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Lorraine Ge
Lorraine Ge
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Crispy King Salmon

Slightly caramelised, bitter and burnt on the top of the salmon, which was slightly disappointing. Would prefer if the insides of the salmon was slightly more pink, it was too well-done. But being paired together with the mashed potato in a creamy dill and leek sauce did help elevate the taste slightly more.

Cheese Pizza

I'm not really into basic just cheese pizza so I asked if they could have a mushroom pizza instead. The waiter very kindly said he would add mushrooms on my cheese pizza order. Although the mushroom cheese pizza wasn't the most stellar dish, it's still quite nice to order (since it balances out everything else here that is super rich and flavourful.)

Garlic Pizza

If you really love carbs and bread and you're into thick crusted pizza made of flavourful, fresh ingredients you will LOVE THIS. Probably my favourite item after the Roman Schiacciata (for savoury items). Super garlicky and wholesome. If I could buy their pizza base by the bulk I would.

Roman Schiacciata

Words cannot fathom how much I have raved and loved this dish. I have eaten this every single time I have came here (and trust me I come here enough to have tried almost all their desserts HAHAHA) This is a MUST to order and if you love truffle, mushrooms and cheese and really awesome bread - you will LOVE this.

Hand cut Potato Fries

Handcut potato fries which were more mushy rather than crispy (if you're into that). Really flavourful tho, but I like my fries either super crispy or nice and soggy.

Verdurine é Funghi

Best vegetarian pizza I have ever eaten. Hands down. You have to order this even if you aren't vegetarian it is that good. The Funghi is just so well flavourful and when paired with the crunchy thin crust base, it is seriously addictive!

Mixed Bara Kaisen Don

Posting my pescatarian sister's eats! For $20.80 this was seriously value for money. So much fresh fish with avocado and it also came with sides like chawanmushi and side salad. Bang for you buck!


My brother was literally mopping up the sauce for this dish because he kept saying how light yet creamy the cheese sauce was. It baffled it how they made it taste so good and well balanced. Despite all the good food, the server mixed up our orders (twice) and we had to wait almost 15mins before someone came to take our order (this was after my Mother had stated to the waitress that she was ready to order, and we saw other people being served before us, even though we had arrived first and sat down.) I seriously wish the service becomes better. :(

Assorted Pizzas (Medium)

Asked for all vegetarian assorted pizzas, but J did try the garlic one before (which is really good) but never did I try the one piled with cheese. The garlic one still tastes better in my opinion tho. I love the crust of the pizza! Chewy and soft, seriously bomb. Sadly the service here is really deteriorating drastically, which is strange considering how much you pay for service charge here.


Crispy, crackled pork belly which my family really enjoyed (I didn't eat it, but they told me it was really good.) I did however, try the accompanying mustard sauce which was seriously one of the best mustard sauces I have ever eaten. (It's even better than the one my sister brought back from Europe, which was freshly made by a mill - which says a lot.)

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

I loved every single dish here, it was all bursting with flavour and richness. I can't rave enough about their porcini mushroom risotto, I could eat on and on and on. It's seriously that good. My other friend ordered the Loaded Sweet Potato Fries, which was apparently really addictive and good. The server was also super friendly and nice, even though I was wearing school uniform. Students usually get quite bad service in some places, so it was really pleasant to have had such a pleasant experience here!

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

This dish hit all the right notes - crunchy pine nuts, chewy short rice grains, creamy risotto and cheesy toppings. The best part was still the mushrooms though - my friends and I kept digging back for the generous amounts of mushrooms and gobbling them up. Service was quite good as well!

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