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Tried new food. Fish and chips, with mushroom soup and drinks. Waited for a while for them to serve the food. Food was ok. Mushroom soup shpuld be served while hot. The coleslaw was blended vege so the texture was sacrificed.

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Masago caviar pasta ($20): happy to see the scallops! A bit too oily thou

Pan oriental pasta ($19): Nice chinese herbal chicken soup and a big chicken drumstick, but it came with pasta in a plate. Well, a bit confusing. Haha

Fruit pancake ($11): Fluffy thick pancake with some berries blended in, topped with apple slices w syrup and berries. Hmm... Normal?

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Partially lab environment with kidney dish to contain cutlery, test tube and beakers for drinks. Test tube drinks are complementary different type of fruits juice.

Tried iced ($8) and hot ($7) matcha chocolate. Very rich and milky.

Hot yuzu ($6) and happiness tea ($5). Light and refreshing.

Their truffle fries ($12) is good! Freshly prepared, hot, yummy with truffles that is not too strong.


Good value western food in neighborhood area. Teriyaki fish or chicken chop in mushroom soup that came with pasta, salad and corn that cost 8 to 10 dollars.

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You are in the right place if u want to have a taste of Italian food without spending too much.

Very creamy seafood chowder soup but it was aldy cool when it was served. The baked cheese ravioli on top left of the pic was good.

The rest, well. U get what u paid for.


Interesting dining experience where u need to fight the motion sickness in order to enjoy the meal.

Santa Fe bbq baby back ribs ($32 full rack): love this. Tender, juicy and melt in the mouth. Fries was prepared in the better texture too.

Tex Mex grilled chicken ($26) : chicked chop was a bit hard. Nice mashed potato with potato skin in it. Rich and creamy. Served w grilled vege too.

Turkey quesadillas ($11) : served w 3 different kinds of refreshing sauce.


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Smoked salmon & eggs benedict on miso waffle: special and I kinda like the combination of it. The only downside was the egg yolk was well cooked, not a benedict as expected $14.90

The Manuka: buttermilk with plain yogurt and honeycomb gelato. Presentation was good. Would prefer that they improve the texture of the waffles. Waffles broke into upper n lower parts easily upon cutting. $16.90

Aloe and lychee cooler $6.50: taste like plain soda water.

Sweet potato latte $6.50: purple sweet potato drink... Emmm... Very special taste. >

Fore gras risotto (normal), salmon pasta in thai basil sauce(very spicy, but I love the texture of the salmon). Completed our meal with soup and drinks. Very rich clam chowder soup and mushroom soup.

No queue. Worth trying

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Everything with fries. The fries were as good as ever. Ordered the ha jeung gai, some salthy flavour chicken burger as well. But the chicken was just too salthy that I din finish it. Just enjoy the fries instead. Wasn't EwF better last time?


I just have to show u my favourite chili crab bao.

The white stuff poking out = crab meat. No joke


The bao was nice! Love the generous crab meat and the juicy salted egg prawn. Cut down the amount then I won't go back *threaten*. Lol. The truffle fries and salad was just so so. But the bao idea is good. Two bao each person and that will be filling enough. Ended our meal with the macha azuki bean pudding, I like the milky texture. Will go back to try more bao and dessert!

Dessert about S$5 to 8
Bao S$5++


Ice Turkish apple tea and hot tea. Love the mutton wrap, so tender and grilled to the prefection. The Iskandar mutton came with mutton sticks, crispy bread at the center with tomatoes puree, surrounded by yogurt at the side. My first exprient of eating mutton dipped with yogurt. Surprisingly refreshing! But the iskandar mutton was too dry to me. Will go back for the mutton wrap instead.

Mutton wrap w salad $8.90
Iskandar mutton $18
Ice apple tea $3.50
Hot tea $3


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