Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Ramen, donburis, izakayas, maki rolls and so much more.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng

I was really bummed that I missed out on the 1 for 1 promo. Nevertheless did get the opportunity to savour their spicy ebi ramen and I really love the umami flavours of the broth! They served sandos as well which is a pretty interesting F&B side concept to include cafe options at a ramen place.

Wrote a lengthy post on my favourite item from the restaurant without a photo. Here is the new promo item on their menu. Jiggly, soft with burnt sugar and served with cream and strawberries. They were not overly sweet and has great texture. A matcha souffle pancakes is currently available as the other promo item. Do check them out as well!

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Tamago EN has been one of the places that I really want to visit but do not have a chance to until today. Egg themed restaurant serves glorious souffle pancakes that they are famous for and we had the new creme brulee souffle pancakes (not pictured). The eggs on the omu rice is a little overcooked and has lost the optimal creamy-moisture. Overall decently done tamagoyakis and excellent souffle pancakes. Great place for desserts.

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Located beside ramen champion in Bugis+, una una is known as the cheapest Place to find the Hitsumabushi unagi donburi in Singapore. Pictured is the double Hitsumabushi unagi set, twice the portion of freshly grilled unagi. We enjoyed the different instructions to enjoy our unagi: together with the soup, soup/condiments and with the sweet sauce.

Located within the Hotel Soloha, a gorgeous boutique hotel along Teck Lim street. In case you are wondering where that is, its real close to the 亞东building, but towards the left side. Takeshi Noodle Bar can be easily spotted with its magenta neon lights. Fusion ramen that adds truffle oil to high quality japanese ingredients: wagyu beef strips and thick wavy ramen. Interesting and delicious. Highly recommended.

Keisuke's new venture at Paya Lebar Square is located beside its sister outlet tonkotsu king. Pictured is the assorted seafood katsu set. The rare salmon katsu was just awesome! Crispy fried exteriors with a rare sashimi core, it is every salmon lover's dream! Served together with the seafood katsu, is the other star of the set-- a poached egg katsu that is runny and extremely delicious.

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Genki sushi's dai manzoku sushi's are affordable to your wallet and sooo delicious. My favourite is the fluke sushi which consists of a half torched flounder with sushi rice. Pictured are the mala salmon sushi from the DMZ menu and the assorted salmon and scallop negiris.

When I saw that multi award winning Chef Angus Chow opens his mod japanese restaurant Gake along Carpenter Street, I knew I had to visit his establishment. Ordered the highly raved Truffled Hiyashi Somen with Uni and Caviar and it sure did not disappoint. Heavy aroma from black truffle infused with the buttery carbonara that was topped with sakura shrimps, tobiko, premium sea urchin and caviar. The texture of the somen reminded me of angel haired pasta for it was finely cut, rounded and chewy noodles. Everything was great but I got to admit that for the portion given, it was really very pricey. This could put off some diners that are hoping to really fill their tummies.


Have heard of Manzoku for a while as I was a fan of Chikuwa Tei and they opened a rebranded outlet. The sliced sashimi still maintains the fresh quality with a plethora of seafood. The more premium bowl contains sweet shrimps, scallops, grilled unagi and salmon roe. Can't fault the ingredients if they maintained high standards with a relatively affordable price tag.

One unique thing about ramen keisuke's clarke quay outlet is the soup base because it is unique and flavoursome. If you love lobster bisque, you should really come down to try their lobster broth ramen. There is an option to go for the thick broth or a more light flavoured soup. The different bowls pictured show how different the soup can get. Overall, it was a good dining experience: I like my noodles and soup the way they are and really appreciate that they allow customisation in their stalls.

Ordered the aburi salmon don (pictured) for dinner. It was a delightful donburi that is akin to multiple deconstructed aburi salmon maki rolls: torched sweet mayo salmon chunks with ebi roe, served with short grain sushi rice. You can enjoy your burpple beyond too.

Wagyu beef cooked to perfection with truffle oil and served together with onions and sous vide egg in a donburi. The runny whites and yolk from the onsen egg goes so well with the truffled onions and medium well wagyu: The beef dissolves and the goodness and flavours are liquefied with the crunchiness from the onions and short grain japanese rice.

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