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Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Ramen, donburis, izakayas, maki rolls and so much more.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng

Have heard of Manzoku for a while as I was a fan of Chikuwa Tei and they opened a rebranded outlet. The sliced sashimi still maintains the fresh quality with a plethora of seafood. The more premium bowl contains sweet shrimps, scallops, grilled unagi and salmon roe. Can't fault the ingredients if they maintained high standards with a relatively affordable price tag.

One unique thing about ramen keisuke's clarke quay outlet is the soup base because it is unique and flavoursome. If you love lobster bisque, you should really come down to try their lobster broth ramen. There is an option to go for the thick broth or a more light flavoured soup. The different bowls pictured show how different the soup can get. Overall, it was a good dining experience: I like my noodles and soup the way they are and really appreciate that they allow customisation in their stalls.

Ordered the aburi salmon don (pictured) for dinner. It was a delightful donburi that is akin to multiple deconstructed aburi salmon maki rolls: torched sweet mayo salmon chunks with ebi roe, served with short grain sushi rice. You can enjoy your burpple beyond too.

Wagyu beef cooked to perfection with truffle oil and served together with onions and sous vide egg in a donburi. The runny whites and yolk from the onsen egg goes so well with the truffled onions and medium well wagyu: The beef dissolves and the goodness and flavours are liquefied with the crunchiness from the onions and short grain japanese rice.

It was not until I flipped the menu that I realised that I have patronised hakata japanese reataurant back when it was still called kyushu nihon ryori at hong leong gardens. The whole placed got demolished and resurrected as the NEWest building. The restaurant moved back into the area as Hakata japanese restaurant.

The hamburger steak set was quite a steal for its gigantic portion: the hamburger patty was soft with minced beef covered in brown hash gravy. It comes together with bacon, veggies and a sunny side up egg.

I have heard of Red, White, Green or Black Soup Based Ramen, but this was the first time that I have encountered a pink soup based ramen. Without hesitation, I knew I got to try this. The Sakura Pink Ramen is a seafood tonkotsu broth prepared using dried shrimps and pork hence very savoury due to the ingredients. Additional preserved red ginger gives the soup the signature pink hue. The noodles are thin and hakata-style that has a bouncy texture.

Chilli crab shreds and gravy poured over japanese takoyakis filled with vegetables and octopus. The flavours combined were phenomenally exciting. The spicy umami and seafood profiles with the sweet smoky worcestershire-like sauce. The outer texture of the balls with crisp with soft creamy insides. Highly recommended.

When I saw that keisuke opens an omurice restaurant, I knew that I got to try it out. The eggs were well done- the perfect in-between texture that is golden yellow. The mentaiko pasta was fried aglio olio way and was decent. This combo is carbs-overload. Other than the small chunks of meat and corn within the omu rice, I think more vegetable side dishes and a beef patty would make the combo set more balanced.


The Bettership is a modern funky japanese concept that invite diners to dine in around a bar table that resembles a ship. I had the salmon mentaiko mayo donburi. They were generous with the mentaiko mayo which was drenched and torched over the raw salmon. More torching is required to partially cook the salmon as it was still in its sashimi state. It felt like sashimi in a mentaiko mayo sauce which did not come together as well.

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You might missed this gem while you are studying the menu of Rakki Bowl because it is not publicised with a picture like the other donburis. If you look closely, it is there: the 3 words. I love how the vinegary taste of the sushi rice goes together with the semi torched mentaiko mayo salmon. It was delicious: the charred and savoury flavours of the mentai mixed with tangy mayonaise. A variety of textures: bits of mentai with creaminess of the sauce, as well as cooked and chewy raw salmon cubes.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this affordable bowl. Filled with substantial portion of truffle beef, well made onsen egg with sushi rice tucked underneath the layer of meat. They have 2 sizes available at different prices. The small, which is pictured, is so affordable at $13.90.

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Kagoshima A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, uni, truffle and onsen egg- all in a bowl. Such a dream come true for me. Substantial premium ingredients given in this donburi makes this a very belly statisfying lunch.

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Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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