Bite & Pull is a cozy place to hang out especially for college students. They serve varieties of lunch dishes that is friendly to students' wallet.

One of them is this Carbonara Spaghetti with Grilled Salmon. Only for RM9.90 you can get a decent big portioned spaghetti cooked in carbonara sauce, topped with a lightly grilled salmon. Plus, it's a cafe and they serve affordable and good coffee, perfect for you daily intake of caffeine.

Lastly, this place is even more awesome because they provide board games for the customers to play. Not a fan of traditional games? Bite & Pull also has old school Nintendo console and Xbox 360 installed on their in-house TV. Great food, great fun!


Hungry Bunch is a famous place to have your birthday as you can get tower drink of your choice on the occasion, at least in my circle of friendship. Nevertheless, Hungry Bunch also serves varieties of food starting from local to Western dishes in Sunway Pyramid.

One of their recommended menu was Grilled Chicken in Kelantan Percik Sauce (RM12). The boneless chicken meat grilled with a generous amount of creamy Kelantan Percik sauce. The spices surprisingly complements well with the creaminess of the sauce. The fragrant jasmine rice makes a perfect companion for the chicken and the sauce, especially with another pleasing strong taste of pandan leaves in every bite. The shrimp crackers complements everything with their additional texture.

Enjoy this dish at weekend to enjoy their weekend deal which consists of getting soup of the day, iced lemon tea, and banana split in addition of only RM10!


Pickle & Fig is located in the same row as Dotty's and Purradise cat cafe. The cafe itself is okay. From a lot of menu written on a wide big greenboard behind the cashier, I picked BBQ Philly Cheesesteak with wholemeal bread. It cost me RM24 which I think is quite overpriced.

The dish comes with a wholemeal press grilled with their beef slices cooked with their own kitchen's BBQ sauce, cheddar and mozarella cheese, and fried onion ring. To me this is unique because the ususal philly cheesesteak uses sauteed onion. Unfortunately the beef was hard and the bread was too dry for me. The sauce is ok for me, even though it felt quite strong and left some heat after I finished eating. The sandwich comes with salad and potato wedges. Both were ok. The salad's vinaigrette left quite a good memory after the meal.

Conclusion, it's an average overprice philly.

Another new sandwiches and panini series from Pickle and Fig that I got to try was Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (RM22). With my choice of foccacia bread it has smoked salmon, cream cheese mixed with lemon tarragon mayo, and mixed greens with capers.

Bad news is, the overall of this panini disappointed me. I couldn't really taste the salmon, even though it was smoked salmon which should've tasted stronger. The cream cheese got beaten with the sour lemon mayo. Yes, the potato wedges and the salad were ok. The bread was the only savior of the panini, which was perfectly grilled with outer thin crust and moist bread inside.

I hope the next time I have a chance to visit this well-known cafe again, it has come up with nicer dishes than these ones.

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The place was fully packed with diners with some still on the list waiting for empty seats. Frisky Goat is a typical hipster designed cafe, decorated with everything that looks nice then mashed into one place without any clear direction.

I was recommended the Loaded Omelette (RM18.90 exclusive of GST and service charge), so I did had one. It is a huge omelette, half the size of the plate, with diced tomatoes, onions, mushroom, generous amount of mozzarella and parmesan cheese and my choice of beef bacon.

The omelette was indeed buttery and fluffy even though I still feel some air pockets inside the omelette. But nevermind, because I like the mushroom aftertaste in every bite that I had. I can strongly tasted the parmesan cheese and the gooey mozzarella cheese when I cut out my omelette onto my buttered toast! The salad was okay, but a light vinaigrette would make it even nicer!

This omelette is truly loaded with butter, cheese, and happiness!


when I'm tired of animating, I eat fancy

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