Korean ~ jal meoggo ❤️

Korean ~ jal meoggo ❤️

Featuring Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Amoy Street), Yoogane (Bugis Junction), Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah), Kopitiam (Tiong Bahru Plaza), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (Tampines 1), Zzang Korean Food, K.COOK Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet (Westgate), Gangnam Bingsu (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Sunny Korean Cuisine (City Square Mall)
Gela Cervantes
Gela Cervantes

Their beef was impressive, not in photo 'coz already in our stomach! 😜 It was thick, flavourful and tender. 🤤
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At first glance, you'll think it is dry and unattractive. But when we started to dig in, the balance of crispy exterior and softness of the inside was well executed. I even enjoyed this more than the kimchi banchan. HAHA 😉
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Just imagine eating an insect that is about to undergo its life cycle in your stomach. Just imagine the crunch sound of an insect as you step on it but this time it's in your mouth. Just imagine biting something shallow yet have that distinct unexplainable texture lingering in your mouth even after sipping its spicy soup. Just imagine you are eating an insect. 'Cos you really are! 😉

Honestly, not that bad. I would still want to taste other insect dishes in the future! HAHA.
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What excites me everytime I order a bowl of bibimbap is its totality. With vegetables and meat toppings, side dishes of kimchi, peanut and dried fish, and a bowl of soup. A complete meal that by even just looking, you're already full. HAHA 😉🤤💕 Nothing to really shout about but not bad. 🙂
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Eat! 😄Thanks to my Google Map that we're able to find Bukit Timah Plaza. And so we walked around...👣 We decided to eat in this small and humble eatery. The menu offered the usual and common Korean food, and so I've chosen Beef Bulgogi. Nothing to really shout about, but not that bad. Only that it was not as tasty and as tender as expected. Anyway, it was filling! 😁
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😋🍚🍳 This time, it's Bibimbap! 😍 Satisfied but the sauce tasted too spicy for me. 😔 I only can stand the mild ones. And the egg didn't come as expected, I wanted it soft, spoon-able white and runny yolk. But I enjoyed anyway! 😜
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Who would've thought that you can have a bowl of Bingsu at only $8.90? It's truly a steal! 😜 Not as fancy as the other Bingsu from known Korean Bingsu Cafés but you'll go home with a smile! 😘
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Someone who enjoys eating and taking photo of food she eats. Someone who just wants to fulfil her bucket list -- to taste international cuisine. Someone who just loves to eat! 😜

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