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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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I wanted it well done and it was. I was surprised by how juicy it still was. But bcos it came on a hot plate, it kept getting more done as I ate and ended up a bit tough towards the end. But I really liked it. I chose traditional beef gravy for the sauce. It was very good. Complemented the beef well without covering up the taste of the meat. Seasonal vege and potato jacket with sour cream and bacon bits completed this meal.

This yam brûlée was yummy! I like orh ni in general, so this was good for me. Not oily like other Chinese restaurants. The top layer of caramel gave a welcome crunch to the dessert. Not sure why it was paired with coconut ice cream, but it worked.

This was very forgettable. Not much matcha taste, which was unfortunate, cos the Lava looked so beautifully green.

This was great! Spicier than I thot. The clams made the soup sweet. Quite a large amount. First time I tried mee tai mak in a laksa. Not bad. Quite Q. I would order this again.

This half sized pork knuckle was combined with some sausages to make a Halloween set ($38). I'm not a sausage person and indeed they failed to impress me. The knuckle fared much better. Skin was gorgeously crunchy. Meat was a little dry thou. They provided 3 sauces. Mustard, sauce made from pork drippings and a tangy Thai chili sauce. I gained one kg the next day 😱😭

The delicious aroma of salted egg smacked us in the face when this bowl arrived. We eagerly stuffed these freshly fried and very hot popcorn chicken into our mouths and ???? Where's the salted egg taste? We took turns smelling it and tasting it again. Smell didn't equal taste in this equation. But it was spicy, which I liked. After clearing the top layer, we spotted some more salted egg sauce at the bottom of the bowl and spent some time competing to smear it on our own chosen pc of chicken. Finally, we managed to get the elusive salted egg yolk taste. I like to be optimistic, so I choose to think that the barely-there salted egg taste actually helped to not make this dish jelat.

This was the dish after my own heart! I love the richness of the laksa paste. A little bit salty, very Laksa. The bits of hard boiled egg sprinkled into the pasta was cute but I would prefer bigger pieces so that I could actually taste the egg. The sautéed prawns were fresh and succulent but the fried prawns were over fried, so some of the meat stuck to the shell and wouldn't come off. I couldn't chew the shell so I had to abandon it. 😭

The fried rice was well fried, fragrant and greasy. Texture was great. I love the sauce! It was sour and sweet and spicy. I asked for extra garlic and they were really generous. So many of my favorite tastes in one little tub. Bad thing was the steak. I asked for well done. It came with parts of it looking raw. I had to cut out those parts, which was a waste.

2nd time trying items from their Ala carte menu. Again, I ordered the beef burger. Loved the egg. Runny yolk and firm egg white. Beef patty was well done, just the way I like it. The bun was warm and fluffy and combined together, the overall taste was well balanced. I enjoyed it very much. Last time I tried the grilled shrooms pasta, which was fabulous. They were generous with the mushrooms so I felt I got my money's worth. This time I ordered the Thai BBQ chicken. It came covered with pineapples and resting on a bed of salad greens. Chicken thigh was very tender and thick with the smoky aroma of BBQ. The sauce was very Thai, sweet sour and a little spicy, with a hint of spices. Greens were extremely fresh, cold and crunchy. I usually dislike salad, but I ate half of it. I didn't expect to like it this much.