Dinner spots

Dinner spots

Featuring Miam Miam (Westgate), Lenas (nex), Daessiksin (AMK Hub)
Jaslyn G.
Jaslyn G.

Lettuce-wrapped grilled pork and enoki shrooms drizzled with Doenjang - That would surely satisfy your Korean food cravings. The grilled shrooms complemented the beautifully charred and caramelised pork perfectly by adding subtle smoky notes. Down it with refreshing greens and its taste will be the only thing you remember from this whole meal. From chicken bulgolgi to pork ribs to beef steak, Daessiksin is a meatlover's paradise. The cooked food selection also boasts Korean favourites like glass noodles and kimchi pancakes. Now that brings the k right into k bbq. :)


Their Miam Miam Spaghetti has a scattering if frankfurter slices, tomatoes, baby spinach, and bacon. The french butter wasn't discernible and the shoyu broth's flavour was slightly overwhelming that night. Thankfully they topped everything with my fav poached egg that made it so much better. Once again, poached eggs save the day :)

I preferred the Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti better, with its tender, flavourful pan seared chicken. When coupled with the Nippon sauce, seaweed and sesame seeds, the entire dish tasted amazingly rich.

Their main drawback is the spaghetti that was just a bit short of the perfect al dente taste. I suppose there is some truth to the reviews online saying that Miam Miam's desserts are their real highlights, not the mains.

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L.E.N.A.S reminds me of a more atas version of Astons. It offers a choice of main with 2 other sides.

First, let's start off with their sides. I enjo yed their crispy parma fries with that lovely crunch that will leave you craving for more.

Coleslaw, whipped potato and sweet corn were all pretty average to me.

The pilaf rice was underwhelmingly plain. A straight no go for me.

Their mozzarella grilled-cheese chicken was the ultimate fusion of pizza and grilled chicken. Recommended for cheese lovers (and fickle-minded ones who can't decide btwn pizza or chicken.)

Medium rare grilled prime ribeye had a pleasant chewy tender texture to it. The black pepper sauce was an additional bonus :)

I suppose it was a decent meal. Just choose the right sides when you're there and you'll be fine.

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