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Featuring Burnt Ends, Glasshouse by DHM, redpan, The Butchers Club Burger, Jones the Grocer (TripleOne Somerset)
Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

This meatless burger caught my attention straight away as it came with homemade pesto drooping. Might look too green for junk food lovers but it was a lovely combination. What's lacking was something crispy in texture but still not complaining as the fluffy brioche made up for it.

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Not a big fan of mayo, so I was rather disturbed by the generous spread of mayo underneath the grilled chicken. The bottom bun became soggy quickly as well. Chicken was pretty good, but the sweet mayo aftertaste was a big no no. The home-made ketchup on the side was yummy though - reminding me of the tangy belachan minus the chilli.


I enjoyed sinking my teeth into the thick slab of fish & otah patty, sandwiched by the brioche buns. That juicy patty was indeed the star with the spicy kick from the otah, and not to forget the spicy mayo smothered on the buns too!

So thankful for @ubereats_sg for making @burntends_sg pulled pork sanger available anytime during lunch or dinner service. Of course I can't compare this take-away to my experience dining in there, but it's pretty much the same taste I remembered. Juicy pulled pork with just nice kick in the marination. The only downside was the slightly soft and soggy buns as they rapidly soaked up the juice, but wells no complaint when I could enjoy the burger (at half-price thanks to $10 off for first-timers) while working on my laptop on my bed.


It was surely a successful matrimony of those three though I would have preferred a more kicking sriracha and a lot more kimchi (sorry I'm just a greedy kid!). The beef itself was juicy but had its spotlight taken away by its 'friends'. The only major downside is the small portion (all burgers here come without fries) that got my guy friends surprised for its rather steep price.

In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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