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Afternoon Snacks And Tea

Afternoon Snacks And Tea

Featuring Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), The Plain Jane, Lady M (Orchard Central), Baker's Brew Studio (Paragon), Bucktile St. Cafe
Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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This cafe is currently my favourite chill cafe. For some reason I can really read well here and enjoy a cuppa coffee with really comfy seats. I find the music soothing and it doesn't disrupt my concentration. I also like it that it's quiet enough maybe thanks to the paragon atas crowd.

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Tried the Thai milk tea roll.. I must say I was expecting more given the hype. I found the cake to be a little bit stale and not as light and fluffy as I would have liked it. The service and the ambiance is generally good on a weekday. But whether I'll return to try other cakes would leave me thinking real hard. I would say it's not a bad place to be if I'm not feeling particular about food and just want to have a place to chill.

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Another awesome treat from Wimbly Lu. This molten lava cake is rich in the chocolate and cake is baked just right. Served piping hot, this is a real indulgence. Perfect for chocolate lovers!


This Shirley's Apple Pie has made me an apple pie convert. I'm usually not a fan of fruits in my food but now I'm gonna always try the different apple pies in different cafes. I like it that this particular one at Wimbly Lu has got the sweetness just right. The tart is slightly crumply which really gives a digestive cookie texture. This goes very well with the apples in the pie. Definitely worth the calories!


From Baker's Brew Studio's latest outpost at Paragon — had last visited them at their first shop at Jalan Tampang when they had first opened two years ago; they have since opened another outlet at Upper Thomson Road before this one along the same stretch as Salted Caramel with both outlets only doing baking classes currently. This newest outlet brings back the dine-in option previously available only for a short while at Jalan Tampang, and also puts the "brew" in the name formally into the menu with coffee available.

Dual Fromage is one of the items that seems to be introduced rather recently — a combination of a saltier cheesy crumble layer over the top with a cream layer in the middle before a mousse-y part similar to a New York Cheesecake at the bottom; part salty, yet has the richness of a good New York Cheesecake and a thin layer of sponge and the bottom to hold up the entire cake. Some say it's conceptually close to LeTao's Double Fromage; hadn't tried the former so can't really comment about it, but definitely a palatable version of the cheesecake we all know with a lightly salty twist — a version I am glad to have tried and don't mind having any other day!

(PS: Coffee is by Papa Pahelta here — the Long Black comes with a medium body with a fruity flavour profile; works decent with the Dual Fromage)

Tried the highly popular blue velvet cake at bucktile st cafe and pretty much enjoyed it. It's a little bit too sweet so be warned! The texture of the cake on the other hand is soft and light making the cake easy to eat. Despite the sweetness I enjoyed the cake! It'll be great to be back to try the other cakes the cafe is known for. Much as I recommend visiting for tea.. cafe goers must have the willingness to travel to the ulu part of singapore where you can do nothing but eat at the cafe. honestly even with a car, I feel lazy to do so.


Wonderful Mille crepe and Mille feuille. The sweetness is just right and the dine in experience was utterly relaxing. Service was impeccable.


I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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