Bakes & Cakes 🍞🍰

Bakes & Cakes 🍞🍰

Carbs, glorious carbs. Whatever will I do without you?
Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

The name alone is enough to incite drool. Think cheddar cheese-crusted waffles with bacon bits baked into its soft centre, topped with savoury strips of more bacon and chive sour cream. A combination that worked well; unsurprisingly β€” the waffles were good even on their own.


The dizzying selection of sweets made choosing extremely tough; it didn't help that they all seemed to have my name on it! Eventually settled on what we felt would be a refreshing end to a filling meal, and it sure didn't disappoint. The yuzu curd bore the right amount of zest – bright, yet not cringe-inducing. The meringue was really lovely as well; it tasted like toasted marshmallows 😍 Can't wait to try the other cakes and bakes. The chocolate fudge cake and coconut cake (with liquor!) beckon especially.


For those unfamiliar with this old school snack, think of it as Beard Papa, but instead of cream, it's chock full of fragrant eggy custard. Tastes even better after chilling it.

I also got a Black Sesame pastry (they have many other varieties such as pepper, yam, red bean, mung bean, Wife Biscuit etc). Seriously, the variety of pastries and snacks they have here is mindboggling; some of which are pretty uncommon in SG.

P.S. These were purchased at their Lavender MRT branch (near the Kopitiam), but there isn't a geotag for that yet.


Can't resist a carrot cake when I see it. This was sufficiently moist and fragrant (from spices), layered with smooth cream cheese buttercream, which I'd prefer to have a stronger citrusy note to prevent monotony. Will be back for more tempting cakes behind the glass display.


Hooked on this gem from Golden Mile FC. The baguette was crusty yet soft on the inside, and its thick molten chocolate lava threatened to spill over with every bite. Now I can't wait to try the other flavours - tiramisu, cookies & cream, green tea, cream cheese, etc.

The Banana Date Loaf ($8), served with mascarpone and Hunters' Kitchenette almond nut butter, was moist, fragrant, and so satisfying. Comfort factor upped with a cup of Coconut Latte, delicate and not overwhelming 😌 #percolatecoffee #burpple

Being the seasonal flavour for the months of Aug & Sep, Coconut proved to be a good match with the classic mille crepe. Pity about the texture though, it felt like a mouthful of cream as the layers weren't as well-defined as their matcha version, which is still the best imo. The strawberry mille feuille felt lighter and less jelak, thanks to the delightful contrast between the puff pastry and custardy cream filling, perked up with a burst of fruitiness from fresh strawberries.


A chat with the owner's father revealed that this began as a passion project by a young female baker-entrepreneur with a single-minded dedication to preserve the kueh-making craft, while taking traditional kueh to the next level with quality ingredients and perfected techniques.

My favourite of the trio is the Kueh Salat ($2), for which I'm nursing a craving right now. They've got the texture & flavour of the glutinous rice down pat -- moist, sticky, and fragrant. The top layer of pandan coconut custard was delightfully creamy, like a pudding. The uncommon Kueh Putugal ($2) boasts a thin, pliant skin and its sweet banana filling has a nice bite and isn't mushy at all. Something perhaps more interesting would be the Kaffir Lime Butter Cake ($2.50), infused with fresh lime juice and zest and fragranced with kaffir lime leaves. I like how its invigorating scent perfumed each bite of the fluffy, buttery cake.


Think Khong Guan yam bao, up-sized to a huge, fluffy carrot & spinach-tinged bao, bulging with fragrant yam paste. It was delightful to bite into small cubes of yam, embedded within to add texture. I also like that it wasn't too sweet and was slightly savoury. Priced at $1.90, with options for dining in or takeaway.


This pillowy, almost molten bundle of chocolaty goodness yielded effortlessly under the fork and in the mouth. Absolutely delightful with salted caramel ice cream, butterscotch, and crunchy candied walnuts. Will gladly pay $9 for this again.

I'll have them both everytime 😁

Pictured here is the yuzu flavoured one -- soft Korean rice cakes sandwiched between crusty bread, dusted with fragrant soybean powder ❀️ #nunsongyee #burpple #foodspotting

🍞 Injeolmi Toast ($8.90) is #seoulyummy with nutty soybean powder heaped onto this injeolmi (chewy Korean rice cakes)-filled, crusty, honey buttered toast. And the bingsus here are oh-so-fine πŸ§πŸ‘Œ #burpple #nunsongyee #foodspotting

He satisfies my mouth with good things ❀️

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