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Under The Sea... Under The Sea

Under The Sea... Under The Sea

Featuring 85 Fengshan Centre, GastroSmiths, Pince & Pints (Duxton), PizzaExpress (DUO Galleria), Aloha Poké (Bugis Junction), A.S. Seafood Soup (Bedok), Talay Thai
Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx

I’ve been having a love hate relationship with Poke Bowls. I love how fresh they are and how well they are paired with veggies/ fruits, but the price tag can be such a turn off sometimes.

An occasional treat will often lead me to Aloha Poke. I often go for spicy tuna with brown rice, a no brainer for someone who likes a little kick in her food. I don’t really like pineapples but I think this small pineapple scoop goes really well with the fish.


UMAMI is the only word that came to mind when you savior this Lobster and Crabmeat Ravioli. Every mouthful was rich and dense. The pasta just al dente, the filling inside was soooooooo umami. Must have when you come.


White beehoon has been all the rage recently with multiple stores popping up to serve up plates of ocean goodness. The one at the famous Bedok 85 hawker centre doesn’t lack luster either. At $5 a plate of pure Lala beehoon (+$2 for 4 slices of fish), the plate was reeking of umami flavors. The soup wasn’t too salty either, we managed to finish up the entire plate without much difficulty. A great alternative to the famous soup bachormee here.


Used to love A.S Seafood Soup but I think the standard has dropped over time. Nevertheless, the seafood soup is still yummy but I personally feel the $6/$8 portion (with no crayfish) would be sufficient to enjoy the taste of the sweet umami soup. My favorite parts were the soft fish slices and meaty balls anyway.


Too many good flavours in a bowl, yet they all compliment each other very well. I'm not even sure where to start to describe this bowl of Hokubee Ribeye Don ($26).

The juicy well-seared ribeye steak? The lovely mix of toppings that went so damn well with the rice? Or the perfectly cooked grains?

Let's just say, one can definitely lick this bowl dry.


I first saw this bowl of Fisherman's Mee Sua ($26) on a friend's Instagram story and I knew I had to have it. It was sure worth the long wait, before I finally had time to go down to GastroSmiths.

Umami is the theme of the dish and every single mouthful tasted like the sea! I loved how kimchi was used to cut through the umami flavours and add a spicy sourish touch to the dish.

This was so good, my friend finished my soup even after wiping clean his bowl of donburi 😂.


Perfect among 2-4, Talay Thai's grilled seafood platter comes with quite a variety of seafood. It's star attraction is definitely the grilled oyster with homemade sauce. The grilling process removed the terrible 'oyster smell' but still kept the juiciness of the original oysters - perfect for the virgin oyster experience. Another thing I loved was the BBQ cuttlefish that was so smoky, so chewy yet soft enough to break!


Again again!!! It seems pretty ludicrous to have your lobster in a laksa broth, but it made the broth so much better! Furthermore, the chef added clams instead of cockles to give a sweeter flavour. Lobster laksa comes at a price of $29.


They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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