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Travel: California

Travel: California

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Yellow Papaya
Yellow Papaya

Ordered the legendary morning bun (usd 4.25). Although this bun does not look half as pretty as the other pastry in the shop, its taste is heavenly!! Finely coated with sugar on the outside and soft warm bun on the inside is infused with cinnamon and orange zest! The bun is rather big, recommend sharing with a Friend. Xoxo, wet tissue no have
PS: tabao-ed it back. It doesn't taste nice when cold. Please heat up if packing back!

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Ordered the 4" lemon cream tarts (usd 7.25). Perfect to go with coffee. Be warned that the lemon cream is Super sour but it goes perfect with coffee! Xoxo, wet tissue no have
Warning: the queue outside Tartine is nonstop. We queued for 20mins at noon.

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The zombierunner chai 8oz (usd 3) is an awesome blend of spices, tea and milk! I particularly like the strong ginger taste of the chai here. The latte here is great to if you are looking for more caffeine. After getting your beverage, you could shop around the sports segment of the shop too! Xoxo, wet tissue no have
PS: did a quick Google, these are the spices common in chai tea: black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, clove and black pepper

Ordered 1 lb shrimp (usd 13) in Cajun sauce. The Cajun sauce was very buttery and yummy. I enjoy sucking the butter out from the shrimp head as I de-shell the shrimps. The shrimps meat was v sweet and I really love it! We also squeeze the lime into the bag midway, which was a good idea because it gives a change of taste. Xoxo, wet tissue in excess (gave us 3 per person) + fresh lime squeeze!
Tip: eat the shrimps first before moving to the crab. Eating the crab was absolute mess!


Order the Dungeness crab in shabang sauce ( usd22/ pound; our 1 crab cost usd44). Asked for mild shabang sauce which was an absolute must order! We requested for our crab to be less salty, which I highly recommend you to do so because there's inherent saltiness in the crab meat! We also ordered the sweet potato fries (usd4.95). Great choice because having sea food alone is quite boring in terms of the taste. Alternatively, you could order rice as carbs. The table next to us was an Indonesian family of 10, they are rice and were pouring all the sauce over their rice! Might be a good idea to try next time! Xoxo, wet tissue in excess (gave us 3 per person) + fresh lime squeeze
Tip: ask for more lime. You can use it to clean you fingers and palms at the end of the mess and it gets rid of the seafood smell in your nails.
PS: be warned of the scary queue! If you go at normal dinner time, expect at 1-2 hours queue. We went at 9pm and waited for 40 minutes.

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Ordered the pea leaf toufu (usd 14) because I wanted to know how pea leaf tasted like, but it turned out that the basil was very overpowering in the dish and it was almost impossible to taste the original taste of the pea leaf. The toufu and mushroom that comes along with it were great. Don't really recommend this this. There way loads of good option on their menu!! Xoxo, wet tissue no have

This is my first time ordering the nan gyi dok (usd 14) at this place. We usually order either the jasmine rice or the Burmese pad Thai, which are both are great options too. The sauce of nan gyi dok made the dish taste like a non-spicy version of dry Singapore laksa + coconut chicken! Love the fried onions that come with it! Xoxo, wet tissue no have

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The tea leaf salad (usd 14) is my all time favourite at this Resturant! It's almost a default order! The fried garlic, sesame seeds and yellow bean gives the salad an awesome crunch! The best part is the Burmese leafs that gives great tea fragrance to the salad. Highly recommended! Xoxo, wet tissue no have

Ordered the 1/3 lb "crab encounter" (usd 17 for 1/3 lb and usd 20 for 1/2 lb). The picture really don't do justice to this superb jumbo lump of crab cake. It comes with roasted red pepper, chopped egg and a bunch of organic mix green. I totally love the honey Dijon, which I finished ever bit. Xoxo, wet tissue no have

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Chicken targine (usd 18) was one other recommendation from the server. So targine (accordingly to the server) means slow braised stew with this Moroccan invented crock pot (which he brought to our table to explain to us). This dish tasted a little like mild northern Indian curry chicken with a lemon twist. It was cooked with turmeric, ginger and saffron. The persevere lemon played an important role in giving the dish more layers in terms of taste. Xoxo, wet tissue no have

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Ordered the lamb & vegetable couscous (usd 23)! This is a MUST order! They claimed that they braised the lamb shank for 4 hours with some 100+ year old 3 step steaming process ( the server was very enthusiastic about sharing all these stuff). I don't know too much about cooking but this was heavenly! The meat was so juicy and tender! It goes superbly well with the zucchini, carrots and couscous. And for some weird reasons, I really really liked the potatoes in this dish! They were diced potatoes with a sauce infused firm outer skin and good old soft potato when you bite in! By the way, it goes very well with the Moroccan peppermint tea too! (It is apparently their national tea according to the server). Xoxo, wet tissue no have and don't forget to tip!

PS: couscous is Moroccan pasta 🙄food for thought

My first time at Moroccan Resturant! They call this briwatts. Frankly, it looked exactly like a samosa in shape, size and texture (even the skin is a samosa skin) on the outside BUT the inside tasted like a Zhng "Thai salad" (filled with ginger, zucchini and vinegar soaked vege). You can order 4 pieces (usd 11.75) or 6 pieces (usd16). The server told us that it is a "must order" but I think the salad was much tastier (signature lentil salad, usd 9). Interesting, but I probably will not order again. Xoxo, wet tissue no have

No atas food, only atas taste buds!

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