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Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Ramen, donburis, izakayas, maki rolls and so much more.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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You might missed this gem while you are studying the menu of Rakki Bowl because it is not publicised with a picture like the other donburis. If you look closely, it is there: the 3 words. I love how the vinegary taste of the sushi rice goes together with the semi torched mentaiko mayo salmon. It was delicious: the charred and savoury flavours of the mentai mixed with tangy mayonaise. A variety of textures: bits of mentai with creaminess of the sauce, as well as cooked and chewy raw salmon cubes.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this affordable bowl. Filled with substantial portion of truffle beef, well made onsen egg with sushi rice tucked underneath the layer of meat. They have 2 sizes available at different prices. The small, which is pictured, is so affordable at $13.90.

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Kagoshima A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, uni, truffle and onsen egg- all in a bowl. Such a dream come true for me. Substantial premium ingredients given in this donburi makes this a very belly statisfying lunch.

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When I saw that I can have uni and ikura in a bowl, I knew this is the bowl for me! They offer very large portions of ikura and negitoro. I wish the uni can be more! Ingredients given are very fresh, sweet and interesting- the yellow stuff at the top is not the usual preserved ginger slices. It has a crunchy texture with fruity and sour malic acid flavours -I think it was green apple.


What I loved about the dish was the thick and chewy mazesoba. The noodles are textural and good to chew. The onsen egg was well done too- neither solid nor liquid. Generous portions of ingredients were added to the dish - minced meat, seaweed, garlic, spices and spring onions. However, after several mouthfuls of the noodles, it starts to get surfeit. The chilli gets a bit too spicy after finishing half the bowl. All mazesobas in the shop are by default spicy. Tell them in the remarks column of the order sheet if you don't take chilli.

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I was deciding on which dish to be a representation for my review for hokkaido sushi restaurant because they've got good quality sashimi, delicious dishes and decent pricing. We went for the weekend dinner buffet @$ 50.50++ - more expensive than the weekday lunch prices.Dishes to try when you are there: pitan tofu, garlic miso/aburi mentai torched sushis, the maki rolls (as pictured), wagyu beef with mushroom, sashimi selection of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, octopus and swordfish. Liked their facebook page to get a complimentary haagen daz ice cream and free flow ocha with an additional $2.50++

The wagyu beef was soo soft and silky..literally melts as you munched. Love the generous portion of shiitakes, onsen egg, vegetables and glass noodles. It was so much that I was so full at the end of the meal.

Known for its flavourful msg-less broth. Hubz and I decided to go for it - since ramen is our favourite japanese dish. It is decent ramen for me. Enough flavours but the truffle was not as aromatic as tsuta's.

This bowl of goodness costs me $6.90. Gochi so serves good pork as a katsu curry rice or in a rice bowl. A lot of sauces to go along and pair with the onsen egg, pickles and seaweed. Subarashi!

Sens by W martin is hidden within a supermarket basement in the raffles medical building at holland village. Enjoyed the wide variety of sashimi available. Natural sweetness and freshness in each slice. Handrolls and makis are good too.


The concept is quite similar to menya musashi with red soup (spicy), black soup. You get the option to choose how hard you want your noodles to be. We both tried the original japanese preferences and everything was on point. The noodles did not go too soggy , the broth is excellent and good amount of ingredients.

Price stated before gst

Nothing can go wrong with torched mentai and salmon when you eat them with rice. Not the most expensive but not the most affordable either.

Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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