Date Night

Date Night

With a touch of romance in ambiance and superb cuisine.
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

We were welcome with a basket of chewy buns and a glass of champagne. Their cocktails are inspired by historical anecdotes originating from Singapore, Italy, UK & US. Their cocktail menu showcases flavors, ingredients and sensations inspired by the influential hallmarks and cultures. Their staff were all well equipped with the knowledge and could easily share the story behind every drink. I had their Stardust and High Society, pretty interesting concoctions which are smooth on palette. High Society is on the spirit forward side.

Beside drinks, they do have a small variety of food option, cheese, caviar for you to go with the drinks. Go for their braised beef short ribs, which is set to resembles the Chinese kong bak bao, but more elevation and less the oiliness. If you belong to the groups who’s lazy to chew on wings, here’s the chance to try their take on Texas Buffalo Wings. It’s completely de-boned, shaped in cube and served with barbecue sauce. In my opinion, it’s tender, juicy and hassle free! If you need something refreshing, crunchy and colorful, go for their vegetable crudités salad. It’s really fresh and help to cleanse your palette inbetween dishes and drinks!

A very pleasant experience there and let them bring you back into times!

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Pixy is the place you can enjoy food, drink and conversation. They offer you contemporary cuisine, created by Japanese Chef Tomine Nobuaki, with passion, cares about how people enjoy the food. Their tables are also spaciously spaced out ensuring privacy between tables of customers.

We went there for lunch on a weekday, so it wasn’t too crowded. We ordered a couple of dishes for sharing. I enjoyed 3 out of the 4 dishes we ordered. For the other dish not that it’s not nice, but I find it not particularly outstanding and that’s the Lala and Shirasu Spaghetti. It was pretty heavy in flavor and towards the umami salty side because of the dried mullet roe.

I love the Grilled Squid stuffed with squid ink risotto. The squid was so tender and flavorful, and goes really well with the Romesco sauce which was a little tangy and piquant. There’s also a nice little crunch from the diced capsicums.

The Lamb Chops was done perfectly too. It’s juicy and tender. Lightly seasoned and not at all gamy. We also gotten ourselves the Wara Smoked Tuna. The tuna is smoked to lightly cooked, has a nice texture to it, and it’s accompanied with blue cheese dijonnaise sauce and garlic chive infused oil which wasn’t too overpowering but kind of complement each other well, and brings out the natural sweetness of the tuna.

Service is good, food is good and ambiance is equally good too. Price may be on the steeper end, but definitely worth a try!

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A quaint cafe along the stretch of Kampong bahru.

We had their Orange Custard Brioche and Chocolate donut. The donut was overflowing with thick yet not too sweet chocolate filling while the orange custard brioche is light and chewy with a nice orangey aroma to it. Love how these 2 have a contrast in their texture too, one is denser the other is airier.

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A New Zealand steak and lamb restaurant located in Marina One offer a pretty contemporary, modern dining experience with very attentive servicing stuff.

We decided to try out the Burpple beyond menu which is a 4 course menu - Dashi Braised Pork Belly with Green Pea Puree, Blue Mussel Potage, Ocean Beef Ribeye and ending with Dark Chocolate Mousse & Raspberry Sorbet. On top of it, we decided to add a lobster bisque too.

I don’t really have much to complain. Their food are all so delicate and delicious. I really like their thick, creamy and flavorful tasting soup! I also like how they have use herb oil to elevate the taste of their mussel protege and black garlic for their lobster bisque. Needless to say, their ribeye is also done beautifully. You know you can trust the quality of the steak whenever it is served to you plainly! There’s 3 condiments that comes with it - wasabi, brown sauce and sea salt! Ending with the sweets, the refreshing raspberry sorbet cut right through the richness of chocolate mousse giving it a really good balance of flavors.

It’s quite a good deal Wakanui!

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Not the cheapest place, but LUMO definitely had one of the best ambiance, food and cocktails!

