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Fat Die -Asian Flavour

Fat Die -Asian Flavour

Local, Chinese, Korea, Japan etc etc
Thousand Rainbow Eat A Lot
Thousand Rainbow Eat A Lot

Uji Snow cost 6.90. Rich matcha taste w their homemade pearl which is whitish in colour. Worth trying!

There is nothing extraordinary w the milk tea thou. 3.90. Guess other brand had done it better.

This will never go wrong. Gotta eat it hot so it will taste nicer! A lot of raw vege making me feeling healthy after eating it. Lol

Cant finish the whole bowl by myself! The rice was more moist compare to how we normally cook our own rice. A taste of sea cus i smell the fishy taste from the seafood from the rice. Not too fresh i guess? Not a big fan of this dish. Opps

The steam bread with kaya is a happy food for me! Love it!

The omelette rice was too oily. I pressed the side with spoon amd squeezed out a lot and a lot of oil!!

Tried a few times in KL, it is from the same franchise. They started with rice noodle first. With chicken or beef and two kind of soup base to choose from. Somehow, I feel that the KL one taste nicer.

The thai ice tea and matcha tea was remarkable thou. Will go back for ice milk tea!!

I like the yam rice, soft and fragrant was just nice. The lor duck with pork slices as side dishes was ok. I was hoping for more herbal kinda taste on the duck meat itself but nope, u only taste it in the sauce. The rest of the dish is just normal. Well, might not go back again

Had cold soba with chicken karage and hot azuki. The hot azuki was nice if you like very milky red bean drink. The meal was normal... I can prepare a similar meal at home too. For the price of it, well.. not worth.

Happy with these delicious ramen in comparably cheaper price. Portion was just nice, soup was rich and the seasonal flavour of mentaiko is a must try!


Phanaeng Kari - thai style curry chicken pasta
Sambal Sea Catch - seafood with really spicy pasta

A bit too spicy to my liking. Portion was very filling thou. Will go back to try the dessert next time round

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The fancy way of eating japanese curry. I like the idea of personalisation. You can choose the amount of rice, the topping, type of curry, and even the spiciness.

Salad was fresh and the gyoza was juicy. Worth trying.

I am back again. To try other food on the menu. The signature ramyeon tasted very authentic, not spicy enough for me thou.

The bingsoo was something extra ordinary! Worth trying! The ice was smooth and I love the milky ice cream on top. And they have 30% off bingsoo promotion for now..super worth it.


Chance upon this shop when we went for quick lunch. Had main dish which are kimchi cheess fried rice and chicken chop bibimbap.

Nice! Will go back for bingsoo


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