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Sweet-tooth ❤️

Sweet-tooth ❤️

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, BrotherBird mochi & softserve co. (Bugis), Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, The Cold Pantry, 2am : dessertbar, Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, Ice Cream Skool, Ben's Cookies (Wisma Atria), Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream (Takashimaya)
Gela Cervantes
Gela Cervantes

Delicately arranged together with cassis meringue, lavender marshmallows and ice cream. Designed with red pepper gel making it a beautiful dessert on a perfect night of laughter and friendship. 💕

PS Desserts here are aesthetically interesting but not that cheap. Sigh. Beauty, indeed, is expensive, huh? 😟
#burpple #simplejoys #2amdessertbar

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🌈 HAHA 😂
This Caramel Lolly Waffle [$5] was too soft for me. I prefer it to have a little crisp on the outside and soft in the inside, anyway it wasn't that bad. I liked it how they equally drizzled the caramel which you wouldn't feel that some parts were bland. 😊
PS The idea of having this small corner specifically for photo taking is brilliant! 😜
#burpple #simplejoys #geylangserai #ramadan2017

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HAHA. I wouldn't mind if they added more. Anyway, it was filling and lasted me until afternoon.
#burpple #simplejoys #sunyay

🤤These are my favourites among the 5 flavours that I've purchased. The taro that was just so smooth and soft; not too sweet. The green tea has, as expected, strong flavour. But since I like green tea, it didn't matter much to me. The custard reminded me of my favourite pie (Hopia Custard-Eng Bee Tin) during my childhood years in the Philippines that is so soft and milky. 😘

PS They have buy 4 free 1 promotion until the end of May!! 😜
#burpple #simplejoys

Although Daiso is known for cheap stuff, especially for us teachers, they also have delicious foods from Japan! This might be too sweet for some, but I like its texture that almost melts in the mouth. 😉
#burpple #simplejoys #sweettreats

OHYEAH. 😉😝🤑 Thank you so much, @burpple! 💕

Since, we were in Bukit Timah yesterday, I heard from the other tourists and tastemakers that there are really a lot of nice places to try in the West. And so I searched through, where else, the Burpple App. A number of cafés were shown, but because I love coffee, I chose to try Atlas Coffeehouse. Immediately, I reserved through @chopesg. 😉

As we step in, we were greeted by a nice guy and offered comfortable seats. The ambiance alone is something you would want to revisit. 😊

This Butterscotch Banana Pancake made me love banana desserts even more! Fluffy and moist in the inside with real banana slices and the exterior is crisp. Atop are slices of banana and a scoop of honey comb ice cream. Caramelised cornflakes added texture. Drizzled with syrup, but control yourself, man! This dessert is overloaded with sweetness, share with a friend or better, with friends. 😉 Thank you, @marsh.mell.ow for spending your Sunday afternoon with me! 💕

Atlas Coffeehouse serves huge servings that are better for sharing. Accessible as well, just a 5-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT and you're there! ❤️
#burpple #simplejoys #chopesg #atlascoffeehouse #sunyay


The banana muffin has thin slices of real banana that made an impression of homemade goodness. The chocolate muffin has oozy chocolate filling which added to the excitement! They were served warm, moist and fluffy! Oh so satisfyingly good. 💕
#burpple #tastytastemakertour #bukittimahfoodtour #TTT


Who wouldn't be happy for Alfrero gelato? This dessert is surely a devil for tempting us! 😈
As recommended by the tastemakers, let the Baileys gelato melt and let the cake be soaked with it. The fusion made the cake even more interesting because of the lingering 'alcoholic feel' it creates in your mouth! Desserts here are worth the travel! 🤤
#burpple #tastytastemakertour #bukittimahfoodtour #simplejoys


We had 3 servings in that last stop of #TastyTasteMakerTour !! 😱 No doubt because that was just sooo good. 👌🏻
#burpple #tastytastemakertour #TTT #simplejoys


🤔 But when this beautifully arranged dessert in a shape of lemon surrounded with "planted flowers" came to our table, the three of us just said..."Woah!" 😱

It was not just all beautiful but it was full of surprises. The lemon-shaped dessert was made of white chocolate with lemon sorbet inside and popping candies that reminds us of childhood. Bedded with meringue and biscuit crumble. Oh so pleasing to the eye! 😍
#burpple #simplejoys #desserts

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Just near the Old Hen Coffee Bar which is more crowded.
This café is know for their Chocolate Root Beer Waffle and Charcoal Vanilla Ice Cream, but I decided to try other food in the menu. This Banana Pound Cake caught my attention. It was dense and you can really taste the banana flavour. Moist, that you don't feel cheated of just chewing air all the time! 😁 It was not overly sweet nor bland. I chose to partner it with Bailey's Coffee Ice Cream which complemented well with the cake. Surely, I'll be back for food and the ambiance. 💕
#simplejoys #yeyfood #burpple


Someone who enjoys eating and taking photo of food she eats. Someone who just wants to fulfil her bucket list -- to taste international cuisine. Someone who just loves to eat! 😜

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