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Always On The Hunt For Good Food

Always On The Hunt For Good Food

Featuring Ollella (Takashimaya), A Juicery, Bugis Junction, 日出-宮原眼科, 白い恋人パーク / Ishiya Chocolate Factory, Furano Cheese Factory, 路地 氷の怪物, Tras Street, Arte Piazza Bibai, すき焼三光舎
Jessie Quek
Jessie Quek

Made with pandan leaves, the pandan flavor was very fragrant and the taste was prominently distinctive. With a light and creamy texture made of coconut cream, to keep you going and it was neither jelat nor very sweet. This was thoroughly decadent and lovable for a real indulgent treat! 💚

PS: Available for a limited period ONLY ⏰



I love their matcha but i love their hojicha even more! ☺️ The hojicha flavored here was so concentrated and prominently distinctive. Full-bodied, rich, intense, nutty, robust, mellow earthiness and astringency profile coupled with an aromatic lingering roasted fragrance mouthfeel, though subtle yet draws out the palate to a pleasant finishing, topped with your choice of toppings (Featuring: langue de chat & castella cake). The hojicha sauce adds a bittersweet depth with a full impact of the flavor. Texture wise, it is thicker and creamier which allows prolonged enjoyment. すごくいいですね!!!🍃

Come get your fix if you have not before @tsujirihei_honten departs on 22nd Jan 2020🍃🍵 Then you’ve got to wait till the next bi-annual event that might be a few months away from now, (Alternatively, you can also ✈️ to Kyoto for them) I’m up for both! HAHA! 🤭😏🍃🍵


You’ve got your familiar Boba tea options like Early Grey Black Sugar Boba Mylk Tea covered. They also have other classic tea options such as green tea, oolong tea and golden flower tea. Apart from the array of delightful drinks, they also sell vegan ice-cream such as peanut butter, banana, durian, coconut, organic decaf coffee, matcha & dark chocolate [PS: I heard black sesame is launching next week 😏] 🌱

Trying out their Signature drinks -
1️⃣ Oddly hazy mylk: SGD5.90 🥛🌱
- First sip, it taste like lao ban tau huay - very fragrant and has a grainer after taste 🥛 I love that the drink is light as you wouldn’t feel jelat or bloated after finishing. PS: Sugar level cannot be adjusted for SIGNATURE DRINKS. But not to worry, the sweetness is just right (25%) ☺️

Go grab a drink or ice-cream if you are at fortune centre or around the area ☺️🌱🥛🍦🐻

Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Rd, #02-03, Singapore 188979 📌
Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays, 
11am to 8pm [Close on Monday] 🐻



1️⃣ WaraMochi Tea [Kyoto Roasted Green Milk Tea] - SGD 5.0 [M] / 6.0 [L] 🍃

The newest creation - WARABI MOCHI IN A DRINK⁉️Located at @orchardcentral, B2 @hokkaidomarche, (Besides Don don donki) @melpot_sg offers a wide range of japanese sweets has just opened it’s door on 21st December 2019. Tbh, I’m pretty surprised by how pronounced the hojicha flavor is here and it carries a lingering roasted aftertaste too. As for the soft, chewy-like warabi mochi, it compliments well & adds extra texture to the drink. Insider tips: the warabi mochi is sweet, so you can actually opt for a less sweet OR no sugar drink ☺️🍃

PS: Heard from the lady boss (i assumed) that they are revamping their menu soon. Do drop by and give them a try ☺️


A total of 12-unique flavors to choose from, and my FAV flavor was Lavender Blueberry! (As well as apple cucumber but i was too full that day, hence i only had a single scoop)😂🍦


So say hello and grab a cup‼️👋🏻☺️

1️⃣ Signature drink -
Chewy Oats Yogurt: SGD4.30 💜💙

As a health-consious person, this one here certainly suits me. And, I was completely hooked & sold! Although the sweetness level cannot be adjusted, boy was i a little skeptical about the taste because i would prefer my drink to be 0% sugar intake however i was glad that the drink is not sweet, and with the generous amount of chewy oats adds on so much more dimension to it. This can be actually quite filling, so it could also be a choice of a meal replacement too! ☺️

I’m delighted that they’re opened few streets away from my office tower 😉 I forsee myself coming here whenever i need or (a meal replacement perhaps?) Hehehehe☺️


One that matcha fanatics should not miss out. I find it super satisfactory especially with flavours so strong, umami, robust and intensely-bitter with distinctive vegetal notes, i dare to say this is the best in Singapore‼️

Caution: I repeat, this is NOT for the faint-hearted (Don’t say i never warn you😂🤣) ⚠️

Available ONLY at The Chijmes outlet 📌
✋🏻: @avonrepyh 🙌🏻


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Using Inryo matcha powder, where the flavors profile are more bolder and stronger, with an after-taste of distinct bitterness and the flavors neutralise well with the milk to achieve a lusciously smooth texture. The additional good thing is, their Matcha Latte has minimal sweetness for us fans to enjoy the original flavor of the matcha 🍵


Yes please! 💜🙋🏻‍♀️

[NEW‼️] Seasonal Special: Kumamoto Fluffy Pancake 💜🥞💜

5-stacks of fluffy sweet potato infused pancakes served alongside with thick, rich homemade purple sweet potato sauce. Do note: For the sweet potato infused pancake, do not expect to have an overbearing flavored pancake. However for the sweet potato sauce, it has a prominent flavor and the level of sweetness wasn’t too overwhelming either. Hence, with the addition of the sauce, the berries compote, which then holds the mix together, adding a great flavour. It’s ohhhhhh so satisfying! So much of purple goodness 💜💜💜💜💜💜

PS: Portion is rather huge for one hence sharing is recommended! But, I’m a greedy pig so i would gladly indulge in one all by myself 🐽🤭


I've a soft spot for desserts💜💖

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