Date Night

Date Night

With a touch of romance in ambiance and superb cuisine.
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

We went for their Sudado Pescado ($24); it’s like a fish stew with a touch of seafoody flavors. I liked how it comes with chunks of radish which soaks up the flavor of the stew. The stew is tangy with a nice richness to it. The other dish we had was Argentinian Prawn Pasta ($26). I’m pleasantly surprise with the generosity and variety of ingredients. The pasta is well coated with the prawn bisque sauce giving it the umaminess. The prawn is grilled and has a nice charred and sweet flavor. Portion may be a little smaller but the satisfaction from the flavor of food is there!

Ask for the seating view to the Changi Jewel Vortex! & that pretty much make it a good date night place too!

I went with their Iberico Pork Shoulder which comes with mushrooms, onion-marsala marmalade & mustard jus. Though the price is on the steeper end, but their pork shoulder was cooked to perfection with such tenderness and moistness. The flavors were on point and well balanced. Even their sides were pretty amazing. Their mashed potatoes has a grainy chunky smooth texture and it’s subtly flavorful, a little creamy and buttery.

They offer an eclectic menu fusing contemporary European cuisine with Southeast Asia ingredients. One of my favorites got to be their Boston Lobster & Iberico Chorizo on Crispy Pork Skin ($12)! Each dish houses its own surprises! I’m pleasantly surprised by the refreshing-ness of the lobster and iberico salad alike atop the crispy pork skin which is not at all greasy or with the oily smell.

Dusted with some chilli powder, the skin of Binchotan was so thin and crispy yet not the least oily. One bite into Binchotan reveals the moist and juicy, tender pulled pork. It’s so good on its own, that you can do without the yoghurt dip. & somehow there is this nice little lingering charcoal aroma to it. Loved how all their dishes are beautifully curated, retaining each and every unique characteristic of the ingredient used.

Their A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Fried Rice is amazing with that pretty and perfect beef marbling that melts gracefully in your mouth against the fragrant fried rice with a nice eggy and wok hei touch. Similarly, their signature Cha Shu was well caramelised and tender with lingering sweet savory aftertaste.

Meat of cut was shoulder blade done medium well. Look at the hues of pink! Liked how the fats was congregated at the edges encapsulating the moistness within and easily removable if we are skipping the fatty part. Meat was really tender to my liking, with a little herb and peppery flavor to it. Got to try it for yourself! Overall ambiance was good too, good location for a light hearted dinner & drinks!

Brine serves modern contemporary cuisine such as this Soufflé Omelette with Crab beurre noisette and Tom Kha. French way of cooking with some thai elements to it. Loved how soft and fluffy the omelette was. Completely complement the stronger flavor and thicker consistency of that Tom Kha sauce, which was a little creamy, tangy and some notes of spiciness!

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Southern food known for their sweet tea and fried chicken originating from the US. Their chicken n watermelon n waffles are kind of what the name describes. Complicating flavors all in one plate. Fried chicken consists of various parts are well seasoned with spices, crispy and juicy but not so for their breast meat which is a tad too dry. Waffles are dense and fluffy while the watermelon cubes are marinated with herbs & spices. A dish that’s good for sharing between 3 pax or otherwise it could be too gelard to wipe out all.

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Kind of like how this pan seared seabass was done. Cooked to medium well, the texture of the seabass was as good as the cod fish, flaky and delicate. This mildly sweet seabass goes really well with the slightly creamy truffle yuzu butter sauce too!

The dumplings from Dumpling Darlings are amazingly good. The skin of the dumplings are skillfully thin yet not at all do they shortchanged you with the ingredients. Ingredients are filled to the brim with the skin being pan-fried crisp. The minced meat filling was fragrantly on point and not at all dry. Good place to satisfy craving but the wait is a killer!


Situated at level 7 of the oakwood residences thus the name Se7enth. At the sound of the name and location, I was expecting a very posh and classy restaurant but to my pleasant surprise it was rather cozy, casual and open. They served quite a bit of fusion fare with a twist of local flavors. We decided to go for the chef’s signature Cod Fish Hor Fun as one of the dish. Silky smooth hor fun in black pepper sauce which wasn’t too peppery on taste and topped with 2 big slabs of fresh cod fish that was so sweet. Indeed well recommended!

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Located along owen road sits The Palmary, with a contemporary exterior and stepping into a minimalistic interior colored with big palm leaves leave you with a very relaxing bar like vibe. Their main selections are not very extensive, and we decided to go for their wagyu. We ordered medium and it was done to perfection. Browned well on the outside revealing hues of maroon red meat which was tender and not the least dry at all. The wagyu was rather well seasoned and not too heavily flavored such that you could still taste the natural freshness and sweetness of the wagyu. Highly recommend for the quality over quantity!

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