At the #EpicureanMarket2016 and again, Chef Testuya of @wakughin doesn't disappoint! This little bowl of sweet, boozy botan shrimp on buttery sea urchin is mind-blowing. But delicious things come at a hefty price: it's $25 for a bowl smaller than your fist. It is, however, a flavour explosion. Also a stand out, the new Yardbird! More on that later.

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Just a few more days before the Singapore Food Festival (#SFF2016) Food Village at Bugis shuts down. Honestly, there isn't that many remarkable things there. But one of them is this: Hokkaido Sea Salt Soft Serve ($5) from @momolatosg. The pretty blue soft serve melts hella quick in our weather, but it's a delicious treat reminiscent of Macca's soft serve with a sea salt after taste. It's pretty amazing actually, there's an echo of saltiness that remains in your mouth, a contrast against the sweetness of this cloud-like swirl. The cone (charcoal or squid ink I'm not sure) is nice and crunchy, but becomes slightly chewy when softened by the ice cream. It's sweet too, but in a waffle kinda way. Great way to enjoy this pretty little thing.

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Calm down Amanda. Calm. Down. It's just... CHILLI CRAB WRAPPED IN A GIANT PRATA BAG. *flips out* there was a smorgasbord of amazing foods at the media preview of Singapore Food Festival 2016 but this kinda blew me away. The chef cooks the prata and crab separately and wraps the sauce and crab in a GIANT PRATA. Crazy. Too good. TOO GOOD. You guys will get to experience the #SingaporeFoodFestival form 15 to 31 July, there's gonna be a day Chinatown opens a street selling dishes for just 50cents each, and this Chilli Crab in a Prata Bag will be sold alongside Salted Egg Prata Bombs 22-31 July 5pm to 11pm at Rocher Event Space (free entry) - dishes priced from $2! A whole lot of exciting activities in store! Find out more at

Food maketh me write good.

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