Food I've Tried

Food I've Tried

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Tiara Amalina
Tiara Amalina

I've tried plenty of Carbonaras all over Singapore, and this is the best one, hands down. This can be found at Kucina Italian Restaurant @ OneKM Mall. I entered this place not really having a high expectation because I've had so many average carbonaras... However, what makes Kucina different is that it's owned by an Italian man!! (I caught a glimpse of him in the kitchen hehe) so you're really getting authentic Italian food. This was so good. The best. I can't even begin to describe what I like about it because words could never be enough. Trust me. Just get it when you come here. ~ $17.80

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I ordered the Pepperoni & Jalapeño Pizza ($15.90) but without jalapeños because I don't like it and oh this tasted so good. It's quite a large pizza so you could share it with another person, or if you were starving like me, you could just eat the entire thing on your own. It is a bit oily but the cheese was so tasty and the pepperonis juicy. The pizza crust is thin and very crunchy. Loved it.

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I went at about 11:30am and it was pretty empty, the service was fantastic and the music played was great. Nice ambience. And also, compared to the other I am... outlet at Haji Lane, this is indoors and air conditioned!! 👀👌🏽


... Or something like that. I'm not sure of its name but damn this was good. Every bite had such intense flavour. I'm personally not a fan of salmon and I only have it at Pastamania (this exact same dish)

It's $14 and it's just amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Mouthgasm. Love it.


I ordered the Carbonara ($16.90) with a glass of the halal Carl Jung Red wine ($8.90) while my boyfriend ordered the Grilled Chicken ($18.90). I liked my carbonara!! I wish they had other pasta choices because I despise spaghetti but this was alright!! Very creamy and tasty and the serving was HUGE I almost couldn't move after finishing this dish! I'm a sucker for carbonara what can I say 💁🏻 The wine was disgusting, you're better off trying any other drink - but it was a good first (and last) halal wine experience!! Shafiq said his Grilled Chicken was great but he wouldn't order it again soooo try your luck!

The service was great, ambience was delightful and this is an overall nice place to have dinner at! Suitable for families too!


I ordered the Salted Egg Croissant with Raclette Cheese ($9.90) and it was the best ever. It had so much salted egg filling inside it was literally oozing out all over the plate. The Raclette cheese (yes, the cheese wheel that's heated and then scraped) complemented the salted egg sauce this was so good!!! The Carbonara ($14.90) I ordered pales in comparison. It was decent but nothing that wow'd me (I order Carbonara everywhere I go hehe)

I ordered a Crispy Chicken with Pesto Sauce ($13.90) because I absolutely adore pesto sauce. I had never been here prior to my visit a couple days ago so I had doubts about how it would taste. They served the food hot within ten minutes. One bite into this and I was hooked. The pasta was so thick and creamy I didn't even mind that it was spaghetti (I prefer linguine) and the chicken bits were really crispy and good! I'm bad at describing food lel but I'm definitely coming back again!

I would say it's slightly on the expensive side (especially since I ate this for lunch) but my boyfriend and I both agreed we'd choose this place over Swensen's any day! 😋

Oh, and there's no 10% service charge and no 7% GST


Not halal certified, but it's no pork no lard & the meats are from halal suppliers | I got the Cheesy Affair ($9.90), upgraded from fries to Aglio Olio Pasta ($2.00) and had a side dish of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($4.80). The wait was less than ten minutes and the food was hot. I don't know why I expected the pasta to be bland but holy hell it wasn't?? It was so good I'm so bad with describing tastes but it was so flavorful and absolutely delicious. I didn't even have to add pepper or salt or whatever!! And the cheesy fish omg when they said it was a cheesy affair, they MEANT it. It had the cheese sauce on top and look at the picture, so generous right??? And they stuffed the fish with cheese too. It tasted heavenly. The cheese sticks were tasty as well but three sticks for $4.80 isn't worth it in my opinion :/ They have free fruit-infused iced water which you can just take so that's nice!! Overall I LOVED this place and the prices are so good?? The food is lovely?? Definitely going back here!

I got the Cheesy Chicken Cutlet w/ Spaghetti, for $9.50. The portions were huge, the chicken was thick and juicy and crispy and really cheesy. The spaghetti was average and everything was really filling. Make sure to make a reservation before coming down especially during peak hours!


I ordered the Chicken Kebab + 3 Salads, and I chose: Pesto Pasta, Egg Salad, Potato Salad. The kebab was thick and the meat was succulent. The potato salad and pasta were delicious as usual but the egg salad quickly got muak (I have no idea how to explain that in English, basically it took very little time to get sick of) But overall it was good and I loved it and I would go here again :)

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