Dinning In Town Area

Dinning In Town Area

Affordable eatries at town 🍴
Joleen Chong
Joleen Chong

One of the signature CheezoΒ Tea series. Served with a layer of savoury cheese foam on top, which complemented with the fragrant, bitter and roasted Oolong tea.

I would gladly brave the crowd for this.

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A comforting and satisfying bowl with a complex and flavourful broth base due to addition of vege (broccoli, corn, onions), and thus a sweet, vege taste perceived in the soup. This was unlike the 1-dimensional, thick Miso broth typically served in ramen shops, so this might not suit everyone's palate. Plus, the addition of vege perhaps allows one to feel less fattening and healthier as well.

Savoury > Sweet . But it's slighty too greasy, hence a less oil version 2.0 might be a more preferable option . With the noodles being more than satisfactory, this could not be said for the same for the huge prawn that was served along with it as it was soft and mushy. Apparently, their ingredients used aren't as fresh as they looked like πŸ˜”

Hard to get a good cuppa . However this is one of the rare ones which I adore alot as there isn't any bitter aftertaste to it unlike the one from Starbucks

Time to make a stop at this place after your shopping spree where it served instagram worthy laska pizza and brunch opened by an atas menswear label...

Laska pizza :One who always detest the tomato base on a pizza might prefer this laska paste base instead as it's much more savoury but caution of the pizza's sides as they are too salty for my linking.

Big breakfast: filling and full with an assortment of ingredients such as scrambled eggs, mushroom, smoked salmon, baked potatoes, salad, sausage and toasted bread

Their main highlight would be the different types of gyoza they offer, enticing customers with the attractive appearance of pan fried dumplings with mentaiko/ cheese ? One of the unique menu items would be their jya jya men in which there would be several steps to follow (add vinegar/Chilli oil) and when you are just going to polish the bowl, rmb to save some noodles for the soup version when egg& stock is added! Two different styles to enjoy your jya jya men, however it tasted like Chinese style for the dry one. Soooo try out if you're interested in the soup version of jya jya men.

Serving Authentic Korean Food like lunch boxes , kimbap , etc . I would love to try MANY MANY menu items if possible but due to limited stomach capacity, i can only settle for 1 lunchbox ! πŸ˜‚ WOAH and the side dishes are so delicious that ALL went to my stomach without any leftovers.

Training My Chopstick Skills To Be On Point? πŸ˜‚ Using chopsticks all the way for set lunch which come along with a Salad,a bowl of Miso Soup and ice cream. Prices start from $15++. Satisfaction derived from Rice topped with fillets of Char-Grilled Eel.


I totally agreed that it should be called the Famous Prawn Linguine because this is one of the most popular dishes that people would order once they step into the shop! And is it too overrated ? Definitely NO. It's one of my Favourite spaghetti places but due to the pricing , I Guess I can only afford this rarely ! πŸ˜‚ Usually I'm someone who love seafood but fear of ordering prawns in a restaurant . This is because some places served overcooked, Low quality prawns which ruined the entire taste of the dish. However this situation definitely did not appear here. With Chope $10 voucher with a min spend of $50 ( exclude gst&service charge) using VISA is definitely a steal . However be prepared to be served like a tortoise during non-peak hours. I went around 3+ pm ?


Takeaway concept in the orchard. An alternative for the hot scorching weather in Singapore. Considered as more adorable choice as compared to other shop . ADVANTAGE: No sharing is required because the serving size can be consumed by one easily .

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