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Decent but definitely smelt better than it tasted

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SG chicken & mushroom - hands down favourite, the one I would order

Mushroom ragout - decent, I wouldn’t mind a few sips but wouldn’t want a whole bowl to myself

Tangy tomato - this was actually kinda spicy and no one else I was eating with liked it (the least fav) but I thought it tasted as it was supposed to, with a bit more spice than I expected. Again, like the mushroom, wouldn’t mind a few sips but not a whole bowl, esp when I’m craving smth tangy

Pumpkin - Urgh didnt like this at all

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Got the set for $3 more which included a small soup of your choice.

The sandwich was pretty decent (meats are deli meats not actual meats though), I chose wholemeal ciabatta which was really nice. Would order again, and ask for more mustard and less mayo.

The mushroom soup was decent as well, bodied. Not mind blowing but def orderable as part of the set. Probably wouldn’t get it as a stand-alone though, I just get a soup from the soup spoon next door instead.

Lemon pound cake - so-so only. Wouldn’t buy it again. Cake was abit wet, lemon not blended well and abit bitter, icing taste not enough. AND it cost $4.60?


Thought I’d try this instead of my usual rice ball cuz the oat rice sounded good. It was okay nothing that special, the shrimp paste was more sambal sweet like than shrimpy. I’d give the sesame oil mushroom or Xiang chun version a go next time instead. Wouldn’t get this fragrant shrimp version again.

For the additional topping of your choice I added the spicy shrimp paste (my must-order at qq rice)

Smelt and looked good, but taste wise was abit lacking. The macadamia pomegranate waffles was similarly lacking in flavour.

Good service, nice ambiance. But I probably won’t return.

Strawberry tofu cheesecake - nice but no more special than any other strawberry tofu cheesecake

Speculooos cheesecake - a little sweet but nice

Lychee rose - tastes exactly as it sounds, was decent

Cookie batter cheesecake - mehh, didn’t like this. Very plain.

Overall, decent cakes but nothing mind blowing in my opinion. Especially for around $6.5-9/ slice. (The above pic is not a whole slice as I shared this with others)

Discovered this place when I was searching for the Cajun Kings telephone number and discovered that it had closed down. Was craving for some cajun seafood so we decided to try this place.

Be prepared to do everything yourself; fast food style - don’t expect to make reservations, nor have someone bring you to your table. You walk up, pick your table, go to the counter and order, fill your own drinks at the drink fountain, collect your food when your buzzer buzzes.

We got the Olympian Bucket $165sgd along with a couple of sides (lobster bisque - didn’t like this, cheese fries - pretty good, fried mushroom & salted egg yolk fried squid - decent not a must-order) for 6 of us.

I’m not the biggest seafood fan, but my husband and friends who were said that the seafood was pretty decent. Although, with the amount of sauce involved you obviously are not coming here for the freshest of freshest seafood.

I love sauces and there were quite a few to choose from which made me very happy - Chilli Egg (spicy, but nothing special), Salted Egg Yolk (i love salted egg but this was extremely disappointing - very plasticky. We barely even touched it after the first dip), Thai Red Curry (didn’t try), Sambal Tunis (didn’t try), Cheesy Cream (didn’t try), Cajun Herb & Butter (one of the better sauces, cajun spices were strong and more evident than the buttery taste), Cajun Cheese (this was MINDBLOWINGLY good. i actually ate the sauce by itself. Group consensus - favourite, by far)

No GST & No service charge! so we paid about ~$35/pax which i think its pretty fair.

Not a must- visit, but I would return if the craving strikes again.

Wanton noodles $6 - I'm a big truffle fan so smelling the truffle oil when the bowl arrived started the meal off with a positive vibe. I wouldn't say I was mind blowned, but there was something about the truffle noodles that kept me wanting more and more of the noodles down to the very last bite. $6 is more expensive than the average Wanton noodle but there was a lot of "Liao". Generous serving of meat - didn't enjoy this on first bite but the softness and tenderness grew on me. Steamed wanton was abit plain (so I dumped it in the Chili Vinegar sauce) but the fried one was decent. The noodles though, can't quite put my finger on it, but the taste just works for me!
Wanton in Chilli Vinegar $4 - good accompaniment to the wanton noodles. Wanton was flavourful and the Chilli vinegar sauce just right. Thumbs up !
Would return if I'm not too far away and the craving strikes.
Coffee shop was very cool and airy but immediate parking horrible (less than 10 lots)
Bee Kee Wanton Noodles
Chuan Kee Coffee Store
Blk 2 Lor Liew Lian

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Lobster and asparagus ravioli - Favourite of my companions who love seafood

Spaghetti with black truffle and uni - pretty decent as well

Risotto in amarone wine with foie gras - Favourite I love this

Lamb rack - pretty nice too

Eggplant parmiagana - I loved this. Amazing

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Found the carbonara and risotto average only. But the Taglioni was really good.

Octopus and burrata were pretty good according to my friends.

Tiramisu was good but the panna cotta was horrible.


The most delectable sweet ending to our meal last night. Macerated mixed berries with a crisp meringue shell encasing even more fluffy marshmallow-textured meringue, balancing a sweet strawberry sorbet. Just the right dessert, light and refreshing to end off our meal.


Hakka style ramen is tossed in shaved Italian truffle and truffle oil, complete with slices of torched charshu and a perfect sous vide egg


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