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Always On The Hunt For Good Food

Always On The Hunt For Good Food

Featuring Fynn's, Tsujiri ([email protected]), Ollella (Takashimaya), A Juicery, Bugis Junction, 日出-宮原眼科, 白い恋人パーク / Ishiya Chocolate Factory, Furano Cheese Factory, 路地 氷の怪物, Tras Street
Jessie Quek
Jessie Quek
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Shaved ice (Shiro guma) - SGD9.80 🐻
Shaved in the shape of a bear layered with milk biscuit, served with vanilla ice-cream and as you venture further into the shaved ice, you will find orange, mango, white peach and strawberry drizzled over with your selection of home made syrup and for this i chose the heavenly luscious Hokkaido BIEI jersey milk 🐻

To be honest, presentation wise totally nails it but the satisfied that was left behind is far beyond expectation. Compared with kakigori has a fluffier and smoother ice consistency and with the size of the shaved ice could have done with more sauce and ingredients 🐻

Okay, I may have exaggerated a little, but in a single bite, i could taste the pastry was so moist, and soft yet crisp and light at the same time, loaded with luscious Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Custard. Believe me when i tell you, this is the cream puff to die for. [Totally reminiscing the one i had in Hokkaido last year!] Now I don’t have to travel to 🇯🇵 to source for their cream puffs as i could easily get them here in Singapore! 💖

Location: 65 Tras St, S(079004) 📌

🥀 Sprinkled with gold flakes & pretty dried rose petals, with a surprise layer filled with strawberries and kanten jelly, and lastly, sip on some strawberry x rose soda (champagne🥂), adds sparkle to everything! ✨ Toast to the weekend or to whatever you fancy (Valentine's Day if you must) 💖💖💖

Exclusively available only at ICON VILLAGE outlet 📌

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So in love that I could savour it all by myself 🤗😝😛

Houjicha Kakigori - SGD14.90🍃
Fuwa Fuwa, fluffy that is like fallen snow. Dusted with gold flakes, topped with kinako espuma and surprises packed within! 🍧❄️

(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) I’m glad i had the houjicha softserve. It’s roasty flavor of houjicha - rich, nutty, earthy and somewhat smoky aftertaste that gives it an incredible depth of flavor while retaining the creamy undertones complemented the vegetal taste of other ingredients beautifully 🍃

@tsujirihei_honten will be here till 3rd Feb! Be sure to visit them for these real deal matcha delights! 🍵[Please consider having a permanent store here in SG 🙇🏻‍♀️]

Light, airy & fluffy sponge cake rolled up with azuki beans and a generous amount of luscious matcha cream that comes with lingering bitter undertone. It practically melts in your mouth. This matcha roll cake from @tsujirihei_honten will be an instant favourite! It’s soooooo good 😭😭😭
A match made in heaven, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes matcha or tends to lean towards desserts that aren’t overwhelmingly sweet 🍃🍃🍃🍃


Introducing the NEWLY addition to the existing menu:
1️⃣ Parfait - SGD16 💚🍃

Comes with matcha warabi mochi, crunchy chocolate bits, fluffy castella cake, sweet potato paste, matcha chocolate crunch biscuit and a choice of either matcha or houjicha or dual swirl softserve💚💚💚💚

The parfait is awesome. I just have to reiterate again. O-matcha softserve is rich and full-bodied, intense, earthy with a lusciously bright, deep emerald green and a good measure of heavenly bittersweet notes🍃🍃🍃🍃

PS: @tsujirihei_honten will be here till 3rd feb. Situated at Food hall B2 of Takashimaya department store right in front of Cold Storage. Be sure to visit them for some real deal Matcha delights! 🍃🍃🍃🍃


The yuzu flavor is so distinct and promenient that i slowly enjoy savouring every bite and let the flavors permeate my entire mouth. The homemade yuzu sauce makes the flavor even more intense. Think creamy and smooth, absolutely sings with bright citrus notes, yet not overly sweet which made it very palatable for me. Other than the yuzu softserve, the golden glisten add complexity to the texture. The end result has the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing citrus flavor. 🍊🍊🍊🍊

Exclusively available at Icon Village Outlet 📍

Though a lighter profile, yet creamy, refreshing sweetness that hits your taste buds at the same time. (Got me reminiscing the one i had in Japan 😭) This got to be my favourite mystery flavor thus far ☺️🍈



I've a soft spot for desserts💜💖

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