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Things to chow in SS15
Priska Rafel
Priska Rafel

Finding this place can be quite tricky. You'll have to, first, find SS15's Sangkaya then look for the door inside the shop itself to get into this shady kind of place. Jibril itself looks like a lounge instead of a restaurant. Despite it's shady looks, they don't serve alcohol at all!

Jibril is famous for their salted egg butter cause chicken (RM14.90). The chicken chunks is fried with salted egg yolk with a side of creamy butter sauce with some chili padi cuts. My meal was terrific. When most of places I went make their salted egg yolk sauce sweet, Jibril make theirs savory and salty, perfect to be eaten with rice. To finish the meal even more perfect have their sweet and creamy non-alcoholic butterbeer mixed with ice cream called Potter (RM7.90).

A reminder for future dining experience that Jibril allows indoor smoking.


Mr. Rice Corner is conveniently located in SS15 near Canadian Pre-University. It is a very famous economy rice stall in the neighborhood. So many varieties of meat and vegetables served warm and fresh because this stall is always crowded especially in lunchtime. I took took 4 kinds of dishes and it only cost me RM6. Bottomless soup and refillable water or tea are available with self-service.

Perfect place for affordable lunch in SS15!


Meeting up at Le Pannosia is the best. Cozy ambience complemented by good food!

In this visit, I tried their curry dish. Thus, I ordered their Chicken Katsu Beef Curry Don (RM26). This enormous dish will guarantee you to eat till your stomach's content. Juicy chicken breast coated with breadcrumbs and fried beautifully till golden brown. The beef and carrot both were tender and soaked a lot of the curry flavor. The curry sauce itself tasted the same like curry dishes that I ate in Japan! This set comes with some slices of watermelon to be spared for dessert.

Truly authentic Japanese dishes!


Le Pannosia is a hidden Little Tokyo amidst the SS15 shop lot complex. This restaurant is ran by a Japanese - Indo family. The place is very homey and cozy, just like a Japanese homes in common. Most of the customers having meal here are Japanese, even I know this place from a friend who lives with a Japanese family. Looks like the place is quite exclusive to Japanese community.

The menu is ranged from Japanese to Indonesia food. My friends ordered the Indonesian food whereas I ordered a Japanese style gratin (RM12). After a long wait, I finally got to have a really good gratin! The sauce is creamy and filled with a very generous amount of cheese.

I took a sip of my friend's soto (RM12) and rawon soup (RM9) and it was also very good and flavorsome, even the rawon soup was better than the one I had in my favorite Indonesia food stall.

I honestly didn't expect that all the food could be that good. Had a chat with the chef who is a Japanese uncle who is also fluent with Indonesian. He cooks all the Japanese dish and her Javanese-Indonesian wife cooks all the Indonesian food. He is very warm and friendly, and I can't forget when he apologized too much for serving my gratin late. Yes, I found yet another cozy place to have meal and hang out with friends in Le Pannosia.

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Uncle Seng is a legendary noodle shop in SS15 that serves their pork noodle. This place is always crowded with so many loyal customers everyday.

I ordered a plate of Charsiew Wonton and Deep Fried Pork Noodle. For people who are used to eat here, they would probably ask for extra bowls of curry sauce and friend onion drenched in oil with no extra charge! For me, I always ask for the onion, but I am not really a fan of the curry (because I can't eat spicy food!). The noodle was ok, but combined with the pork it became even better. Nothings goes bad if combined with pork. The wontons are tender and flavorful.

This is a perfect place if you are craving for a simple porky noodle with curry sauce drizzle in your option.


The place always crowded, no surprise from the most popular buttermilk dish in town. Try to avoid peak lunch time rush hour and also note their long cooking time.

Even though they're famous for their buttermilk chicken dish, I ordered the buttermilk fish instead. The regular set (RM12.20 with GST) comes with a complete course of main dish, rice, soup, one glass of teh 'O" ice. Some cabbage are layered underneath the sauce, makes it taste a little cabbage-y, and connects the soup served in the set. The sauce is deliciously creamy and brightly shines as the main attraction of the dish!

Everything just taste exactly right and served in a perfect portion, not making you too full or queasy because it's too creamy. I often come to this place for a never-disappointing meal everytime I visit!


This burger joint is famous of and claimed to be the first who started the burger bakar trend in Malaysia. One of the joints that I visited was the SS15 branch. The burger tower (RM14.90) was on the recommended list so why not try it?

Fortunately, the burger taste is not as disappointing as the place's looks. The tower burger has 3 patties of choice (chicken, beef, or lamb) in between the buns. Sadly, the set only includes fries, but no drinks. I picked beef, chicken, and another beef! I haven't been a fan of lamb.

It is called burger bakar because the patties are grilled, and my patties were grilled to excellence! The meat was juicy and smokey. Additional bonus, it still has a little bit of crusty seared outer layer. If you want to try a unordinary burger, then this Kaw Kaw burger bakar could be your to go to!

This is massive porky goodness! The hogfather was a beast! For RM98.90 I got 8 different ways of cooked pork. You name it, ribs, pork chops, sausages, bacon, ham, pulled pork, meatballs, and patties! Everything was amazing! Most importantly, I love the patty, ham, meatball, and sausage.

The patty and meatball basically tasted the same. They were so meaty and juicy and so full those savory goodness. The pulled pork tasted familiar, like a particular spice commonly used in curries. I cannot name it however. I can't say it enough but the five of us was super satisfied with this one platter of hogfather.

For dessert we also shared a cup of bacon gelato. It was full of vanilla beans which made the gelato so flavorful. The bacon bits given was quite generous. What unites these two elements is the honey drizzled on top of the gelato. My first bacon gelato experience was pretty great!

This was the first time I visited this place and was confused because all my friends recommended me the pasta, in a Middle Eastern food restaurant. I insisted on ordering the same themed food as the restaurant, so I ordered a dish called Shishtawok.

It is apparently an Arabic barbecue chicken dish marinated with herbs and spices before it is grilled. Aside from the chicken, it is served with Arabic bread, salads, and garlic dipping. I didn't know the proper way to eat this dish so I tried my own way. I hate salad, so I put them away. Then, I cut the chicken pieces inside the triangle cut shaped bread, dashed with enough amount of garlic dipping (or I prefer to call it sauce). The chicken was ok. The herbs and spices flavor tasted similar to tandoori chicken but not as strong. The garlic sauce was lacking of the main star flavor which is garlic and tasted all oily. Overall, the dish was lacking flavor.

I tried to taste my friend's carbonara pasta and the flavor punched right through my tongue. I guess it's the work of the MSG because my friend felt so thirsty some moments after we were out of the restaurant.

Although I don't smoke, I observed that this place is also famous for their shisha and vape. They allow you to vape indoor after 11.30 PM.


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