Family Eating

Family Eating

Featuring Ginger (PARKROYAL on Beach Road), Eastern House of Seafood, Hook On Steamboat, Yummy Veggie
WH Lim
WH Lim

Arriving at 5pm as the cosy little restaurant opened, we chose the Permium buffet which gave the complete menu and selected unlimited drinks.
The cheese fondue fully added to the already well-seasoned meat.
- the Meltique beef (only for premium buffet) was a total delight.
- Beef Short plate was tender and well flavored.
- Shabu shabu beef was just right. One of my favourites.
- Pork belly and the pork collar were both most remarkable.
- the fried dory was crispy and tasty
- the crayfish were fresh
- the fish otah was unique.

Our very honest assessment was- every dish was delicious, and unlike other restaurants, there really wasn't any dish that was not of quality. The free flow (additional fees) of drinks allowed us to keep changing drinks and asking for more. And the coconut and yam ice cream (in addition to other flavours) truly topped up the evening's great experience.
Great attentive service.
For around $40 per person (all in, Premium buffet with unlimited flow of any drink of your choice), it's a most unforgettable meal that we will certainly come back for.

We came as one of the earlier customers this evening. Having read good and not-so-good reviews, we were determined to see for ourselves. And we were NOT disappointed! There were not only crab dishes, but also big prawns, crayfish, roasted duck, roasted pork, sushi, sashimi, Oysters (!!), ice creams and a great selection of desserts. Crabs-wise, the selection is superb. I won't bore everyone by listing them out but suffice to say one has to try it out to satisfy oneself. For me, my favourite is the soft shell crab- crispy and fragrant, and the ginger crab - a well broiled ginger soup with steamed crabs that perfectly combine into a highlight ending for my dinner. Would we all go again? The whole family's answer is a unanimous YES!


To me, this was one of the highlights of the dinner. The Aunty who took the order was very candid: "Would you like the black or the white version?" she asked. "The white one," we replies. "Ok, we have time now, we will specially do a dish for you," she said. And we had our Fried Hokkien prawn mee. The slightly flat noodles they used was reminiscent of the KL equivalent of the Hokkien mee, however the flavoring and taste were distinctly Singaporean. The chilli was just nice. Lovely combination!

We ordered the popular fried sotong dish. A small one at $10. And it didn't disappoint at all. Crisply fried at the edges with just the right amount of chao-dar-ness... Retaining the succulent flavours of the inside. We couldn't get enough.. And ended up ordering one more dish of it. For sotong lovers- it's a must try.


This corner little restaurant tucked in one side of Kenmbangan community centre is inconspicuous from the outside but inside it opens up to a most spectacular spread: vegetarian char siew that tastes as real as the real deal, crispy sweet potato, Siew-Mai and dim sum selection roar more than rival the non vegetarian version, a remarkable selection of sushi that are not only lip -smackingly authentic tasting but also register top in the presentation. The dessert bar and ice cream and fruits corner were well visited and the mango sorbet on cones and the variety of toppings added on to the adventure. Reasonably-priced. It's a must visit for vegetarian lovers, and non-vegetarians too!


This was a hit. Look at the moist sauce of salted egg. This was served hot and fragrant. It was not heavy like others which we'd tried elsewhere. This portion is at $9, but worth ordering.

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Many of these concept cafes and celebrity restaurants came with huge promise but most failed miserably in terms of the taste and price tag. If you truly want a good, honest and unpretentious dining experience, pop by one of our hawker centres or coffeeshops to have a sense of our identity and heritage.

Not once or twice but thrice that I am back here for the Fried Prawn Noodles ($10), which coincidentally is only available from Monday to Friday, and never was I disappointed with my food before. This is not your usual type of hokkien noodles but the version is slightly thicker with a little bit more wok hei.

Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy
Address: 55, Chai Chee Drive, Unit 01-174/6, Singapore 460055

Sri Lankan Crab cooked in a house special sauce with Korean Noodle (Tang Hoon) and sprigs of Celery. The fresh taste of the crab with the moisture of the piping hot sauce, it was a tasty dish. Definitely recommend this. For 400-500gram crab, this dish was $25.

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