MARCZE's Italian List 😁

MARCZE's Italian List 😁

Featuring Two Bakers (Jalan Besar), Peperoni Pizzeria (Upper Thomson), Spizza (East Coast), La Pastificio
Marcus And Zhuo En
Marcus And Zhuo En

We ordered: Pepperoni, Salmon, Cooked Prosciutto Ham and Honey Bacon Pizza.
(2 Flavours per large pizza, shared between 2 of us)

Obviously those aren't the exact names but we were too famished to memorise them πŸ˜‚ We felt that the salmon was the most bland (and perhaps healthiest) of them all. So for those of you who don't like overly flavorful pizzas, that's the one for you!!

The best was the honey bacon pizza which was SOOOOO GOOD. I mean, who knew you could actually put honey on a pizza??? And it definitely worked for us 😍😍 Definitely coming back for this again!!

🌚Damage: $48
✏️Rating: 7/10


We didn't plan to go here for lunch as we wanted to dine at a cafe further down the same row. However the other cafe rejected our Entertainer App coupon (such disappointment as there wasn't supposed to be any other terms and conditions but oh well😒) so we ended up here instead!!

We ordered the Sambal Risotto and Shrimp Marinara! We felt the latter was not something special but the shrimps were really tasty and fresh! However, the Sambal Risotto was really good and we felt was something exclusive to that Cafe πŸ˜‹

As the name suggests, this cafe seems to specialise more in desserts cause the cake display were filled with so many delicious looking treats! Plus everyone else there was having cakes instead of mains πŸ˜‚ We should probably head back for the cakes soon instead.

🌚Damage: $15.80 each

✏️Rating: 6.5/10


My fellow Sembawang peeps would know that our sad ulu Neighbourhood has nothing much to offer. However, this pasta shop in Sembawang Shopping Centre is worth visiting!πŸ™†πŸΏπŸ’•

My favourite would be the pepper cream sauce pasta that's not too jelat, which is something quite rare to experience when eating cream based pasta πŸ˜‹

I have paired it with salmon and grilled chicken during my 2 trips there and they are both really good!! The chicken might be slightly too salty for some though.

🌚 Damage: $8.90

✏️ Rating: 8/10

Simply delicious! These pizzas have a thin, crispy crust and so they won't make you feel too full. This is definitely one of the best pizzas we have eaten!

However, this place can be quite noisy as its family friendly and there were loads of screaming kids.

Pizza 1: Tomato, mascarpone cheese, spinach and smoked salmon

Pizza 2: Tomato, Cheese, Bacon and Egg

🌚 Damage: $21 each
✏️ Rating: 9/10

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We LOVE food 🍴 And anyway what else is there left to do in Singapore but eat? πŸ˜‹ #BaeAdventuresπŸ’•

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