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Bonnie Wiryani
Bonnie Wiryani

Always come to common man for their fresh kale and egg white salad. Love the freshness and the combination of asparagus, cheese and egg white. Heathy and delicious indeed!


Mr.Daiki mixing great cocktails. Cosy bar tuck at the "unknown" shoe shop by Bukit Pasoh Rd. Enjoyed the ambience, great service and also the drinks itself. A must try

Medium beef of 300g : 76 dollars. This is a must try and it is so yummy, juicy and tender.

Dish is unique and has good balance. A little oily but still okay. Worth to try


This can be shared among 6 people. You have banana, ice cream, tissue prata and also whipped cream! Dang so sinful and yet so good!!

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You can never go wrong with roast chicken at boon tong kee. So soft and tender.

This is the best dish in ding dong i would say. Tender beef, great sauce and so well done and balanced. Totally recommend this to anyone who loves wagyu fusion style!

This is well cooked tender and delicious pork ribs. Good balance on both the sauce and the ribs itself.

Refreshing viet salad to start your meal can never go wrong. Again, is too salty and "flavorful" - at least for me. I wish is less salty and less fish sauces poured on the dish.

The dish is delicious, duck meat is good and wellcooked. However the curry itself is very salty, i hope they can tone down on the salt. But overall this is one of the better dishes out of all that i've ordered.

petitely handmade freshly everyday and ever carefully pan frying the fragile casing to a light crisp exterior upon order. PLUS free flow drizzling of chili and sweet sauce. and they only ask you for $0.70 - $0.90 / pcs for their humble offerings of png (glutinous rice) / soon (turnip) / ku chai (chives) kueh. get out of here! no. freaking. way!! p.s: hawker gonna close for 2 months for renovation beginning 1st oct.

Crisp deep fried spring roll sticks (that remind of of those little prawn rolls at CNY) with a crab cream sauce. Something about fried spring roll pastry that keeps me snacking on them addictively.

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