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Worry-Free Calorie Drinks

Worry-Free Calorie Drinks

Do you often have to worry about consuming calorie laden drinks or just constantly looking at the nutritional label on drinks? Fret not. I bring to you a comprehensive list of drinks which ensures you never have to worry about consuming unnecessary calories from drinks again as I explore different food and beverages in Singapore.
Royce Tan
Royce Tan
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This drink tasted very much like Yakult. I was disappointed because the strawberry flavour was not particularly distinct and strong in the drink. Makes for a very healthy drink. Meiji drinks are always the best!

There is one shop in Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre selling Exilir Juice. It offers a wide range and variety of cold pressed juice that are healthy. Some of it tastes really nice, while some are just too sweet. Very pricey at about $3.90 for a bottle of this juice. I tried the one with green apple, cucumber and celery. It was not as sweet as compared to the rest of the drinks and taste really nice. Certainly can be for those who do not like fruit juices and have a sweet tooth. You can now live healthily by drinking this juice, with many of the drinks meant for detoxification and increasing antioxidants! Healthy and good!!

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