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Featuring Nesuto, L'éclair Pâtisserie (Dhoby Ghaut), Shiberty Bakes, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Plaza Singapura), Arteastiq (Plaza Singapura), Antea Social, Tea Chapter, Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar, Arteastiq Plaza Singapura
Picky Queen
Picky Queen

I mean.. CSHH need no recommendation from me.

Love them but the price is steep so I’ll drop by once awhile ..

Their Éclair is great, really. But honestly, I wouldn’t eat it if there wasn’t 1-1 deal. Price is steep and economy not good.

Ps: I love their pistachio, seasonal (pineapple) and yuzu.

I love this place and one of the best place to chill on a Sunday

Caramel Cheese Cake: taste like any you can find outside

Sesame Cake: pretty legit and I really like it.

Limited space for sitting so we tabao it. Staff packing skill needs improvement lol, he took damn long for 2 Cakes.

Felt like I was watching Taiwan drama, too long bruh. Gimme my cakes naw...

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I can’t describe how much I love this place, yes their tea selection is amazing, price also quite steep haha but I’m paying for the experience, ambience and top up $5 for my “little room”.

They sell main food too but usually I only order Jelly cos it’s just adds to the vibe.

This is 茶, but with 茶艺 it comes with a price slightly higher than a cafe.

Take my money omg, I really love how we can chit chat and read a book at this space.

There’s WiFi, GrabPay, aircon.

I really love their cakes, I have been to this store for more than 5 times already.

Beautiful interior, nice lighting too!

I have no negative vibe about this store except they limit refill of water to the tea cup to once only. Why like that.. I’m thirsty

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I love this place and one of the best place to chill on a Sunday

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We had Pulse of Passion – Crepes $13, 2 iced tea that came with sorbet namely: Last Eunuch and Rose.

My top favorite drink is still Last Eunuch. (Been there countless times!) Simply love the ambience there.

Their humming bird (carrot cake) is pretty good too.

Oreo cake was bad, dry and just sweet, one dimensional taste.. Should had expected :(

Matcha latte was average as well.

Chia latte, still my favorite of all time.

Got salted egg & blueberry macaroon, matcha with black sesame cream & Churros waffle!! Macaroon was fantastic, I left the store with another 9! Cake texture was moist and smooth, better than many other stalls that sell pretty but not very edible cake. Downside: turn dry after being exposed to air (I guess it's normal?) the cream was black sesame, I like it but my friend didn't.. (Just imagine Chinese black sesame paste on your cake) quite thrilling to the tastebud! & Churros waffle!! TBH, I was pretty impressed by it.. it's was lightly sugar coated and crispy even after we took multiple shots of it. Down side of the waffle: was really flat on the inside, ice cream & small tidbits was not fantastic, feels a little "Lao Hong" and cheapo. Macaroon - $2 each , cake - $7, waffles - $15!

This is my way of tracking why am I always poor.

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