Scroll down for my review! This was a crazy decadent and flavorful otoro coated with what I assume to be some sort of teriyaki sauce type thing. The fattiness of the fish, the melt-in-your-mouth texture and that sweet glaze really just coats your tongue and engulfs your senses in foodie bliss.


Tried the Shoju ($300++) and utterly enjoyed the entire dining experience here. Hardcore sushi enthusiasts might nitpick the rice which was slightly bland or the perplexing temperatures in one or two of the dishes. But really, you kind of forgive them for these little things because they deliver unique impactful flavors, interesting textures and innovative creations. The atmosphere was also much more comfortable and relaxed compared to traditional sushi-yas thanks to our fantastic chef who was patient in explaining and took care to allow us to have our own conversations as well. Although there is room for improvement, it remains an excellent experience altogether. Would also like to give an all-around s/o to the fantastic staff.


The premium chirashi is a definite must when you come here! Mountainous portion of chopped sashimi doused in sweet, savory saucy goodness over a bowl of vinegary grains of Japanese rice! Another must-order is the tamago mantaiko that honestly blew me away. Just a little disappointed with the quality of rice when I visited as it was overcooked till the point of mushy. (But then again, most of my other visits have really been more than awesome so it might just have been a bad day) overall, do yourself a favor and get your cheap Japanese fixes here!

Make the most out of your Wednesdays by catching specialty rolls at 50% here! Not only is the price shockingly low, the quality you're getting for that price is simply mind-blowing. Ordered 4 rolls for a grand total of $39.90!! How amazing is that?! This one really must try, don't say never share.


Almost impossible to skip the chirashi don ($25++) so that's what I had and was left exceptionally satisfied and impressed! Thick generous cuts of sashimi sat atop beautifully vinegared rice. Definitely a chirashi don you don't want to miss.


Tried the bara chirashi lunch set ($32++) that was decent but nothing overwhelmingly great. Kudos for the generous portion sizes tho! What I really enjoyed about the place was probably the ambiance more than anything!


The whiff of rich tantalizing seafood hits you the moment you walk in & it's hard not to feel jelly as you see the tables beside you pile up with bundles of prawns, crabs, crawfish, mussels etc. coated with the most amazing sauces!! Featured above is the crawfish combo ($78++) that I think is worth every cent! We also had some fantastic crab cakes ($18.20++) and kickass Cajun fries ($8++). Trust me when I say this is a place that won't disappoint!


So lucky that we managed to catch them while they wer having their toro promotion! But honestly, even without the promo, this place definitely stands out as the Japanese buffet with HIGHEST VALUE! Sashimi on point, rolls on point, stir-fries on point & pan-fries on point! What's not to love?!


Fresh seafood was really enjoyable but the jap menu was quite mediocre. Would suggest skipping the chirashi dons and maybe order some sashimi/sushi that you personally like instead. Would also suggest that U FOCUS ON THE IMPORTANT THINGS aka FRESH SEAFOOD.

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