Cheap Eats In The West

Cheap Eats In The West

Featuring Maxwell Food Centre, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Immanuel French Kitchen (Salute Coffeeshop), Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine
Jesssica Xx
Jesssica Xx

Here's the deal: while there are enough superior dim sum joints around, stall 46 at Maxwell is a reliable Saturday tea-time purveyor of glutinous rice topped with tender chicken bits - the basic Lo Mai Kai that needs neither tampering with, nor excuses.

It's consistent, it's yummy and no additional words are needed to describe it. We did try for the first time their chives+prawn beancurd roll and dipped in chilli sauce it added the kick much needed to wrap up our snack time and start making dinner plans.

Two thumbs up.

[Bukit Merah] Located in the Salute Coffeeshop, Immanuel French Kitchen needs no further introduction as their Pork Belly ($16.90) dish is such a popular hit that people are willing to travel that far just to have a piece of that melts-in-your-mouth goodness. The pork belly is cooked in kakuni style and served with duxelle mushroom, onsen egg (eggporn alert!) and a velvety smooth potato foam. Croutons, bacon bits and spring onion garnish were added for that additional texture and flavour. When served, break the egg, mix it well before taking each element of the dish and piling them up on a spoon and directing them into your mouth. Warning: this is a highly addictive pork belly dish that will bring you to flavour-town.

I started eating pig livers only quite recently, after being encouraged to try it during a bak kut teh meal. I got hooked! This was my first time trying them being cooked in this manner and I know I will be coming back. Livers overcooked are the worst but Keng Eng Kee did it like a pro. The texture was just right and the braised sauce is another part worth mentioning - so robust, flavorful and perfect with rice!

Fried Beancurd skin wrapping egg, ham and mushrooms like a Chinese form of burger.

Basil Pork with Egg $7.50, Pad Thai $6.00, Prawn Cake $2.80, Pandan Chicken $3.00. Overall had a good dining experience. Starters are tasty but pretty pricey for the portion. Basil pork is amazing with very generous portion of meat. I have been a loyal fan to Nakhon kitchen for years but I think I'm jumping ship. now.

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