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Enjoyable Dinners

Enjoyable Dinners

The importance of eating dinners is to fill yourself up so that you won't ever feel hungry throughout the night. Pictures of my dinners which allows you to see how I enjoy a key meal in the day.
Royce Tan
Royce Tan
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$11.50. Used FoodPanda to order this dish and it came in less than 30 minutes. Impressed by how quickly they took from processing my order, to preparing my order and then delivering it to me. The food was not considered very hot but it didn't matter because pasta doesn't need to be hot. It was however extremely fresh and the creamy sauce still tastes amazing. This dish is a traditional Italian pasta, which is what the Italians call dumplings, filled with salmon in tangy cream sauce. There were many raviolis given and certainly very fillings. The salmon stuffed inside is from the salmon fillet according to the staff which I called to ask about this Ravioli dish and why it isn't on the Pastamania delivery menu. While there is no doubt that this ravioli would tastes much better once it comes out from the kitchen directly, it did not taste that bad and was still fresh. Recommended if you love creamy pasta and would like to try something new!


$14.90 for 2 pieces of cha siu. The broth was strong and very tasty. Lots of collagen in the pork broth as well. One of the best ramen that I have tasted, definitely much better than all those other stores like Ramen Play. The pork has certainly been simmered in the broth for a long time, causing it to be so strong and tasty. Portion size is just nice, wouldn't make you feel hungry or too full as well. Would definitely recommend it if you are a ramen love like me!

$5.90 for 6 pieces of chicken gyoza. I guess this is the healthier alternative as compared to the pork gyoza. Not worth it, the gyoza was small and not crispy enough. Definitely one of the worst gyoza that I have ever tasted. Disappointing!

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$4.30. This would be something good for someone who likes more vegetable in their ban mian and do not like the pork in this dish. Definitely something healthier but more expensive compared to the normal ban mian. Face Ban Mian gives lots of mushroom and vegetables, what I liked was that there was a variety of mushrooms and vegetables given. The soup broth was fragrant and the egg was cooked well, even though the yolk was not runny when I ate it. The ban mian was amazing and fantastic, with the noodles not being stuck together. Would surely come back for this in future if I eat at this place again.

$23. This dish is very fantastic with the crispiness of the skin. The salmon resting on the mashed potato was simply perfect! While the price is a little too steep, it was worth it. Would have preferred if the salmon was more tender and rare. I think that the combination of salmon together with mashed potato was great and that it goes well. However, this cafe did not exude the coziness expected of a cafe and they require customers to pay for water, which is ridiculous!


For the price of this dish, it definitely wasn't worth it. If you like scallops, I suggest going for hotate which will taste much better than this, the cheese was rubbery and did not taste nice at all. Disappointing. However, the spaghetti and mushroom did taste nice though.

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