cooking this time as it tastes fishy and dry. Sigh. Pity.


$18(+$3 for mushroom sauce, bacon and fried egg) the size is massive is swear! My better half had trouble trying to eat it hahaha!! Fries were surpringly crispy and tasty, burger was great but forgettable.


$18 for a luxurious pair of poached eggs on atop 2 crab cakes. It's my first time having crab cakes and I'm at awe at the generous serving of crab meat in it. One of my eggs came slightly overdone but I like all eggs regardless of any cooking methods. Can't comment much in the hollandaise as I was too distracted with the eggs and crab!


$11 for a plate of sin. Fantastic and flavourful minced beef that was unfortunately drowned by a pretty mediocre pool of nacho cheese.

A final meal at this Neighbourhood cafe that holds fond memories of my secondary school period before it closes down for good coming 13th June. Mediocre food but I'll definitely miss this homegrown cafe and it's nostalgic ambience. A pity that it has to go due to rental conflict.

Minimum bill of $80 entitles you to a bigger pot. Recommended if you have more than 4 Pax tucking in. Decent but not outstanding. Their Thai milk tea's a little too sweet for my liking. But then again I'm not one with a sweet tooth. Highlight of the meal is their homemade chilli.

Excellent soup broth with slippery thick beehoon. Do call up and check about the size of the crab. Only worth coming if crabs are at least 1kg each.


Creamy sweet sauce good for mopping up with fried mantous. Would prefer it to be on a saltier note though.

My golden waffle with earl grey lavender and thai milk tea is decent but not enough to warrant a second visit. The sweetness is cloyingly towards the end of the meal. My friend's charcoal waffle with French vanilla, Nutella cheesecake and salted caramel sauce is gelat and sweet as well. Maybe we shouldn't have greedily decided on soloing a waffle with double scoop each. 😅

$19.50. Looks promising but the taste is forgettable. However their pilaf(Mediterranean rice) is pretty refreshing and light on the palate.

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$48++/pax. It may look little but my date and I have trouble finishing everything. (Mind you I have an appetite bigger than an average guy) Top display showcases the sweets, first drawer with the savouries, second drawer with the ginger and raisin scones, last drawer contains the condiments and a sugar cookie wrapped up to bring home. Frankly speaking, it's just a place to take pretty photos of your food. Nothing outstanding though. Celebrated my friend's leapling birthday there and we were given a complimentary tiramisu cake with a candle. It was the best tiramisu I ever had and the most memorable item in this restaurant.


Bottomless pit. Popiah connoisseur, thosai addict.

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