Personally I like their Lavender Brew ($20) & Devil Breeze ($22). The lavender hits you first before the aroma and flavor of the espresso comes to you. A spirit forward yet well balanced drink. In contrast the Devil’s breeze is a pretty cooling and refreshing drink with the watermelon blend. All their cocktails is so goood and affordable!

We started with their Smoked Cod Liver Taramasalata ($18). It’s something very different. I was expecting like pate style but it’s smooth, citrusy and creamy with that umaminess from the cavier. So goood. Their Sakura Pork Chop ($36) & Argentinian Ribeye ($42) is done to perfection too. They are pretty lightly seasoned so you could taste the original sweetness. The flavors are brightened up with their jus and salt, mustard served at the side. The Sakura Pork was melt in your mouth, moist and tender with the fat ratio.

After which ending the meal with their Apple Wood Smoked Ice Cream ($13) was the right choice. The flavors is mind blowing good. It’s an interesting combination of something sweet, yet light and cool from the cucumber, then with something savory like butter corn, and further elevated with Icelandic sea salt giving that burst of flavors all in one mouth.

This is so gooood! Can’t wait to go back to try their other cocktails and dishes!

We went for their Sudado Pescado ($24); it’s like a fish stew with a touch of seafoody flavors. I liked how it comes with chunks of radish which soaks up the flavor of the stew. The stew is tangy with a nice richness to it. The other dish we had was Argentinian Prawn Pasta ($26). I’m pleasantly surprise with the generosity and variety of ingredients. The pasta is well coated with the prawn bisque sauce giving it the umaminess. The prawn is grilled and has a nice charred and sweet flavor. Portion may be a little smaller but the satisfaction from the flavor of food is there!

Ask for the seating view to the Changi Jewel Vortex! & that pretty much make it a good date night place too!

I went with their Iberico Pork Shoulder which comes with mushrooms, onion-marsala marmalade & mustard jus. Though the price is on the steeper end, but their pork shoulder was cooked to perfection with such tenderness and moistness. The flavors were on point and well balanced. Even their sides were pretty amazing. Their mashed potatoes has a grainy chunky smooth texture and it’s subtly flavorful, a little creamy and buttery.

They offer an eclectic menu fusing contemporary European cuisine with Southeast Asia ingredients. One of my favorites got to be their Boston Lobster & Iberico Chorizo on Crispy Pork Skin ($12)! Each dish houses its own surprises! I’m pleasantly surprised by the refreshing-ness of the lobster and iberico salad alike atop the crispy pork skin which is not at all greasy or with the oily smell.

Dusted with some chilli powder, the skin of Binchotan was so thin and crispy yet not the least oily. One bite into Binchotan reveals the moist and juicy, tender pulled pork. It’s so good on its own, that you can do without the yoghurt dip. & somehow there is this nice little lingering charcoal aroma to it. Loved how all their dishes are beautifully curated, retaining each and every unique characteristic of the ingredient used.

Their A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Fried Rice is amazing with that pretty and perfect beef marbling that melts gracefully in your mouth against the fragrant fried rice with a nice eggy and wok hei touch. Similarly, their signature Cha Shu was well caramelised and tender with lingering sweet savory aftertaste.

Meat of cut was shoulder blade done medium well. Look at the hues of pink! Liked how the fats was congregated at the edges encapsulating the moistness within and easily removable if we are skipping the fatty part. Meat was really tender to my liking, with a little herb and peppery flavor to it. Got to try it for yourself! Overall ambiance was good too, good location for a light hearted dinner & drinks!

Brine serves modern contemporary cuisine such as this Soufflé Omelette with Crab beurre noisette and Tom Kha. French way of cooking with some thai elements to it. Loved how soft and fluffy the omelette was. Completely complement the stronger flavor and thicker consistency of that Tom Kha sauce, which was a little creamy, tangy and some notes of spiciness!

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