Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Tsuta (Pacific Plaza), Kuro Maguro (Guoco Tower), Wasabi Tei, Hokkaido Izakaya (Tanjong Pagar), Don.档, ENBU
John Kuan
John Kuan

I was sceptical at the size of this yakisoba on the menu at first but it’s filling for two people. While the yakisoba was generally tasty, but I felt that the pan could have been hotter so that the dish can remain hot enough till the end. Service was really great here and the waiters attend to you quite regularly.

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The yakiniku don comes in a decent portion for $10.90. While the sauce was a little sweet for me, you can taste the aroma of the stir fried beef on each bite.


The crispy and light batter covering the chunky crunchy ebi makes a great appetizer or second round dish if you still find yourself hungry.


For ramen at this price and with a reputation of a Michelin Star award, it should be something extravagant and unimaginably different from the rest of the ramen restaurants in Singapore right? Well, not really. The shoyu ramen from Tsuta looks pretty much like a normal shoyu ramen elsewhere, but the experience while indulging is totally on another scale.

It has a small topping of truffle that brings more flavour to the broth while the intricate smell of truffle causes you to crave for more. After indulging half a bowl, I find myself still feeling hungry for more ramen, while most other ramens would probably be an indicator that I am full.

The Char Siu and Ajitama both were cooked to my expectation; particularly the Char Siu as it doesn't feel too tough to tear apart.

This ramen changes my perspective of ramen in general. With all the fancy ramen and different combinations that try to please the local audience, it is more important than ever to come back to the essential of ramen and improve on it.

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This is seriously one of the freshest cut you can get for anyone who wants to try maguro but not in Japan. If you just want to sample the 3 different cuts of tuna, this Don is one to go for.

The Sansyoku Meshi comes with toro (とろ), chutoro (中とろ) and otoro (大とろ). The otoro is buttery smooth and melts with little effort. The chutoro is somewhat like an umami bomb, which burst forth as you chew on it. I personally loved the chutoro out of the 3 different cuts for the experience and the flavor that it produces from within the tuna.

It may seem a bit expensive but for the quality of meat, it is downright worth it.


For $16, its a pretty decent pipping hot meal with tender beef cooked to your own liking.

The latest concept of Keisuke Group featuring a meal revolving around hamburg steak. There are only 2 main sets to order, the prime beef hamburg and the triple cheese beef hamburg. However each main entitles you to their impressive salad bar that probably stole the highlight of the show. With over 20 items to choose from and an egg station that prepares your eggs just the way you want, it's definitely hard to discipline yourself to wait for your hamburg to arrive.

The hamburg steak was incredibly tender and juicy. The cheese that oozes out tops that up a notch. Have one big mouthful of it, then slump back and just savour the moment. I can't help but let out a sigh of guilt as I just had a workout session before this 😰but the overall lunch was just too good.

Lucky for me (and probably the factor to have this for lunch) that the queue was just starting to grow. I had about 3 people in the queue in front of me. I would suggest to come during lunch and avoid dinners if possible as it's hard to imagine the dinners to stay too long during lunch hours, thus making the queuing less painful.


A recommended choice by @royceng. This affordable rice bowl in a coffee shop setting is probably the biggest draw factor. At about $9 for this don, you get a sou vide egg, a salmon steak creamed with mentaiko. Honestly, I was expecting 2 salmon steaks but I guess it would be out of their budget to do so. The salmon steaks were soft and slightly moist and not grilled. If I remember correctly it was also done by sou vide, hence the texture.


Chanced upon this hearty chicken ramen at ARC after Google Dev Seminar. I was looking for something easier on the stomach as I wasn't feeling well and thankfully there's a fairly decent ramen that's still opened past 9pm. Chicken broth was not overbearing in my case, however I do not really like the ramen noodles. Perhaps it was not my type of noodles that I would normally order, but it was still soft and manageable for my sick body 😷. At $10+ with GST only, it's probably a good deal given it's placement in ARC.


To be honest, the photo on the menu was appealing but the delivered dish was like a meh. But still this is a good side dish if you are into sweet onions. The onions were a little hard to picked up but the taste was as mildly sweet as I have anticipated. The miserable amount of dengaku miso was probably the only true negative I can think of. With such ample amount sauce as shown on the menu, it just disappoints me a little that it could have been done better.


Nabe hotpots are commonly found in cold regions such as Hokkaido, naturally this izakaya have a couple of Hokkaido exclusive recipes of nabes. I love the creamy texture of the miso milk soup that's boiling hot from the fuel piece below the bowl. Even gf who doesn't like creamy stuff had to agree that a pipping hot soup like this is nice to indulge in. Having this dish really brings back the winter mood, like putting a hot piece of meat or cabbage into your mouth and puffing out the heat. 🤤


One of the dishes that caught gf's eye again. While hot soba is slowly picking up in singapore, places that sells them have to be really good to set a standard among singaporeans and this is probably one of those places. Their Buckwheat soba made fresh daily, the soba was silky and soft when served. The enormous piece of kakiage was left hanging there covering a third of the bowl. The waiter serving the dish told us to break half and soak one in the soyu broth. I find myself extremely tempted to just dunk all of it into the soup, which I did in the end. Well about 90% of the crispy kakiage anyway. 😛 It's quite value for money as well at around $12, so it's pretty safe on the wallet if you are craving for something delicious and comforting to your stomach.


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