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Donburi Collection

Donburi Collection

List of food with Japanese rice excluding sushi.
Soh Hungry
Soh Hungry

Dine-in but this outlet doesn’t have the dine-in bowl

Wild caught salmon available mostly from monday evening to wednesday, but do contact shop to enquire on this limited item. Taste even better than their usual sashimi, which says a lot.

Opt for Brown Rice. Add on: Avocado, Flying Fish Roe

3 slices of aburi salmon & 4 slices of something white(probably sword fish or smth, im not sure, might be 2 of 2 different fish), topped with tobiko.

It's really a lot for $16. & you can return the tray to get back $1. Very filling.

Rice is too sticky. I really like sticky Japanese rice but not to the extend of it being like rice cake.


My favourite at coco ichibanya. the torched mayo is good