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East Side

East Side

Featuring Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, VeganBurg (Eunos), Group Therapy (Katong V), Carvers & Co, Dona Manis Cake Shop, Stamping Ground Coffee, Ambeng Cafe By Ummi Abdullah, Braseiro, Leng Leng Ice Cream 冷冷, Strong Flour
Cynthia Chan
Cynthia Chan
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One half sells Peranakan food, while the other half sells burgers! Corner Burger's signature is the wagyu burger, so of course we need to try this 😁 the only option is medium, but my worries are for naught, because the patty is delightfully pink in the middle 🙌🏼 though I wouldn't mind if it comes more seasoned 😝This is served with fresh thick cut fries.

Order both! 😆 Love the tangy broth and flavourful kway teow 🤤 Comes at $6 each and you can upsize the portion for an additional $2! I do like the normal portion, because... room for desserts!! Another must order is the coconut coffee. Default comes with one shot and the coconut taste is stronger, order an additional shot if you want more coffee taste! So must better than a restaurant at Suntec that I'm not naming 😏

Looking fabulous and tasting even more so is this Coconut Ice Coffee. Because they use the premium Italian brand of Kimbo, the coffee itself is full-bodied and fragrant. When drunk with the frozen coconut slushie, it tastes wonderfully refreshing and quite unlike any other cold coffees.
I consider this another must-try at newly-opened Penang Bagus on Tanjong Katong.

But this Chendol Bingsu totally made sense as the 1 dish that brought the 2 together. Having the snowy fine Bingsu ice as the base of a Chendol was just the perfect element to elevate it to the next level. However, our lesson learnt was not to dilute the essence of the snow ice with ice cream, which we thought would add creaminess with a coconut gelato.
Back to the story on Korean Bingsu at a Penang food place. As far as we remembered, this place started with Bingsu before it took on the name of Penang Bagus offering some good authentic Penang flavours.

A new bakery that sells cakes and tarts, this Banoffee Tart ($5) is just one of their selections! It comes with lots of cream, and beneath it lies slices of banana, and toffee. The pastry base is crusty and matches with the combined sweetness of the 2 toppings.

Currently only for takeaway service, dine-in will commence only after the license for dining-in has been granted.

I'm probably late in the game, but I read about this last night & decided I had to try this. Cold brew CONCENTRATE - paired with your choice of Milk/Skinny Milk ($6), Soy Milk ($6.50), Fresh Coconut Water ($7), or Fresh Almond Milk ($8). Just pour the concentrate in & enjoy!

I didn't know what to expect.. But this surprised me in that it was robust & tasty. I definitely wanna try the other combinations the next time I return.

My simple order of a cup of coffee got messed up & forgotten.... & wasn't served until I asked 20 minutes later where my coffee at. It's all good though, we are human & they were also super nice about it. ☺

💵 Cash/NETS only
🌬 Air-conditioned & al fresco seats available
⛔ No WiFi

Perfect balance of matcha and, if only this was closer to home, I'll definitely be there a lot.

Stamping Ground Coffee has since moved from Club Street (the grounds had recently been taken over by Bicky & Brew) to the east at Upper East Coast Road within the same building just few units away from Udders & Kook. Apart from sandwiches and toast and a waffle and Bostock for the dessert selection, the Bacon Jam is one of those brunch dishes that gives the day a comforting start. Unlike One Man Coffee's Gashouse Eggs where the egg resides within the bread, the Bacon Jam at Stamping Ground Coffee comes with the sous vide egg sitting in the middle in between the Brioche and the layer of melted cheese. A satisfying option, expect smoky and sweet-savoury bits of bacon replicating a sweeter version of bakkwa that gives the dish a little bite, seated atop a layer of melted cheese that seemingly lacked the stringiness desired — still pretty decent however. The sous vide egg was just a teensy weenzy overdone; not as flowy as expected but still oozed a little lazy, gooey flow with the crusty and subtly sweet brioche. The cherry tomatoes on the side gave it a soft burst of good tangy, sweet cleanse when the bacon jam gets overwhelming, though the mesclun salad on the side is pretty ordinary and nothing to shout about. Still, it's pretty comforting and given its location away from the crowded cafe areas, this is a pretty decent spot to enjoy a quiet, quality brunch alone.

East Coast Park branch: Have never been one for 'food shacks' in parks but this place was awesome! Having passed by @georgesbeachclub multiple times, it didn’t come off as a very promising place initially, but was proven wrong. Definitely lot’s of improvements to be made but enjoyed myself there. Never expected the food to turn out so well 👍 Relaxing vibe + good food is a winner for me.

Rating: 8.9/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Awesome view of the sea & to just people watch. Perfect for families, ample space within the compound. Sand-box play area for your kids. For the price paid, it’s one of the best pork ribs i’ve had in SG, no kidding (my 1st time trying here). Fried stuff was really good too!

Cons: Avoid the weekends if you don’t like screaming children. Crowd can get quite loud & chaotic. Difficult to get the servers attention, they are usually camping inside.

Price: S$53.90 - Fisherman’s Basket, BBQ Pork Ribs (Full Rack)