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JaFun! πŸ‘― πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

JaFun! πŸ‘― πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Featuring Monster Curry (VivoCity), Japanese Gourmet Town, Ippudo Express (Changi Airport), Menya Shi-Shi Do (Jaya One), The School, Jaya One, Franco (Nu Sentral)
Aileen Marie David
Aileen Marie David
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Dining in Chibo wouldn't be complete without their specialty. We ordered their Butatama Okonomiyaki for only PhP190+ - very affordable given the taste and the serving size. Enjoyed the dish a lot. Make sure to get a bit taste of everything on every bite - the combi of pork, dough, Jap mayo, bonito flakes (I really love how it moves lol) and another special sauce is mouth-heaven. Could be a bit overwhelming though, so order rice on the side. Their rice set (PhP90+) comes with miso soup btw which is the best 😍.


Though specializing in okonomiyaki, Chibo Okonomiyaki's shake (PhP 280++) is also at par in quality and taste. So goooood 😍 loved the softness of salmon; the sauce provided complemented the fish meat too. A must try!


Rainy days call for ramen! Got this Cha Shu Ramen set at $13.90++ - including a choice of side and a drink.

The ramen was aesthetically-perfect and very enticing. When I slurped the soup though, the broth seems to be a bit dull - lacking the savoury pork taste. Noodles is just how I liked it - crunchy and still a bit hard. I didn't like that it has a loooot of bean sprouts :( and worst is the cha shu, it is very chewy. Had this concensus among my colleagues πŸ˜…


I was so excited when I saw this store en route to my boarding gate - Ippudo Manila and KL never failed me! This express store is definitely fast, but the ramen is so so :( I ordered Tamago Tonkotsu ($10) - broth was so flowy (I like it thick) and noodles quite overcooked (I prefer hard). Good side, tonkotsu is okay, quite fatty but liked it still; and the tamago is πŸ‘ŒπŸ» as usual.

Have yet to check the non-express version to redeem the good rep in my mind πŸ˜‚


The Sea Monster Curry ($24) is a humongous plate of fried fish, fried scallop, tempura, fried shrimp, rice, and a river of curry sauce! The plate is literally big and heavy, along with the meal itself. I don't think my hungry self could finish this alone πŸ˜‚ I arrived late thus the texture of the curry isn't as nice when it was still hot - but still thick and sweet πŸ‘ŒπŸ». All fried meat were served nicely and not too dry :) We chose spice level 1 only and I already find it a bit spicy (haha spicy weakling). Heard that level 5 is very hot, so choose at your own risk 😁


Menya Shi Shi Do is one of my go-to nearby places for ramen. And now they even have a weekday lunch set meal for only RM20 - a bowl of ramen, a dish of salad (with gooood dressing) and green tea!

I ordered their Ajitama Chasu Ramen (sprihg onion, black fungus, egg, pork shoulder) in shiro soup. Taste is light but very rich. I liked how the pork taste is very present on the broth. The pork is big enough btw!

Place could be a bit crowded during lunch time, but service is normally fast still.


The place caught my eye as it is dim-lit in the very bright mall (and I like places like these hehe). I got this chicken chop for RM22.90+ (incl drinks which btw is a bit bland 😞) The food is served on a hot plate and presentation-wise it is a-okay. Rice has a good mix of teriyaki feels, chicken is a bit dry though. For big eaters like me, this serving is too small for the price. Not recommended for hungry people! (Haha)

I still have plans to come back though as they have some interesting pieces on the menu :)


Saw this pink food truck among the lineup at The School's Ramadan Fiesta and it caught my eye (and stomach). I had my quick fix of Katsu Chicken Don from Oishii!

I liked the mix of Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce on the rice and chicken top. Could probably make the serving bigger, but for RM8.50 only, it is okay πŸ‘ŒπŸ» They have their Oishii Curry sauce featured but I didn't try it - maybe you could 😁

You can reach them at +60126183300 for orders (they do deliveries and catering!)

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