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Japanese Noodles Collection

Japanese Noodles Collection

List of Japanese Noodles in Singapore.
Soh Hungry
Soh Hungry

Good lunch set deal! Set includes 1 bowl of Original Maze Soba(beef/pork/both), 2 pcs Sushi(beef/pork) & 1 bowl of Soup. Additional $0.50 for spicy version of maze soba.

I personally prefer the original version as the taste of meat sauce is stronger. Lunch set sushi comes with 1 mentaiko & 1 cream cheese, all are equally nice.

Very friendly staffs who patiently explained to me the items on menu and directions to enjoy the maze soba fully.

I just want to add on, please try the soup since it comes with the set, it’s good too! Not just any free soup.

Highlights: original maze soba

I ordered it thinking that it’s their original Tokyo Maze-Soba topped with 2 pieces of cheese. However, it came with 1 piece of cheese on top and melted cheese at the bottom of the noodles, a nice surprise. Tastewise, slightly saltier, yums

1 piece of chashu only but the chashu is a very thick & juicy one. The noodle & broth taste awesome althou I do prefer harder noodle but thats personal preference.


I got confused by the ordering sheet & accidentally ordered extra meat & egg 😅 too filling for me but overall the ramen is good with the soup being more to the salty side like the ones at Japan.

My favourite to go ramen place for the broth. Or basically when I crave for a bowl of ramen.