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Featuring Alter Ego, The Masses, Rollie Olie (The Star Vista), Red Star Restaurant, Redhill Lane Block 85 Food Centre, Skinny Pizza (Plaza Singapura), Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin (ION Orchard), il Cielo, Imakatsu (The Star Vista), Koryo Restaurant
Audrey Wong
Audrey Wong
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“The Marmalade Pantry has outdone itself again❤️” - my immediate thoughts after the first bite.

Huge chunks of lobster grilled to perfection (we could smell the lobster cooking even before it was served!), with a smooth and tangy tobiko-miso-mayo sauce. Was also pleasantly surprised with the mini salad of fresh crisp red reddish and cucumber that complemented the lobster excellently. And to top it off were the golden brown fries and lightly toasted sesame bun, extremely delicious and satisfying.

One of the best items on an already-excellent menu, coupled with the sincere service, reasonable prices, this seals The Marmalade Pantry’s spot as one of our favourite date night options around town.

Pro-tip: Available on the Entertainer app too!

Fiesta is a new Chinese restaurant at the NUS Kent Ridge campus, located just behind the UHC bus stop at the NUS Staff Club. We stumbled upon this place after our run at the NUS track on a weekday during the school holidays, and decided to venture an attempt at this seemingly quiet restaurant.

We ordered the Ma La Hotpot, got a 3 veg 1 meat set, topped up some maggie noodles, and selected the least spicy option. It was surprisingly satisfying - fresh ingredients and, our favourite part, the ma la flavours delivered a kick without being excessively oily - nicely done overall.

Would expect this place to get more crowded once the semester starts. If you’re craving Chinese food while in the vicinity, this would probably be a good option.

East Coast Park with the sun, sea, and beaches in its full glory - one of the best ways to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning in Singapore. Of course, no outing in Singapore can be complete without food. And what best place to satisfy any local food cravings than the good old hawker centre!

We bought two items to share between three of us for a sneaky afternoon snack. The Taupok set feels like a refined take on its famous cousin, the traditional Rojak. With the sauce separated from the crispy youtiaos and grilled taupoks stuffed generously with fresh cucumber shreds and beansprouts, this dish is actually much crispier and surprisingly refreshing. Topped off with thin slices of flavourful cuttlefish and crushed peanuts, it’s a good option to savour the most popular items of the traditional fruit salad of the tropics. Matched with the chicken wing grilled to perfection with crispy thin skin and tender meat, it’s a great way to enjoy the weekends with friends and loved ones.

Pro-tip: this is a popular evening hangout spot so not all stalls would be open before 5pm. Visit during lunchtime or the afternoon to avoid the crowd, but if you’re up for it, head down during dinner time to fully soak in the atmosphere!

“The most beautiful egg tart”, was how we remembered it. And that was 2 years ago when we visited Shanghai and was introduced to this beauty by my then-Shanghai-living, now-journalist friend.

So when we had the chance to transit in Shanghai this time, I thought, hey why not take the chance to relive and revisit these great places again.

It did not disappoint - a flakey yet buttery crust with a soft eggy middle, just slightly sweet. The next time you’re in Shanghai and had one xiao long baos too many, why not try this egg tart too?

Popular restaurant serving good and affordable fusion food. Made a reservation a week ahead and was happily seated upon arrival. The couple in front of us weren’t as lucky, and were turned away as the restaurant was already full, so make reservations y’all!

Ramen was delicious with the chicken collagen broth, finished every drop in the bowl, yums. The barramundi was fresh, with a crispy skin and soft tender flesh. The Egg, one of the more famous dishes at the restaurant, featured a twist to chawamushi, with fish roe and chips topped generously atop the bed of steamed egg - unique and a must-try.

Overall, I can understand why this this place is so popular, would be happy to return, just remember to make the reservations!

Located near Bugis, The Beast is one of the more prominent restaurants in the Arab Street area. We were at Bugis and decided to pop down for a chill Saturday dinner.

The catfish was nicely breaded with a unique cornmeal mix that kept the fish moist and sweet. The rice was fried deliciously as well, and even included bits of beef! The 3P burger included 3 types of pork - pulled pork, grilled pork belly, and bacon - all of which already sounds good by itself, and became even better when combined!

Pro-tip: if you have the entertainer app, this restaurant is on it as well - use it for one-for-one mains :)

Legend has it that this is the place where the first XO fish soup was created.

So a few of us colleagues decided to head down to this Kopitiam at Dover to try a bit of history. Not a bad choice. Soup was thick and flavourful, with thick portions of fish. It was so good, all of us could not resist and eventually finished up all the soup. Imagine emptying that entire full bowl into your tummies! 🤤

We sat among the other 30-40 other tables all waiting for the fish head steamboat. Finally, after enduring a one-hour wait, the skill-fully manuvered trolley balancing the steamboat approaches our table, and yes, it's here!

Generous amount of fish head, yam, and delicious fish broth. Flavours were brought out through the stir-fry. If you're willing to wait up to an hour (could buy satay etc in the meanwhile), enjoy sharing a steamboat (with charcoal flames too), and generally stronger flavour, this would be worth your while :)

Typically I wouldn't expect much beyond some puffs and pastries at a library cafe. But this cafe at the National Library is a surprising find.

We tried a few of the items using the entertainer app (yasss, 1-for-1 main dishes!), and this was my clear fav. For first-timers, gentle warning, there is a delicious oozing egg hidden between the cheese layer and tender portobello. It was so runny, we had to use the bread to soak up all the escaping yolk after slicing open the portobello. Overall the food is decent, and with a spacious layout at a convenient location near town, it's a great place for weekend chilling sessions.

The picture does this dish no justice. Beyond the couple of small shrimps, the true stars of the stew were the soft (touch-and-fall-apart) tofu and flavourful melons/vegges (having absorbed the beautiful stew).

I will also consider it reasonably-priced, given the generous and delicious stew, plus the price also includes a bowl of rice and delicious side dishes (Kim Chi, potato salad, shredded potato, o-deng/fishcake, sausage, and vegs).

Quick pro-tip: Mix some the Kim Chi into the stew as well - if you enjoy Kim Chi, wait till you try it when it's warm - Kim Chi level up!

Just a short walk from Botanic Gardens (Tanglin exit), Brunetti is situated in Tanglin Mall and serves delicious meals and desserts.

We used the entertainer app and got ourselves this beautiful plate of Penne Alfredo. The cream was delicious, chicken and mushrooms juicy, and was overall a generous, comforting plate of pasta!

Joining in on the poke bowl craze - I love the idea of marinated salmon complemented with an assortment of sides atop a bowl of carbs (or lettuce for the healthier days). This place is about as good as it gets IMO.

Spicy garlic salmon (delivers a slight tingle!), lime avocado, crispy kale chips, seaweed and ikuras (both small and large ones) atop a bowl of quinoa, yums! If good food is not enough for you, it's right in the middle of town, serviced by both City Hall and Esplanade mrt. Plus, with good planning and some luck, you'll also get the beautiful view of the Singapore skyline.

[Pro-tip #1] You get an option of white sushi rice, quinoa, or lettuce as your base. Choose your fav!
[Pro-tip #2] The outdoor seating is quite good! You'll get fresh air, more spacious seatings, and don't worry about the lack of attention if you're out, there are a couple of servers stationed outside too.
[Pro-tip #3] Make a reservation, the evenings and weekends sure are busy!