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While McD's will always hold a secret spot in my heart, specially crafted ones deserve some attention too.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Count me in 😉 TLDR; worth the money, portion’s spot-on, I really have nothing bad to say about them. Popped by @fluffstack a couple of nights back, and was really pleased to find 0 queue (but a decent number of tables filled so that didn’t result in a sense of dread) and a menu that’s crazy affordable! The basic double-stacked soufflé pancake goes for $8.80 with chantilly cream, maple syrup and honey butter, with the option for add-ons starting from $0.80 (coconut sago). We tasted the original pancakes as well as the Oolong Boba Soufflé Pancakes ($9.80), and I gotta say I fell head over heels in love. Texture is amazing, pancakes were really light, fluffy, and still moist; flavour was great as well without an overwhelming egginess some of their counterparts may have; and really the portion is just right. I could down one of these all on my own which is great, cause it doesn’t make me feel I’m always wasting money on instagrammable food I can’t finish 🙄 Do note though that while there may not be a crazy queue, each pancake’s still carefully and painstakingly made so you gotta be prepared to wait 15 minutes or so for you order.


I don't know if everything on their menu can be considered classic, hearty American diner grub, but daaaaaaamn son their pancakes are some seriously legit shit. It's so so fluffy — just look at how nicely thick these stacks are without having the cakey, crumbly texture pancakes others (eg those at Clinton St) has — while having that nice, chewy, gluten-y kinda texture! Perfect for soaking and mopping up syrup, complete with globs of (DIY salted) butter. Do yourself a favour and order these plain, with some of their daily homemade jams. Much better considering the pathetic amount of bacon served in their Maple Bacon Pancakes.

I, for one, am super glad they're calling these 'hotcakes' "Muff Cakes" now, instead of parading them as a copy of Top Paddock's that went viral. Especially great cause it's resemblance to the crisp and sweet muffin tops was what I loved about their pancakes to begin with! Absolutely loving these pretty, photogenic muff cakes that are as yummy as they are fuss-free — it's really just Nestle-like ice cream and their version of hotcakes, presented in a really interesting way. Looove those little citrusy baubles that add such a wonderful burst of sunlight with each bite!

If you haven't tried it, download the @holler.out app and quote "CEB" to enjoy $5 off your total bill with a minimum spending of $50!


Poached pears were ok, pancakes were fluffy and well done, but what pushed it from just good to fantastic was the amazing Kuromitsu syrup that came with the pancakes, instead of the usual maple/honey. Earthy with a slight tinge of bitterness, the mellow syrup, sweet as it was, really lifted the whole dish and made it all the more special.


Really really surprised at how good this was! Really fluffy, nicely sweetened, and a lovely not over-the-top crunch on the outside - defo one of the better fancy hotcakes I've tried. Love the generous topping of uber sweet strawberries and pomegranate seeds too! If they'd use better ice cream instead of that Walls tasting one, it'd be 👌🏻


This is...shockingly mind-blowing. 2 insanely fluffy stacks, hugging a sunny-side up in its belly, crusted with melted grilled cheese then topped with huge slices of candied bacon. It's like McGriddles made better by like a million times. Can't say everything I had there was fantastic, but really this is enough to warrant a return.


Loving these pancakes! Soft and fluffy, while still chewy and a tad dense - perfect eaten with the mascarpone ice cream and little dollops of vanilla mascarpone. And those roasted berries *swoons* the crunchy granola added a nice texture and kept it all from getting stale.


Looks whimsically amazing and fun! Unfortunately it tasted nowhere as fantastic. Their Incredibly Tall 5-Layer Homemade Pancakes (S$14++) came stuffed with dried fruits, nuts and nutella, then drizzled with maple syrup and served with house-churned gelato. The mess of stuffings aside, the pancakes themselves were dense, dry, stiff and tough-as-hell. Very very unappealing.


Not just the pancake; but the one who dragged himself up at 10.30am, stood through an hour's train ride, and queued 45 minutes for a dish he doesn't even like! All because he knows imma foodie (with a blog to keep up).

Mushy-ness aside, Atlas' Butterscotch Banana Pancake was pretty good. It's way too sweet for us, but tone down on that and everything's good. Very fluffy, more "cake" than "pancake", super moist, lovely charred crisp on the top. Love the fresh sliced nanas and slightly salted butterscotch! Expect to queue if you're visiting on the weekends (ie Valentine's!).



Mad about this pancakes right now! By far one of the best I've had. Cause one, the portion's small and peeeerfect for one; and two, the flavours and textures are just lovely. I don't know how they did it, but the pancakes were different from most yet absolutely delish. It's like...McDonald's hotcakes but artisanal, atas and better (most of us like that processed pancakes so don't pretend). Topped with the most addictive poached strawberries, creme patisserie and ice cream, every bite was just mmmmm.


Simply put, my non-pancake-nor-sweet-foods mum couldn't stop grabbing forkfuls of it. Push away all the aesthetics, and what you're left with is a simple, stunning pancake topped with fresh berries and a dollop of cream cheese. The pancake's one of the softest, moistest and fluffiest I've tried, nicely sweetened and scented with vanilla. I like how only the edges have that browned crisp, with most of the pancake staying light and fluffy. Only gripe is the cream cheese, which though delish makes it feel and taste a tad cheap.

But this time, it's not just all looks. Populus' rendition has got to be the best I've had thus far. It doesn't look as fantastic as Paddy Hills' nor Curious Palette/Strangers Reunion's; but in my humblest opinion the best tasting. Their buckwheat pancakes come topped with passionfruit curd, just the right amount of berry fruit compote, deliciously crunchy cornflake crumb and a small knob of butter. The pancake was moist, insanely fluffy, and so so sooooo delish. I love the idea of using buckwheat that adds a wonderfully earthy touch to the dish! Such a stroke of genius. At S$18, it's affordable, decently priced, and perfectly portioned for one = yummy and no waste.


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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